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vintage poster and paper conservation techniques - polyethylene terephthalate

by:Cailong     2019-07-27
vintage poster and paper conservation techniques  -  polyethylene terephthalate
Protect the artwork on paper do you have a valuable poster that needs a little work?
Understand the process of poster protection and repair and estimate the cost.
Protection is the art of restoring and protecting many types of vintage posters, maps, signatures and works of art on paper, including stone prints, silk screens (serigraphs)
And modern offset printing.
Retro posters and group posters these improvements are best done using "reversible" technology and water --
Based on the adhesive, it can be removed at a later date without compromising the poster.
Poster repair or protection? -
The difference between the degree of difference protection and recovery can be measured by the amount of restoration of the artwork.
Protect the use of gentle techniques to stabilize the poster and protect the poster for the future.
Fix physical changes to the paper to improve the look and presentation of the artwork.
The decision to spend money to fix and protect the poster depends on the existing condition of the paper and the rarity of the artwork.
Often, posters that are severely damaged can be completely converted into valuable artwork that you have collected or auctioned.
Prepare the art work administrator to take pictures of the poster first and take notes to record the existing situation.
To prepare the artwork, any tape and adhesive has been removed, including any attempts to repair or preserve the artwork over the years.
According to the status of the poster (
See relevant articles
, Some of the following techniques can be used to restore the original glory of your vintage poster or artwork on paper.
The next step in this process is the effect of stopping time.
Most of the paper produced after 1840 is made of pulp containing wood and other impurities.
When reacting with air, moisture, and light, impurities slowly devour cellulose that sticks the paper together.
Before 1840, the "rag" paper was made of cotton and other fibers that were still used in some countries to make high-quality print paper and currency.
Taking the acid out of the old town acid and out of it is a gentle treatment to remove any surface dust first.
The paper is then soaked in a solution that stabilizes the acid in the paper while adding a buffer solution to buffer any additional acid to prevent further damage.
By contrast, Germany
The acidification uses stronger treatment to actively remove the acid from the paper.
Poster protection experts can also remove dark stains and water stains with bleach.
Archive fog is a respected brand of acid and spray made for scrapbook artists and people who collect newspaper and paper souvenirs.
The spray balances the pH to neutralize the acid and absorbs the acid in future diffusion alkaline buffer.
Not for the photo, but for the back of the unbuffered matting board that may be in contact with the photo. Acid-
Free File spray reduces acid in old paper from newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, posters, tobacco cards, cards, certificates, letters, diaries. 1-1/2-
Oz file Mist5 Oz file fog aerosol * covering 25 square feet of paper * nontoxic and odor-
Free * does not affect ink or color for more information, see the comments on Amazon and try pioneer acid-
Free glue stick pen for scrapbook. Touch-
Before the artwork can be installed on linen or paper and mounted, repair the slight paper repair paper defect.
One of the easiest repairs is to connect the torn edge of the paper and even assemble the torn pieces together.
Pin holes and larger holes can be filled
In terms of time, use rice paper or authentic paper scraps.
These are simple paper repair techniques, but the entire part of the poster can also be recreated and can hardly be detected.
For a glossary of images and different paper defects, please refer to the article on poster conditions.
Once all the problems and defects have been fixed, you can decide if you want to support the poster with linen.
If the poster is in good condition or you want to draw a frame on the poster then linen-
No support required.
If the poster is fragile or missing, then linen may be the only way to connect the pieces together, or just prevent the paper from breaking up. Will you save it? -
Do you use the services of poster protection specialists or art protection personnel?
Let you vote and comment, or add a comment in the feedback box below. Linen-
The linen fabric background administrator uses archival linen or cotton to create a stable background to support any art work on vintage posters or paper.
First, paste the file paper with acid to the back of the artwork
Rice paste or other water without chemical activityBased on adhesive.
When the paste is dry, a very fine linen, cotton cloth or duck canvas is stretched onto a wooden frame, just as the artist prepares the canvas to draw.
When the artwork is pasted to the surface and kept dry for a few days, the linen has a little tension.
Linen mesh is very useful for leveling folds and patching torn paper.
Using this linen backing is the only way to match large panels 3 and 6
A huge poster for wall d. ©Cole.
