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waste: uncovering the global food scandal by tristram stuart: review - pet manufacturing process

by:Cailong     2019-08-17
waste: uncovering the global food scandal by tristram stuart: review  -  pet manufacturing process
At the G8 summit in Japan in last July, Gordon Brown called on global consumers to reduce food waste.
There are no complete socks for this announcement. to-the-
The jaw-dropping influence that the Prime Minister has been hoping for-partly because he is sitting in an eight-year-old seat --
Have dinner immediately after.
As Tristram Stuart pointed out in his introduction, most people could have found it problematic to waste food.
However, this does not prevent us from doing a lot of things.
About 20 million of food is wasted in the United States, and here we dump tons of food every year.
Putting all of this together, you can easily feed the hungry people of the world several times.
Why should we throw away so much edible food?
It will soon be clear from waste that it is not just the obvious suspects that should be blamed.
Stuart found that there were many other, less predictable criminals.
In 2002, he ate months of food in the bin of Cherry Blossom Hill in northwest London-an area known for its organic gourmet shops.
Every night, he finds enough food for the barbert banquet.
Style Banquet: Stilton cheese, preserved cognac, 50 barrels of ice.
Cream taken directly from the refrigerator.
"It took us most of the three months to get it all done.
To avoid anyone's tendency to try this on their own, it's worth noting that Stuart is apparently from a family that takes frugality to the point of frenzy-as a child he remembers to throw away a cup of tea
The bag and his grandmother said in a shock tone, "but you only used it once!
The worst culprit, however, is naturally the supermarket.
While most of them are proud to insist on donating excess food to charity, the reality is that most of the food goes directly into the landfill, Stuart said. In 2006-
Sainsbury claims to have given away 6,680 tons of food.
Very admirable until you think it only represents ten percent of what they discard each year.
Meanwhile, Tesco dumped about 125,000 tons of food each year.
Some of these reasons are not difficult to understand.
Waste is increasingly an integral part of the manufacturing process.
For example, Mark and Spencer insist that their sandwich suppliers discard four slices from each bread they produce-the crust of the bread and the first slice at both ends.
This is equivalent to 13,000 pieces of fresh bread per day.
With sandwiches for a while, the manufacturer always has no choice but to produce too many sandwiches.
Supermarkets will only give them a day's notice of how many specific types of sandwiches they need-not enough for manufacturers to build production lines to make sandwiches from scratch.
However, if manufacturers want to donate the resulting surplus to charity, they may be banned from doing so: supermarkets suspect that they may sell to market traders, thus damaging their brand.
And the infamous "eat-
Dating is a particularly sensitive topic at our house, and my wife insists on wearing protective clothing to get close to any food not far from the food --by date.
But Stuart says most of the food is absolutely edible in a few days, if not weeks later --
By date, there is a lot of waste.
Lord Haskins is one of his allies, he is the former chairman of the Northern food company, he believes
By date is "ridiculous unnecessary ".
According to Lord Haskins, yogurt can be eaten safely after a month --
If it smells OK, I will eat it.
He may be right, of course, but I still tend to eat early if Lord Haskins invites me to dinner.
In this way, 60 per cent of all processed salads are placed in bins, and customers are said to be afraid of unformed vegetables.
In fact, when supermarkets sold less symmetrical potatoes after much of their harvest in 2007 was destroyed by floods, sales did not decline.
Stuart's book is passionate, hotly debated, and promises to bring the most avid consumer into the corner of the refrigerator with guilt.
Sometimes his anger can easily run away with him-once he accused anyone who wasted food of "murdering" the actions of his fellow human beings.
For others, his enthusiasm for food seems to threaten his sanity.
In Ha, he praised "their simple but delicious roadside favorites"-the advantage of cooking the head of the lamb.
Apparently there's a restaurant in Bethnal Green in east London, add color to its menu with spicy pig intestines and fish heads-although it is not clear if they are served together on a combustible Surf and lawn.
But these have all turned pale, except for his favorite dish, Takatak-The Pakistani favorite dish, which consists of a wide variety of "brains, testicles andDelicious!
An antique yogurt of Lord Haskins, guaranteed not to allow you to repeat it morally.
Physically, however, this may be another matter.
Waste: expose the Global Food Scandal at nine-year-old Tristram Stuart PENGUIN.
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