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vancouver homicide trail leads to saskatoon court - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
vancouver homicide trail leads to saskatoon court  -  clear plastic sheets
Albert Peters has never been charged with finding his ex-girlfriend's badly rotted body six years ago on the Fraser bank in the Vancouver suburb of Richmond.
Kara Diane Daqi's body was rolled together with a flannel sheet and a brown carpet, then wrapped in transparent plastic and fixed together with two kinds of tape. The 47-year-
Her mother is missing in Surrey. C. -
By the time she was found, she had been home for almost a year and a half.
According to police, her body is almost a mummy.
But the weeds below her are still green, indicating that the body has not been there for several days.
Dach's death remains an open investigation by the Vancouver RCMP's combined homicide investigation team.
Her connection with Peters.
Police suspect he might be involved in what happened to her.
Last week, Peters was outlined at the Saskatoon court in Queen's Court, where criminal hearings are facing danger.
Short and fat, longhaired 50-year-
Lao admitted to using an axe last year to attack another ex-girlfriend, Dorothy masala, who was severely attacked when she lived with her in the small town of Radisson in November 2006.
His criminal record includes multiple acts of violence against women.
Including Kara dachi.
Prosecutor Kim Humphries asked Judge Marty Popescu to consider evidence against Peters's "unindicted criminal act" at a formal hearing later this year.
The evidence first heard in court last week was "compelling," the judge said before a decision on its acceptability reservation.
The information heard by Matsalla Popescul included testimony and the RCMP sergeant.
Bill carcarter, who was appointed chief investigator when the disappearance of Daqi became a homicide case in 2005.
Below is an outline of the chronological order of the stories they unfold.
June 15, 2004: it is reported that Kara Daqi is missing.
August 2004: Dorothy Matara met and chatted with Peters at a charity motorcycle rally in North baterford.
He was using an alias, but she recognized him because they met decades ago when both of them were in high school at B. C.
January 2005: Peters called Matsalla from Vancouver and this time reiterated their old friendship with his real name.
She is recovering from a bad marriage.
February 2005: Peters went to visit matazala in the province of SA and they started a romantic relationship.
"He promised me the world. . .
"Everything will be fine," she recalls . ".
They went to Vancouver by bus together and stayed at his mother Maria's home in New Westminster for a few months.
Maria is in her 80 s.
Her bungalow was cluttered with the smell of bleach and cleaning supplies.
One of the main doors-
The floor bedroom is always closed and a carpet is covered in the gap at the bottom.
Matsalla said Peters told her that an ex-girlfriend set fire in the room but the damage had not been fixed.
March 2005: one day Matsalla and Peters and their mother sat in front of the TV to watch a news about the unsolved disappearance of Kara Dahe and noticed their reaction to it.
She testified: "They all had an expression of shock on their faces," added Peters, who told her that he had a "small relationship" with Dahe ", dahe was involved in a "walking gun" of an organized crime group ".
Spring 2005: Peters bought a red Jeep Cherokee and they registered the car under the name of masala.
They drove it back to her home in the province of SA, and during the trip he told her that there was actually a body in the sealed bedroom and that it was the person who "tried to frame" him at his mother.
"He became agitated when she asked him why he didn't call the police, so she gave up on the topic.
That summer, the only source of income for the couple was the money that Peters's mother had deposited into Matsalla's bank account.
Peters has no driver's license or bank account and is wanted by the police at B. C.
Violation of conditional judgment
August 2005: Maria called them and asked them to return to B. C.
Deal with "problems at home.
"They drove to Vancouver and stayed at Matsalla's adult daughter's home, who was undergoing surgery in the hospital. Oct.
2005: Peters was drunk and told masala that he needed her to help him get rid of his body.
"I was told that my family would be hurt if I told anyone," she testified . ".
They drove to his mother's house late at night and entered the closed-
Outside the room Matsalla saw a blue mummy
Like the shape of lying on the bedroom floor.
"It seems to her like a body wrapped in a blue plastic waterproof cloth.
Except for a square around the waterproof cloth, most rooms are covered with brown shag carpetcovered object.
Peters pulled up the rest of the carpet, stuffed it into a plastic garbage bag and wiped the floor with bleach.
He ordered Marsala to carry the TARP for him.
Take the parcel out of the house and put it on the roof of the Jeep.
He bagged the garbage.
They drove to Richmond to find a remote place to dump and he ended up settling down on the bank of a commercial bank
He drove his car to an industrial area on the grass.