This process is completely reversible as the adhesive can be washed off with water in the future.
Before installing the artwork on the linen, special care must be taken to remove all the dirt and text on the back.
In this way, there is no chance that writing will eventually penetrate and affect the image.
Save Art on Paper Video
The Smithsonian Institution visited one of the Smithsonian Institution's conservation labs in this well-made video (3 minutes)
Poster protection price-Linen-
Many admins have shown the price of linen in the size of regular posters on their website.
They can also list prices for standard services such as washing or bleaching, and hourly rates for paper stability (prep-work)
Resume work.
Poster-sized artwork can be mounted on linen at an average price of $12 per square foot. (
Calculate the square inch of your poster and divide it by 144 to get the number of square feet. )
Prices range from $8 to $16 to $1 feet for multiple reasons.
Very small, very large posters may be more expensive due to installation and handling costs.
Protection experts with large spaces for work in urban areas may also have higher fees.
Fortunately, the Internet makes it easy to deal with well-known poster experts located anywhere in the country.
Prepare and touch
Often charge for work at a price between $50 an hour100.
The price of shipping the poster to and from the admin is also a consideration. Non-
There are several ways to "improve" the status of posters that are irreversible and actually harmful to valuable works of art.
Dry the paper onto the foam
It is not recommended to use the core or any other backing, the laminated paper between the glued plastic layers is not archival technology.
Depending on the adhesive used, the repairer can remove the poster installed on the back panel and be prepared for protection.
Many people added tape to the corner of the poster to protect the paper from thumb nails, and a few years later I opened the poster and found that the oil stains damaged the image on the front.
Please don't make the same mistake (find out more).
Now there are some non-temporary adhesives.
Oil, guaranteed not to damage your poster.
The best way to save any paper is to seal the artwork completely.
Picture View-
The last step in protecting the artwork from the infringement of elements poster protection is the proper care and storage of the artwork.
The best way to keep the paper intact is to invest in a photo frame to protect the paper.
"File frame" made of acid"
Tightly sealed free material in the housing.
The function of the Matting board is to create an air space to avoid direct contact between paper and plastic or glass.
There's a hole in the mat.
If the edges show signs of wear, it can be used to cover the edges of the paper.
The poster frame usually uses plexiglass (
Also known as plexiglass or plexiglass)
Because it wouldn't be that much trouble if the glass broke.
The special coating can protect the artwork from the UV rays emitted by the sun and even ordinary bulbs. Encapsulation -
Preventing air and moisture encapsulation is another word used to store envelopes or shells of paper and any artwork.
There is no doubt that polyester is the best material to use for a long time
Long-term storage of paper.
A special type of polyester called polyester (PET)or (PETE)
It is a transparent plastic with the brand name Mylar and Melinex.
The properties of this plastic are perfect for archivingStorage quality.
Clearly visible polyester fiber-
Through materials and viewing paper.
In this way, the documents can be left in the envelope, away from greasy fingers and liquid spills.
Polyester is air.
Prevent the close of dust and humidity.
Party balloons with shiny mirrors are made from Merah to keep the gas inside.
Polyester also has enough flexibility to bend like paper or thick card paper without cracking.
Polyester is easily scratched and expensive to produce.
Other types of plastic have been developed and they are softer and cheaper for similar clarity.
Created millions of products (and recycled)
Polypropylene per day (PP)
And low density polyethylene (LDPE).
Learn more about the plastic type of dot mode Archives-
A collection of digital museums.
Package posters and artwork with large loaders on paperUltra Pro 24x36 top loader(
Buy a pack of ten)
Protect big posters
The size of "toploaders" is the same as keeping the baseball card and the trading card intact. Each rigid-
Plastic sleeve behind two postersto-
Come back, so it's easy to turn over and show the other side.
Choose from many different sizes to fit posters from small tobacco cards to up to 29x43 inch (71 x 109 cm).
Find more toploaders in dotpattern-
A collection of digital museums.
Standard transaction card size
One of the most important things to protect a baseball card and game card 7 trading card game vendor to play trading card games is to keep the card in good condition.
In the game, each player must shuffle quickly. . .
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Share your experience with poster protection do you have any suggestions or horror stories?
Please share your thoughts so that we can all understand what to expect when we care about posters and artwork on paper.
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