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Werner Herzog, chicken hypnotist - colored glass film

by:Cailong     2019-07-19
Werner Herzog, chicken hypnotist  -  colored glass film
"The size of their flat brain, the size of their stupidity, is overwhelming.
When you see a chicken in the countryside, you have to do yourself a favor: try to look into the eyes of a chicken with great intensity and it is amazing to look back at your stupidity.
By the way, it's easy to hypnotize a chicken;
They are easily hypnotized and I have shown this in one or two movies.
A short monologue in a video directed by Siri Bunford (who has done at least one KFC commercial) sums up most of our connections with werner Herzog: his approach to nature (including human nature) instinct as a cruel aggressor
The mystery of his personal obsession;
And the dogmatic conviction that he expressed these views is usually close to antics.
The three most memorable ones are shown in the dream Les blank file burden, about the painful production of itzcarraldo (presented in brilliant self)
Imitated in a mock documentary event by Zach Penn on Loch Ness), but they were always present --
Is it bug-
Klaus Kinsky's eye tyranny, or in the long lines of the quirks and dreamers of ordinary people, the director shows nature in a mirror --
Take comfort from the reflection of himself he found there.
Herzog is actually hypnotizing chickens.
In the signs of life, his first feature (the soldiers in an isolated garrison fall into Madness) and the mystery of Kaspar Hauser (akaEvery himself, for him to be assimilated to a small town before being mysteriously murdered ).
They also made memorable cameos (a chicken dancing in arcade novelties to witness the final slaughter), and especially the Dwarfs began to become small, they each peck their eyes and marched around with trophy mice on their beaks, using cover of social chaos to eat their fallen comrades.
Not to mention "The Heart of Glass", which is the theme of the screenwriter's new memoir --photographer-
Documentary director Alan Greenberg mysteriously titled "overnight, the trees are gone: The Making of Werner Herzog and the glass heart"
Although the animal was caught by the village idiot in a crowded bar
Probably more duck than chicken
Greenberg's text was published as a production diary under the title "Heart of Glass" of the same name at the time of film 1976 release, and has now been modified in hindsight, if not an overflow character Bible, from the crib: his main character is easily matched with our director's image, he is often shot and shot in interviews and pulls Joaquin Phoenix to a safe place from his overturned car, he will.
Become a filmmaker who makes friends with the Alaska wild bear.
This handsome Chicago news commentary edition is interspersed with Greenberg's articles with his unpublished photos and Herzog's original script, which occupies about 75 pages of 200 pages.
They share the identity of the author.
The story, explanation and gratuitous views contained in Herzog can also be found in the competitive version on the GlassDVD center Review track, in Paul Cronin-
If you ask him, edit the director's own Faber and Faber volumeHerzog about Herzog.
"Frankly, I was hesitant about" Heart of Glass "because I didn't like the tone of praise for me," Herzog wrote in the postscript . " He implicitly agrees with the more subtle picture.
"When I stare at events and people like distant echoes, I don't know the young people I used to be.
"The Heart of Glass" is a mysterious movie by Herzog.
It is impossible to escape the word
It belongs to the history of betweenKaspar HauserandStroszek.
Both of them played Bruno.
(Nee Schleinstein), a street musician and actor who died two years ago, was mistakenly sent to prison most of his childhood, and his TV screen seemed to extend to almost the entire actor.
When the foreman of a small village glass work in Bavaria died with the secret of the signature "ruby glass", knowledge was vital to the livelihood and identity of the town, and its inhabitants quickly fell into despair and madness, eventually swallowed up by the fire lit by its owner --idle factory.
When a cowboy and mystic named Hias (abbreviation of Matthias, based on one or more 18th-century Bavarian mystics) predicted these events, he was attacked and imprisoned by villagers
Working from a loose, Impressionist script, partly based on German filmmaker and painter Herbert ahteenbusch (who plays the Bavarian chicken rush hypnoinkaspar Hauser) the highly impromptu strategy of Herzog produced many seemingly willful and absurd moments: an old man sitting in the same chair for 12 years finally stood up and witnessed the fire, he found that he put his shoes in the wrong place.
