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va. plant is victim of cellophane's decline - plastic film packaging

by:Cailong     2019-07-08
va. plant is victim of cellophane\'s decline  -  plastic film packaging
Half a century ago, when cellophane completely changed its packaging, it was a technical miracle, it disappeared, and it was the victim of the miracle of renewal and higher energy costs.
As a product-
The lyrics of bread, meat, cigarettes and Cole Potter are kept fresh
Becoming invisible and transparent, the factory that makes it is dying out.
In Hickory, Tennessee. , Buffalo, N. Y.
Marcus Hook PA; and Richmond -
Start later this week in Fredericksburg, Virginia.
Football Field
The roller of the length has stopped rotating almost endless packing belts.
But millions of Americans who have grown up calling any thin and transparent packaging material "cellophane" may never notice the change.
Cheaper oil products look the same as their old woodbased rival.
A cigarette still has folds wrapped in its hands, but it may be "oriented polypropylene" rather than cellophane.
In this historic town in the fall of Rappahannock River, the first of 1,100 employees will be fired on Friday and will complete the phased production shutdown by the end.
Factories owned by large FMC companies are closed.
Described by 54-year-old Charles Wengaryear-
The old repairman who has worked in the factory for 33 years, "like the death of the family.
It won't attack us in a few weeks.
I suspect it came out, but I didn't expect it.
For the Fredericksburg area, losing the biggest employer would be "a heavy blow, but not a blow," Arthur a said . ".
Olson, director of economic development, Rappahannock Regional Development Committee.
"I estimate that by the end of 1978, we will catch up with the number of jobs lost," Olsen said . " Olsen's job is to recruit industrial staff for the region.
GM will soon open a factory with 500 jobs, he said, and several other industries are about to decide on a site.
There is also the possibility that a new industry is likely to enter the FMC website that Olsen calls "the most attractive place in the southeast of the United States.
"Several large companies have looked at the facility, which has its own water, sewers and power plants, railway lines and boat docks," he said.
"Cellophane", named after Swiss chemist Jacques Edwin brendenberg, designed the first machine that could be made of thin transparent film from wood fiber. The E. I.
DuPont and the companyobtained the U. S.
It also opened its first factory here in 1924.
There is no machine that is able to package the new product around the consumer goods, so it was originally limited to luxury goods.
Potter mentioned this in the song: "You are the best!
You're Napoleon Brandi.
You are the purple light of the Spanish summer night: You are the National Gallery.
You are the salary of jiabao. you are the glass paper. . .
"Improvements in packaging machines and products have rapidly expanded their use until the Washington Post has expanded a little, and it can be written in 1941 cellophane that the peak of human ultimate achievement. . .
"But by the time the production of plastic film reached a peak of 0. 44 billion tons in 1960,
Made of oil instead of pulp
Already on the market.
A plastic film called PVC took over the fresh meat packaging market, and the use of cellophane dropped from 60 million a year in 1970 to 6 million in 1977.
Polyethylene took away the bread and cake, and the amount of glass paper used by the bakery in the same period dropped from 0. 12 billion to 52 million.
The latest plastics, oriented polypropylene or OPP, take over the packaging function of the tobacco industry and, worst of all, the cellophane industry can do anything that cellophane can do.
While demand for cellophane fell between 1974 and 1977, the price of cellophane rose due to rising energy costs.
The cost of OPP is already 30 to 40% cheaper, because cellophane produces more oil, so its growth rate is only half that of crude cellophane.
According to FMC officials, the only protection for Cellophane is OPP's lack of production capacity.
Another OPP plant will start operating this year, reducing demand for another 75 million pounds of cellophane and possibly forcing one of the remaining four US plants to closeS.
They said it was a cellophane plant. Zachariah C. Dameron Jr.
The factory manager at Fredericksburg said, "We did our best to reduce the production cost of glass paper by upgrading the factory and achieved some success.
But demand fell faster than expected.
He said a loss of $7 million in the fourth quarter and a loss of 1978 would be worse.
Dameron said the decision to close was made after "long-term, serious and painful consideration . ".
"We have absolutely no control over the situation here.
The closure of the factory is by no means a reflection of the people working in it.
Said Dameron, a Virginia military academy graduate.
He also described the ending as "like death in the family", which opened in 1930 as the siwania industrial company.
During the Great Depression, the old citizens contributed to the economy of the Fredericksburg area.
According to Raymond W.
For 26 years, Houston has been the mayor of the city post office and now the president of the Chamber of Commerce, "We have never experienced depression here.
The factory expanded with the closure of other places.
"This factory has quickly become the most lazy employer here, and it is still the case today --
Stay a few more days.
By 1960, it employs about 3,400 people. Cellophane -
Tour the nearby Civil War battlefield
It's a big industry here.
This is a stable workforce that provides good pay for employees who are generally satisfied with treatment and benefits.
The factory has never been on strike.
The workers are old in the factory and retired.
The average age of employees is 48 years old, and the average length of service is 21 years old.
Fortunately, as the production of cellophane declined and the labor force gradually reduced to 1,200, the region's economy became more diversified.
It is now the fastest growing region in the state, creating an economic and psychological cushion for the closing blow.
Suspension of work announcement on February.
13 is a shock, but not a surprise.
There is no pain that will move around a factory to avoid unions or forced to leave by cheaper foreign competition.
Plants are dead, but history can only be blamed.
"I think we have a 12-to 18-
But the economy in Fredericksburg is healthy and will still be healthy . "Payne Sr.
President of Fredericksburg National Bank.
"The difficulties here will be individual," he said . "
These people include people like John tribrick, 60.
There are more than 30 years of pipe insulators in the factory.
Trebrick and his two brothers served in total in 100.
"I hope I can get a job somewhere.
I have a few offers but the price is low.
I feel sick about it, but you have to suffer with sweetness.
This is a great place to work-
"You won't appreciate it until you lose it," trebrick said.
Treblic will receive a maximum severance pay of $5,000 and about 300 of employees will be eligible to retire.
He can also solve the problem of unemployment.
The Virginia Employment Council is strengthening staff here to deal with unemployment, and job hunting and FMC are putting each employee in an interview to explain benefits, see if men can be in any of the company's 135 other manufacturing plants.
Most of the old people in the factory said they wanted to live in the Fredericksburg area;
Young people like 25-year-old Glen appmanyear-
The old mechanic is willing to move.
"I 've been here all my life, but I'll try to stay with the FMC.
"I think the company is doing its best to serve us," Apperson said . "
"We believe we have done everything we can," said Dameron . ".
"The support of our workers is one of the greatest things I have seen.
"They continue to work hard and our quality has been high," he said . ".
"They are just good people.
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