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waitrose slammed for switching own-brand butter packaging to non-recyclable foil despite pledge to go green - plastic foil packaging

by:Cailong     2019-07-01
waitrose slammed for switching own-brand butter packaging to non-recyclable foil despite pledge to go green  -  plastic foil packaging
White Rose was attacked after boasting about turning green.
Then switch the butter package to nonRecyclable foil.
This week the store named it the British plastic agreement.
Supermarkets and food companies promise to cancel singles
Use plastic packaging before 2025.
Earlier this month it announced that it would no longer store disposable take-out cups to reduce waste of plastic.
However, it also quietly changes the recyclable paper packaging on salty butter to a tougher new packaging made of mixed materials, which cannot be recycled.
The store said it made a change because customers complained that butter would have a strange taste at the end of its life due to paper packaging.
It claims that the new foil packaging makes the product last longer as it is more breathable and better maintained the taste than the old paper packaging.
But the shopper's response was an angry storm and accused the store of taking a step back.
Actress Gemma Wilks wrote on Twitter: "I will not buy your butter again because the packaging is not recyclable.
It is a shame that all packaging is not recyclable in this era.
"I don't want to think you're just joining the plastic pollution trend for PR purposes," Jo Mathers said on Twitter . ".
"@ Waitrose plans to make sure all its own brand packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable, isn't it ? "? ?
How can this be added to the "currently unrecycled" package?
White Rose shopper Keith McMahon, who told The Sun how he emailed the store headquarters, said: "It's not progress, it's a very bad step behind, definitely not the behavior of witrose I was expecting.
Martin James's complaint
Dealing with the website parser says: "In terms of recycling, you are either fully committed or causing problems.
"Now, a large number of people want supermarkets to use recyclable packaging.
Therefore, it is misleading and unfair to claim "green" but not to provide services.
"Witrose says its goal is to make all of its own label packaging recyclable, reusable or family-ready by 2025.
It tells the Sun that the mixed material on the new package is a mixture of paper and aluminum.
A spokesperson added: "We will continue to look for recyclable options that do not affect the quality and flavor of the product.
"Morrisons are under fire for packing their waste in plastic to reduce the unstable vegetable range.
Shoppers are waging a war against unnecessary plastics and when they get it wrong, they call the retailer.
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