Matsalla watched Peters drag it through the trees, through a wooden footbridge, down the gravel path, and remove the blue tarp.
In the dark, she saw a shiny package on the form below.
He left it there, and they drove away and took care of tarps and carpet debris in the alley. Oct.
2005: A man found plastic
Wrapped his body while walking his dog by the river
He called the police and Kalkat was assigned as chief investigator. Oct.
2005: The fingerprints taken from the body match the fingerprints of Kara Dahe.
Kalkat is missing-
Personal files of the Surrey detachment.
It listed Peters as her boyfriend and said that a common theme expressed by her friends and family was that Peters had physically abused her.
Carl Carter said Peters was asked to lie.
She did a probe test after she disappeared, but never did it.
A law enforcement database also included several documents indicating that Peters had been charged with assault and threats to Dahe in the past and had violated court orders by contacting her. Oct.
2005: Kalkat obtained two search warrants to search the home of Maria Peters interviewed by the police.
The officer who conducted the search took back a bank statement showing Maria's deposit to Dorothy Masala's account.
Investigators also obtained a surveillance video from an office building near the location where Dach's body was found.
This video was taken about 1: 30. m. on Oct.
2005, showing a red SUV with a large object on the roof, driving on the side of the road, parked on a piece of grass near the bank of the river.
Police checked Matsalla's name in a national database and found red Cherokee registered under her name.
When they tried to contact her at Radisson, the neighbors told them that she was in B. C.
Meanwhile, when Matsalla and Peters were informed to see the police on her trailer, they were on their way back to the province of SA.
Before returning to B, they spent some time outside Radisson with a friend of hersC.
Take the bus and hide the Jeep in her friend's equipment shed. Winter 2005-
2006: Matsalla and Peters live in Vancouver and live with her mother and daughter.
March 2, 2006: the RCMP publicly requested information on the whereabouts of the fugitive couple, telling the news media that Peters was the "person of interest" in the death of Kara Dahe ", masala went missing with him and his last appearance was in Radisson, August.
They say that Peters is known to be violent and that the nature of their relationship is unclear and that she may be at risk.
Matsalla and Peters learned about media reports and started camping in public parks in the hope of avoiding contact with the police.
Maria Peters brought food and money to them.
March 22, 2006: police intercepted a call from Maria's home to her son's cell phone and were able to locate the couple.
Carl Carter intercepted them near a light rail station in bennaby and told Peters that he was arrested for the death of Kara Dahe.
Matsalla accepted the inquiry but denied all knowledge of the body.
She testified that Peters trained her to shut her mouth. "I was scared . . .
About what will happen to me.
"For reasons not explained in court last week, the RCMP has not continued to file murder charges against Peters.
In the coming months, he was detained for violating the previous conditional sentence.
May 2006: Peters was released from prison and the couple returned to the Matsalla trailer in Radison.
Matsalla says they plan to "start a new life together ". Nov.
2006: Peters was angry and accused Matara of cheating him.
He runs two people.
With a fist and steel for an hour
Follow her from room to room.
When he finally agreed to let her leave the trailer, she knelt in front of the closet to pack some clothes.
Then she heard a voice behind her.
When she turned and looked, "Albert stood there with the axe, and he struck the axe on the side of the boot, and I remember looking up, the next thing I could feel was that the axe hit me in the head, and last fall, after he admitted a serious attack on her, she recalled in court.
Peters hit her legs and hips twice again, then ordered her to clean herself up in the bathroom and wipe the blood off the wall.
Before he finally asked Matsalla to leave her trailer for help, he told her that she would die on the side of the road. Nov.
2006: Matsalla was discharged from hospital and asked by the RCMP.
This time, she agreed to work with investigators, "I'm no longer afraid of him because he's in custody.
"Peters was charged with attempted murder for attacking Matsalla and was later released on bail on condition that he did not contact Matsalla. Dec.
2006: Peters called Matsalla and told her "it's a bitch to pay back.
"March 2007: Peters will appear in court in Saskatoon but has not appeared.
An arrest warrant was issued for his arrest and he was subsequently arrested.
He won't be free again.
Later, the Crown withdrew the charge that he had violated the conditions of bail in exchange for his plea for serious attacks.
If Peters is declared a dangerous criminal, he will face the most severe punishment under Canadian law: indefinite imprisonment.
His sentence is scheduled to continue on December.
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