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venezuela’s refugee crisis: why don’t we care? - black plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-04
venezuela’s refugee crisis: why don’t we care?  -  black plastic sheeting
In the town of Arauca, controlled by guerrillas in northern Colombia, under soft orange street lights, animal-like contours sit in puddles on broken sidewalks.
A crazy garbage bag rustle and see more shadows join them from the nearby alleys.
Families in Venezuela are feeding.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has a steak dinner at a fine-dining restaurant, while Venezuelan families dine in a bin to survive.
Communications Minister Jorge rodriggs commented on the Ecuadorian newspaper El Comercio that "there is no humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, it is false and it is rubbish", indicating the government
27-year-old Nazareth Pirloiria sits outside her makeshift house, near the flyover at the Carcelen bus terminal in Quito.
She waited patiently for food donated by passers-.
The blue plastic cloth whips and cracks in the stiff morning wind.
She walked 20 days in Colombia with her partner and her three young children, penniless, hungry and exhausted.
"We had to leave without food and medicine," she said . ".
"We were hungry for a whole week and only ate green front grass skin, which made us all sick.
Alfred de Zayas, a United Nations human rights expert, said in a report that the crisis in Venezuela is an economic crisis, not a humanitarian crisis.
However, the consequences of this economic collapse are a massive humanitarian crisis.
6 million Venezuelan people who fled were forced to lock the blinds and doors of houses they could not sell.
Venezuela is a rich country with the world's largest oil reserves, estimated at about 300 billion barrels.
But severe hyperinflation is pushing the cost of home infrastructure such as rice to three times the average monthly salary per kilogram.
The mother spent the night at the supermarket Gate, the first queue in the morning, the opportunity to buy from half of them affordable food and household necessitiesempty shelves.
Food shortages mean that the weight of Venezuelan people has dropped by an average of 11 kg.
At the Quito immigration service, former director of a public school in Venezuela, Jomir, recalled that at least 30 children died from newborns to three children --years-
Old due to severe malnutrition.
"Mothers don't have enough food to breastfeed their children, and the shortage of formula means there are so many hungry babies.
"She sat in a chair and her eyes were filled with emotions that she was trying to suppress.
Alex monkada, national director of CARE in Ecuador, explained: "The crisis in Venezuela will continue to lead to a large scale
The mass migration we are witnessing now.
Thanks to hunger, violence and lack of access to a decent life, Venezuelan people face stigma and discrimination in countries where local communities also live on the brink of poverty.
About two years ago, professionals and the middle class crossed the border to Venezuela and took all the good jobs.
At the same time, the outflow of the working class saw street vendors at every traffic light in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.
Refugees arrived at the lumika border between Ecuador and Colombia, confused, excited and exhausted, and some of them dragged things they could put into temporary luggage and bins to walk across the country.
It is well known that the "Pacers" have traveled for 20 days, 1,400 km metres, through the mountain road in El Palamo, Berlin, where the night altitude is 4,200 and the temperature drops-15C.
Pedro Gomez, 50, is proud to bring his Venezuelan passport through steel fences that, like cattle, have gathered them in the Colombian border control zone.
"Why did no one help us?
Why is this not seen here?
"Due to food shortages, Pedro's family is one of the many people who are forced to eat from the bin to survive.
"The immigration officers of the Venezuelan security department checked our luggage and stole everything, money, medicine and jewelry from us.
They are here to help us. . . Our own people.
The 23-year-old architecture graduate, Bethzaz Roca, sat on a bench in Rumichaca, absorbing the late sun as she waited for the bus to send her to Quito.
Like many other young Venezuelan women fleeing the crisis in their country, she is vulnerable to xenophobia and is a victim of sexual harassment, gender discrimination
Based on violence and even human trafficking
Outside Building 2 of ketsi, the back street of machara, near the Peruvian border town of huaquilias, the boss Ricardo is wearing a loose striped shirt, the air in the evening was filled with his cheap cologne.
"The Venezuelan girl is the taste my client wants," he said . ".
He shook hands with the client and the gold bracelet on his wrist was dancing.
Four Venezuelan prostitutes told me how despair, coercion and trafficking led them to serve the Ecuadorian men who sweaty carried from the sweat stream that came out of their bedroom, when they walked down the stairs, rearrange yourself.
