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vultures on the roof, in the trees, around the dog - clear mylar tape

by:Cailong     2019-07-24
vultures on the roof, in the trees, around the dog  -  clear mylar tape
DEBRA westjuly5, 1998Dan and Carol Ann O'Byrne sit in their breakfast corner every morning, watching their horse paddock and the woods in the distance, facing death.
Dozens of vulture lined up on the fence in the backyard, darken the barn door and gathered in the trees like bad luck. Just waiting.
When the family dachshund stretches in the sun, half
Ten birds flew around and circled him. Their backs were hunched and their heads without feathers stretched forward doubtfully, as if to say, "Are you dead?
"While usually associated with the South and South West, the Turkish vulture and its smaller but more aggressive relatives-the black vulture is expanding their range to the north and east and New York state, wildlife experts say.
Maybe there are already hundreds of black and Turkish vulture options for two in obi-Nez --
Located about 65 miles north of New York City, acre property on the outskirts of New Paz.
The ads say the birds didn't hurt the three horses, four dogs, several cats or their goats in Obers, but their constant presence means the family can't
Due to the obstruction of experts, the birds take the screen windows apart, tear up vinyl caulkers from the windows and door frames, kiss gently on the side plates of the house, and pull the roof tile with their feet
AD O'Byrnes complains that they can't have lunch on the back deck or sunbathe in the yard, they spend a lot of time scraping bird feces and cleaning the porch upside down
If they want to roast steak, they will grill in the garage.
O'Byrnes can't do anything about it.
Richard B said that vulture, like most indigenous migratory birds, is protected by the Federation and is protected by the International Treaty on the Law of Treaty of migratory birds, adopted in 1918.
Cheman, state director of the federal Department of Agriculture.
In order to capture, kill, transfer or dispose of vulture or its eggs, a permit is required for the Federal Bureau of Fish and Wildlife.
This so-called "plunder permit" is not readily available and needs to prove that all other steps have been taken.
The bird population survey shows that the number of vulture people across the country has more than doubled from 1966 to 1996, although there is no exact demographic data. Chipman said.
He said the increase in numbers forced birds to expand their range and change their eating patterns by occasionally attacking live animals.
O'Byrnes was the first person to report vulture problems in New York, and Diane Pence, a wildlife service wildlife biologist, said she issued 27 plunder permits in the medium term
Some of them went to farmers in other states last year and their livestock were attacked.
"This is my house and I will not give up," he said . "
O'Byrne, 47, is an entertainment consultant at the juvenile detention center.
So far, the o'bynes have tried a visiting biologist who said he would scare off the bird's wheat tape and balloons.
The vulture tore the strap and shot the balloon out.
O'Byrnes tries to play a recording of a shotgun explosion every 15 seconds.
This scared the birds for a few minutes, but they were used to the sound before the neighbors called the police 15 minutes later.
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The orberns took out a bucket of camphor balls and thought that the vulture would be repelled by the smell, but the birds just threw themselves at them.
The most effective technology so far.
O'Byrne has been playing golf all the time.
The birds flew away. of course, they came back.
O'Byrnes is now waiting for an application for a loot permit to allow them to shoot several birds while setting off noisy fireworks, hoping that if the birds link the noise to death, they were able to use fireworks to keep them away without killing them.
About three years ago, when one-
The story school building where they lived since 1980 was burned down.
And then they built one. story colonial.
Meanwhile, they decided to clear some of the dead maple trees in their backyard.
When the old trees disappeared, their new home, which was 38 feet tall, became the highest and most attractive habitat around them. O'Byrne said.
He said biologists at the State University of New York, Paz, believe that the birds were attracted to the area by the Chopin mountains, and kept them about a mile from the steep cliffs of Chopin.
O'Byrnes acknowledges their role in creating problems, but they are more interested in finding solutions than blaming them.
"My neighbor said, 'Oh, this problem is caused by yourself ,'"O'Byrne said.
"But, you know, it's easy to say.
I have to live with it.
They may never be able to sell a house, says o'bynes.
They applied for tax cuts and cut the town tax by 20%.
In order to convince the tax authorities of the seriousness of their problem, the o'bynes couple made a video of their year --round troubles.
The video shows about 100 vulture people gathered at the racecourse on Halloween.
Part of the tape in December.
1997, showing a few vulture in the snow
The covered roof next to the Christmas decorations.
"I am a person who likes animals . "O'Byrne said.
"I don't want to hurt them.
But it was the most terrible thing, and one day I was going home and they all flew above my house.
Like the movie bird.
I'm too scared to know what to do.
Then I remembered that I had an automatic garage opener that I could enter the house through the garage.
Otherwise, I don't know what I will do.
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