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water spinach farmers struggle to recover after hurricane harvey - black plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-04
water spinach farmers struggle to recover after hurricane harvey  -  black plastic sheeting
There are many other names for Spinach dishes.
Some Asian staple food
A sensational American family
Frys and soups, this stalky vegetable with arrow leaves and hollow stems is called ong choy in Cantonese and rau mung in Vietnamese.
But in Cambodia
American community on the gravel road in Rosharon, Texasabout a half-
One hour south of Houston
Most people call it Khmer, trakoun.
Often sold in agricultural areas in Asia
Vegetables, which have supermarkets throughout the country, are a major source of income for many families in Roselen.
This country town is one of the few areas in the United States. S.
A place where water dishes are commercially grown.
The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has issued more than 50 valid licenses to grow spinach dishes in Rosharon, a highly regulated invasive plant, the federal government considers it illegal to sell across states without a license.
But nearly two months after Hurricane Harvey and historic floods destroyed many of their homes and damaged their spinach vegetable greenhouses, farmers are still recovering, worried about their way of life
Before Harvey, Sok summ and his wife, sreyann Ping, often spent early morning in the three greenhouses behind their homes, each
Harvest spinach inside plastic
The greenhouse covered too late in the day may mean heatstroke, Sok said.
"It's a hard job.
"When you see vegetables in the store, you don't know how hard it is here," he added . ".
With a butcher's knife in the kitchen in his left hand, he will whack a whack next to the winding spinach vine on the soil floor of the greenhouse, cutting down the sprouting stems under his knees.
In about two hours, Sum and his wife will
A pound of green bouquets
Water dishes are sold to local supermarkets or wholesalers.
Within a week, they can earn about $300 to increase the disability allowance he has been receiving since he was injured in a welding accident working in the factory.
But since Harvey, he has not planted the land, and the flood has turned his home into a crumbling shell, said Summ.
At Rosharon, the water retreated for about a week and he and his neighbors could return to their house.
"I cried when I opened the door," Sum said . ".
Sum's wife Pin says donations from churches and volunteer groups have helped them survive since Harvey.
They and other families have been replenishing their supplies with donated bottled water, baby formula and other necessities that pile up around the temple altar of the nearby Buddha smey Buddha Temple.
"It's okay now, [we]
"I still need help," Pin said . "
They live in tents with their 10 people in their front yard. year-
The old daughter waited a few weeks for their house to dry.
On the black marker pen, Sum wrote on the tent: "We are strong here.
"But the snakes were found in their house, convincing them to move back into the house, and even though it was still damp inside, some of the rooms smelled moldy.
Now, Pin says they and many of their neighbors are worried about the falling beams and torn plastic cloth of the spinach vegetable Conservatory.
Vuth Yin, who lives on the side of the road, says his greenhouse needs work after the flood.
"But I don't have time to fix it," he added . ".
He's been busy building one.
The house in his backyard replaced his flooded house for his family of eight.
But even after their greenhouses have been repaired, it is not clear when Rosharon farmers will be able to start selling spinach again.
At least one supermarket in the Houston area said it stopped selling Rosharon's spinach after Harvey because it was worried that the flood might be contaminated.
The Hong Kong food market, located in the Hong Kong City Mall in Houston, according to David Le, an employee of the store, which only sells spinach dishes from California and Florida.
Still, Yin said he had experienced many challenges as a former refugee from Cambodia.
"No matter where you are, you have to fight for life," he said.
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