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uv "lightsaber" nightlight - metalized polyester

by:Cailong     2019-07-14
uv \
This UV (ultra-violet)
The night light circuit has touch sensing 4-
Bit d/a dimmer with 16 brightness levels and transformer-free AC power supplies.
The power consumption is below 0. 25W .
It gives off a very weird dark purple light.
You will also see many objects shine weakly in the dark in the room.
The light diffuser is made of Endlighten plexiglass, a transparent acrylic material that contains microscopic particles that reflect light in random directions.
I have included a PC board PDF for download.
Endlighten plexiglass contains microscopic particles that reflect light in a random direction.
You can find it with a square/round section bar and sheets. If you have 3-
You can make a custom shell.
I used a diffuser 10 cm long but you can use a longer diffuser and it works better.
Download PDF file for laser printer.
It includes guidelines for PCB and component placement.
I did it with the Heat free toner transfer method. (youtube)(instructables)
The X and y rated capacitors are specially designed for connection to AC power supplies.
These are metal polyester film capacitors and should never be replaced by ceramic or any other type of capacitor. Use 0.
33 uF running at 220 v (
Rated voltage minimum 400 v)or 0.
68 uF operated by 110 v (
Rated voltage minimum 250 v).
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