A man killed his best friend in a drunken brawl, then retrieved the body and danced with it.
A dead girl is locked up in a closet where a harp teacher sings a serenade for her body (this patch gag seems to be lifted from Woody Allen's banana
The idiot in the village holds the duck mentioned earlier
In the crowded bar, a body-free arm and an extended index finger stretch out of the frame to form a spindle on which she rotates.
Even dialogue is filled with casual poetry that is enough to tempt those who are laughable: "The Soul of the glass is fragile.
It is not dyed.
Sin is a crack;
There is no voice after sin.
Or, more succinctly, the chaos of the stars gives me a headache.
Yes, so do I, my friend.
However, what seems absurd on the page is often tragic, even opera on the screen.
This could be attributed in large part to the director's decision to hypnotize his entire cast of actors, except for the fact that the glass hair dryer works at temperatures above 2,000 degrees F (which turns out to be too dangerous) the mysterious Prophet Hias, whose manifesto represents the light of clarification in the thick fog.
That is to say, Herzog's casting process mainly includes advertising in German newspapers, screening sensitive and stable respondents, and then using the power of suggestion to shape the performance from a trance --Civilians.
Comparison of hypnosis and acupuncture
A mechanical program that we cannot understand in its physical interpretation, but its application is simple --
Herzog initially worked with a professional hypnotist whose name was sowald desleffsen (Greenberg initially thought it was a "death Lesson "), who he fired early for the crime of "New Age nonsense.
(It is reported that some aspects of the hypnotist's behavior made Tim Rose's description of Eric hanusen in January invincible, and he was "Hitler's Jewish mystic ".
) Then Herzog took over the role of the hypnotist himself and claimed that he had become so good at it that at the end of the production, he can transition his actors from state to state in 15 seconds and be forced to adopt manual sound when giving instructions to crew members so as not to automatically track them throughout the crew.
After the screening of his featured films, Morgan Anya and Wrath of God, He hypnotized those hypnotized audiences, this led him to believe that he could go straight into the actor and he simply thought about it and would hypnotize the theater audience directly from the screen before giving up this completely irresponsible idea.
What he lacks in technology is that he makes up for the lack in the quality of the advice, secretly setting a standard that even the most humble people strive to surpass.
He encouraged a man who cleaned the police stables to create an imaginary poem and gave these instructions: "You are on a foreign Island, the first person to set foot on the island in centuries.
It's now full of jungle, butterflies, strange birds singing, you're going through the jungle and you meet a huge cliff.
After careful observation, the whole cliff was made of emeralds. hundreds of years ago, a holy monk drew a poem on the wall with a chisel and a hammer and spent his life.
Hard as a diamond;
He only carved three lines in one poem in his life.
Please open your eyes and you will see it;
You will be the first person to see it and you will read it to me.
When the man protested that he did not wear glasses, Herzog encouraged him to approach a little so that he could read.
His poem begins: "Why can't we drink the moon, why can't there be no container to hold it", I want to use it as a tattoo.
Credit: Alan Greenberg dispelled the idea that hypnosis could force subjects to violate their principles and even always speak truthfully (which is not accepted by any court in the world), Herzog argues, rather than limiting actors or making it easier for them to control, it actually expands the scope of possibilities: "The story of a village community in Bavaria, which goes straight into a disaster that can be foreseen and foreseen, like a community of dreamers, there is a need for a kind of argument that he argues in postscript.
The function of memory and imagination is better under hypnosis;
Language is more formal and stylized.
He even extended this trance state to the director's behavior, claiming that he was often at work all day long and did not remember anything about them, "as if I had attended a drunken party, somehow I got home without knowing it.
"Opportunities are the lifeblood of movies," he announced elsewhere . "
The result is a movie where everyone moves underwater and speaks with the lyrics of David Bourne or REM.
Herzog cited two films in particular as a direct impact: Molly Marcus's "The tragedy diary of fool zero," starring a troupe from the Canadian Psychiatric Hospital, where Jean Lu is, labor in Ghana took in a hallucinogenic agent that reproduced the arrival of the British royal family, and in fact the film looks the same as some of the jerk leagues of the Worcester group, Cech and Chong.