The girls perchon is a damp, dyed floral bed cover, next to a small box filled with used wipes and condoms that are cascading in White
Venezuela's 27-year-old single mother, Victoria, broke her silence with a blend of red and fluorescent light.
Victoria was a flight attendant at a Venezuelan airline that entered the government during the economic collapse.
She replied to a recruitment advertisement from an airline in Colombia and went to kukuta for an interview, with no job but no airline, at least no stewardess.
She found herself in unimaginable fear of being cheated into prostitution and returning home to support her family. year-old daughter.
Victoria looked at the floor and was filled with sadness in her eyes.
She explained how she was sometimes worried about her life, and when trying to escape, she was once stabbed to resist the rape of a client behind a taxi.
Karina Bravo of Plaperts, in collaboration with CARE, holds workshops dedicated to educating men and women to maintain high standards of safety and hygiene in the sex industry.
The majority of participants are from Venezuela and they are entitled to free health care services that are specifically targeted.
The Venezuelan prostitute is the third place in the price.
This lower tariff ensures that more customers can now enter the prostitution market more easily.
Reports from the busiest border town of kukata in Colombia show a significant increase in the number of HIV and AIDS cases.
Karina fought tirelessly for the rights of prostitutes here, and repeatedly challenged the brothel owner and was therefore threatened with death.
She knows all the working girls in machara and interacts with them in a vibrant style of fun and funky life.
Karina herself used to be a prostitute, and she knew the girl she had helped-her experience was part of why she was so successful and respected.
In Bogota, Colombia, an informal settlement with tents near a bus stop is now home to hundreds of refugees.
In the shade, men in suits slide between the black temporary tent plastic cloth and discuss casually and openly buying women for sex.
"I need six young girls tomorrow and my clients are waiting and I'm good to you so don't let me down.
"The sister of the immigration attention Foundation, Teresina, a Catholic organization working with CARE, expressed her concerns about vulnerable Venezuelan women living in refugee camps . . . . . . The evidence is clear.
Refugee families in urgent need of asylum are not allowed to sleep on the street or in any public place, so they are forced to look for alternatives.
The foundation responded quickly to the needs of the refugee crisis by re-adjusting the office to accommodate a 43-person dormitory because "the shelter can only be used for five days, just to give them enough time to heal in the body and in the heart ".
A mother and daughter stood at the reception, with their belongings in two plastic bags.
Today, they continue to travel to Ecuador.
Sister Teresina, 7, handed Maria Isabella, 7, a lovely bear who replied, "Thank you, sister, this bear is the only thing I have in the world,
Carlos Gomez, a 33-year-old driver who was hostile in the air at the Colombian border of Arauca, said: "Everyone is involved in everything, even me.
I take young girls to executives at oil companies and sometimes they are no older than 15 and maybe younger, but I can't say no.
Carlos paid $200 (£151)
Every month for his 10-year-old son.
"Arauca, a cartel guerrilla, said no --
The territory under control will cost you life.
They printed your name on paper before they killed you.
"At Arauca, no one is exempt from paying for guerrilla protection, no one is exempt from the so-called" vaccine ", and no British photographer is even available.
Corruption and decay in this humanitarian disaster went from the president to human traffickers, brothel owners, contraband smugglers and taxi drivers.
Everyone is breaking the rules and taking what they need.
At the same time, the Venezuelan people eat in the bin with both hands and knees, but the world can't do anything.
Their government disappointed them and was forced to leave their country, their homes and their children.
NGOs like CARE work tirelessly and have recently started distributing food and other essential items in four locations, as well as legal and psychological support: Apure (Venezuela)
Arauca, pips, Turkan and Kiddo.
They will continue to mobilize resources to meet the needs of local communities and host communities, to promote integration with local governments and to create an enabling environment for addressing issues of xenophobia and exploitation.
The crisis has shown a deep-rooted, overwhelming despair based on social betrayal and abuse.
The treatment of women has been normalized.
Every face, every expression shows overwhelming despair.
The world must not turn a blind eye;
To disappoint so many people in Victoria in machara, but still fighting for a better life.
With continued support from private donors and expected support from institutional donors, care will transform the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalized populations and empower them.
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