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West Island mechanics' class to race soapbox in international event - polycarbonate plastic

by:Cailong     2019-07-21
West Island mechanics\' class to race soapbox in international event  -  polycarbonate plastic
The mechanic class at the West Island Career Center was drawn.
Over the past two months, 21 students from the automotive mechanics program at the pieronde vocational school have been building a soap box. On Sept.
6. they will compete with the ticket machine.
They gave it a nickname.
In the Montreal edition of the Red Bull, The Beaver Hall enters Victoria Square. Forty-
There are five teams participating in the Montreal Olympic Games. The first-
The No. 1 team has won $5,000 and the right to brag.
Although a team member may only be 16 years old, the driver must be 18 years old or older.
The participation of the West Island School occurred after an 18-year-old student at the school. year-
Old Joshua Fontaine read the information about the game online and brought the idea to the class.
"What a big motivation this is for students," said Ann Moran, director of the WICC . ".
The enthusiasm of the students made it easy for the school to support the program, including the purchase of 160 wiced machines T-
Shirt on the day of the match.
Moran said she plans to join the team of teachers and students who cheer for the team at WICC. Since mid-
On June, the students worked after class and on weekends at the WICC mechanic shop, first designing and then making the ticket checking machine.
"This is a great way to test our skills," 24-year-
Old James Connolly, captain of the soap box team.
"We have been working until nine in the evening. m.
Said on the 21st, "most nightsyear-
Old Classmate Matt Dunn who will be driving a soap box in the competition.
"We will test it this weekend," Dunn added, but did not reveal the location of the hills of le-lePerrot.
When the wiced machine is straight, it is similar to the old gas station pump
It's a bit ironic that over the past decade, gas stations around the corner have almost disappeared in the island.
But that was the only thing yesterday.
It features a rackand-
Pinion steering, shock absorber, BMX wheels, handbrake, polycarbonate plastic body and 10-gauge and 14-
Steel frame.
West Islanders can express their support by "liking" the wiced machine, they say, "it's more challenging than we thought," admitted Mike Clark, one of the mechanics who oversees out-of-class projects.
The students are very young, and many of them have just graduated from high school, Clark said. The 15-
The monthly auto machinery project was their first contact with the technology industry.
Apprentices only start after they leave the WICC.
It takes 6,000 hours to become a level 1 mechanic.
But in the soap box project
All the challenges-
It's a kind of confidence.
He said that he has accumulated experience for young mechanics at the beginning of budding.
"They have to do everything from scratch.
"This will be the first time that the Red Bull Museum will hold a La course in Montreal.
On 2000, Red Bull held more than 100 speeches in Brussels, including France, Austria, the United Kingdom, Jamaica, Italy and Australia.
She said that the last Canadian edition was held in Vancouver in 2008 and more than 30 000 viewers were welcome.
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