The influence of Aguirre, the anger of Gorton Francis Coppola sapok, has made great progress --
The jungle contains the madness of characters and filmmakers, as well as the repetition of specific images (a helicopter and a boat hanging on a tree that can be seen from the River;
Or the last picture is a group of monkeys that have flocked through an abandoned ship, in which abandoned pan boards are repeated and visible in piracy ).
But the bigger impact may come from the heart of glass.
In the intentional confusion of the captain's senses.
Willard was in his hotel room (Martin sing filmed the drunken scene, famous for seriously cutting his hand while he was in the mirror ), or a sparkling impromptu conversation in the Kurtz composite scene ("… Like I was hit by a diamond bullet on my forehead "), he claimed in his autobiography that it was the most profound character he had ever traveled.
In the hands of Herzog, hypnosis has become another investigation into his famous ecstatic truth, found in the unrestrained way of extreme experience.
Greenberg instantly appeared in the Heart of Glasspresumably un-hypnotized —
As one of the six figures that chose to bring the remains of ruby glass to the market, Herzog appeared with the cross
Many of his closest friends, many of them, are gone.
The director said in the last paragraph of the book: "There are still many people dead . ".
"At night, the trees disappeared.
I heard them talking in the book.
I saw that they all came back alive and were passionate and followed me on a wild project that was unique among many other wild businesses in my life.
Greenberg is one of the filmmakers.
Like Les Blanc, Errol Morris and harmony Kolin
He regularly passes through the tracks of Herzog and appears with his seal of approval.
His 1982 documentary, Look Behindset, was filmed at the invitation of his family at the funeral of his friend Bob Marley, but depicting a daunting "look behind the name" area specified on a map of the Cockpit Country and Trelawney, every place where blind horns and wild powers gather lurks with sinkholes and steep cliffs.
It also contains long, uninterrupted soliloquies such as Mutabaruka and Gregory Isaacs that affect the later Americans of Herzog.
Television documentary based on the gospel evangelist Dr.
Gene Scott (the angry man of God) and Hugh Rogers, Bishop of Brooklyn's Pentecost (Hugh's sermon ).
"Land of sight" shot by Jorg Schmidt
Reitwein, a photographer for 18 Herzog films, including a year later, GlassandLa Soufrierea, who climbed the island of Guadalupe to climb the world's largest Russian roulette game that is about to erupt.
Greenberg also worked with Martin Scorsese and Bernardo Bertolucci to write an early draft of fitzcarraldoandcobra Verdeand in Herzog, his
The book of any film has its secret merits, and a careful reading at a time and intensity matches the efforts of film production.
There is no need for the film to be particularly good either: De Palma made Julie Solomon's devil candy by the bonfire highlighted in Vanitiesproduced;
Gatespawned Bach 'sFinal cut of sprawlingHeaven by Stephen Simino (supervised by the execution actually );
John Houston's couragethe Red Badge of courage is arguably still the first Classic of the genre, the spicture by Lillian Ross.
Different from fiction or making
Ofs, if the original is classic, the narrative of non-fiction prose often seems to be just adding value, just as Carl goldley's great white shark Journal, Stephen rebrae pauline kael's book of the common people (the Book of the common people), there is little mention of anything in the BFI series.
The fact that Greenberg is a cautious and inspired writer only adds to the vitality of the business.
Greenberg met Herzog at 1975 Cannes Film Festival, where the director admitted that he was an idealistic and reckless inflammatory combination and quickly forced him to serve, tell him "there's still work to be done --
We will do well.
Two days later, the situation somehow became "you will also be held accountable . ".
"Soon, as captured in a breath-taking downhill prose, the chaos of film production was quickly inseparable from the vortex of filmmakers, around which everything else was
At least in this weird vintage production cycle, the result looks as vivid and exaggerated as anything in Hunter.
Thompson canon, for example.
Narrative accounts are filled with off-the-shelf pre-signs and omens about scientific boundaries
Novel: It begins with a dove flying into the author's head, ending with the director bent over a lamb crushed under his car wheel, ready to Cut like Abraham was Isaac "Munich rumbles from the earthquake in the distance, just watching it jump and jump fast on an open field. ". ” In-
In the middle, there are bloody lamb meal mats, burning cows, broken mirrors, whirlwind, abandoned horses (interrupted by young girls dressed as angels) A hound with a red ear and a bolts deer, it fired a gun in front of their car.
Like ruby glass, there are suggestions for roses
Colorful glasses, glass house, ruby slippers
Even the blood of the Virgin, dedicated to the crazy factory owner who murdered his housekeeper and destroyed the glass through the fire
It makes sense everywhere, none of them are based on anything.
Credit: Alan Greenberg you can make a movie in a lifetime
Herzog tried it himself.
Instead of inventing a character as complex or cute as Werner Herzog.
Born in Munich in late 1942, when the war was about to break out, two months after Herzog was born, a bomb killed the house next door and he was taken to the small village of villrang on the Austrian border.
(The Heart of Glass is likely to be the director's most self-contained film-
The title "Herz aus Glas" in German sounds like "glass of Herzog", which was shot in the Bavarian countryside of his youth, there are Bavarian yodeling and medieval string actors who speak in the Bavarian dialect.
There he grew up in apparent loneliness
He saw his first movie at 11 and called at 17-
There is probably no horny irony that he still claims to be unrecognizable.
He used to play in the hospital for a week, pulling a thread out of the blanket, giving him a piece of gum with conquered GI and chewing for the next eight months.
This is free.
Floating obsession, for example, can allow someone to create a 30-
The second photo seen in the opening montage of naturalist tableaux is mountain fog flowing like a river, taking 11 days and shooting one frame at a time.
In fact, one of the original pleasures of the book is to measure the myth of filmmakers, most of which are undoubtedly self-
Produced, opposed to real-
He has obviously mastered the talent.
After all, this is the one to guess after the first meeting with will --
To be a Hollywood financier, such a man will waste his life, and he will never pursue the illusion of easy money --
This is a lesson most filmmakers have never learned.
In many of his asides, Herzog said: "a timid person in the body is also a timid person --"
If it can be called a firm statement
A few seconds ago, he took a heavy Arriflex camera down from the Marra Canyon to the point where it was treacherous.
Herzog is the first person to fall into danger or trouble.
Operate the second camera on the edge of a burning building, and after each shoot, return downstairs with a heavy piece of furniture
And the inadvertent lightning rod for the beginning of the chaos.
Herzog and his production manager scout in their first position-cum-
Law enforcer Walter Saxony, we later saw him screaming happily, and as the daughter of a fisherman, on the head of a giant pike fish, he left Greenberg in the van, when they grab two rifles from behind and talk to a producer who owes them money.
They objected and the actor returned to the city, only to look up against the view, and the director told him the holder, "Well, Walter, it's going to look like an accident.
"In a scene reminiscent of a famous anecdote, starting with the dwarf star, Herzog suggested that if his actor could endure a rare fourth shot, he would swim across a river
He pretended his crew to be a sad funeral procession and stole a gun at the cemetery;
A recording was obtained from the old man of kaspar HauserandStroszek, Clement Shitz, who dressed his voice as a priest;
And rejected the fishermen's $200 request to cross them to a nearby island for 10 miles, and then let the man's brother do it for $40.
When Greenberg walked barefoot in the snow and lost his shoes for filming, the demand seemed quite reasonable.
But sometimes something dark flashes, implying a private logic that usually imprisons those who are less enthusiastic: Herzog, without provocation, in
Nicholas, Cannibal, the coming media plague
MinuteHamlet (the first two years of Hamlethit Broadway by Tom storpde stooge) and Zorn's theorem, which is a mathematical proposition that I cannot begin to explain to you.
On Crete, he stayed under the bed for four hours and was sure that the fighter had launched an attack on him, which could or could not have happened.
Looking at the signpost of the Bavarian town of Thusis, Herzog was so violently conquered by an irrational fear that he was forced to run into an open field to weaken his mood.
"I don't think it's healthy," he told the story later.
"It will be a bad ending.
"Herzog has to be down-to-earth," commented his set designer . ".
"He can't lose.
Otherwise, like an American, he will become abstract.
"Helzog is the most interesting brand of intelligence --
Think of Norman Mellor and Camille Paglia.
Their range of selfishness and amazing interests seems to be just a long road to self.
Discover, like sailing to Catalina, then China and Africa, just to get to La cienoli.
The Bavarian landscape in the film blends seamlessly with the locations of Alaska, Yellowstone, Monument Valley and the west coast of Ireland as he can summon them from memory.
He's probably one of the most traveled people ever.
Jungle, desert, mountains, Antarctica, all seven continents
However, this is the same journey that many writers and thinkers do without leaving the study: bored through caprock in the cerebral cortex, see what minerals and rare gases are trapped in marble cracks.
"Everything is on him," his mother recalled his eccentric, isolated childhood on the set . ".
"If it comes out, it comes out.
"Credit: Alan Greenberg, as the last coda, switched to the great skelig Island, this is a final vision of the Cowherd rising from the Atlantic Ocean at the westernmost part of Ireland.
In voiceover, he told us that the island once lived in a group of people who were far away from the world around them and still thought the world was flat.
After years of sea gazing, the most daring of them expressed their doubts.
In the end, others joined him.
They set out on a small ship, "poor and meaningless," to see if there was really an abyss.
The last line of the film tells us that the most mysterious thing is because it hangs in the sky without the horizon, "the birds follow them into the vast sea, this seems to be a sign of hope.
Greenberg's contribution to the story is that the inhabitants of the great skerige Island are the 7 th century Benedictine monks who go there to get a better understanding of the revelation, when the Vikings throw them into the sea, their vigil was interrupted.
After helzog attended the last dangerous summit, Greenberg chose this moment to ask his mentor, "What do you think of Ortel's theory when the sea breeze drives his words away, he must repeat the question several times.
It turned out that the director had never heard of it.
"Film is not the art of scholars, it is the art of illiteracy," helzog said in a statement . ".
"Movies come from country markets and circuses, not from art and academics.
Elsewhere, he revealed to his protesters, "only ugly runners like us can create good things.
However, it is still a glass blower and a prophet
Technical staff and visionary
They eventually refused to sleepwalk in the film, although the villagers insisted on their stupidity and the madness of financiers made their disaster inevitable.
Those who pursue their ideals, even in the face of great danger, or reinforced by the desired painkillers, have no choice in the end;
They were clearly cursed.
Comfort those who follow you.
"I 've been hurt since I bought a gimmick called Love," Iggy Pop said in the desire for life, he hid with David Bowie in a studio in the shadow of the Berlin Wall in April 1977, consciously guiding Dr. William balace
In the ticket for the explosion, Benway's full prosecution of all addicts who voluntarily fell in love with the control of wine, drugs, sex strip, including himself, advertising and all the other misleading and carny spiel designed to fascinate us.
"Well, it's like a hypnotized chicken.
"At the core of the Glass penultimate sequence, before the huge Skellig island scene, Hias was thought by his crazy factory owner cellmate to have the Glass heart of the title.
But Herzog is not sure about himself.
"If Hias does have a glass heart, it means he is translucent," he said . ".
"This means that he cannot associate with others in a warm way, because as a prophet, or as a person who looks back on these things, he must keep a certain distance from them.
It made him very lonely.
He has not many relationships.
Hias was released from prison and left the village.
He fixed a cave in the woods, where he fought an invisible bear that only he could see.
When asked in the DVD review what the sequence meant, the director strangely did not have any comments at a time: "I cannot explain it," he concluded.
Provide some local folk wisdom from growing up in a hard land: "You will get a bear some days;
The bear will catch you one day.
Timothy tredewell will tell you this first.
Life is a struggle with a success rate of about 50%.
Leading to zero and bringing more things than you is a very good life.
Werner Herzog may not be able to articulate this principle when he reaches out his claws from his subconscious mind.
But he is a typical child.
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