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Westmount to consult council on feasibility study for sound barrier - clear plastic panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-03
Westmount to consult council on feasibility study for sound barrier  -  clear plastic panels
Noise pollution: for Westmount residents living next to Highway 720 and Canada's Pacific train track, this is a constant annoyance that the city wants to absorb unwanted sounds with barriers.
Westmount is expected to advance the barrier plan based on the feasibility study released by Quebec transportation in July 9.
The study looked at setting up a new sound barrier along the highway along the train track between the Hillside driveway and Atwater Ave in the Lower Westmount.
The project is estimated to cost $6.
4 million, located between Westmont and the provincial government's transportation department.
This study shows that a carrier measuring 6 to 7 m on average can significantly reduce the noise level.
But some residents are still uncertain about the project.
At a public forum held on July 15, residents consulted that in some streets, the house was only a few meters away from the wall, especially on Halloween.
Bruce and Columbia. On Prospect St.
All the residences
About 20.
Obstacles will be faced.
According to Theodora Samiotis, a member of parliament in Westmount, houses on the east side of Green Avenue.
Closest to the track, CP is not allowed to build on their land.
"Personally, I don't like 20-
The foot wall across from our house, "said morag Hewlett, who lives in Prospect St.
With her husband for 34 years.
She did not like the proposed design, in fact she did not like the idea of the walls and she wanted to hear about other noise reduction schemes.
Although she agreed that the highways and trains could be very loud, she said that for many years they mostly lived behind the house.
She wondered if it would be better to upgrade the train system in the area before agreeing to set up an obstacle, which would cost her family their vision.
However, many of her neighbors want sound barriers, says Howlett.
Traffic in Quebec is involved in the project because Highway 720 is a provincial highway.
Samiotis said it was a coincidence that obstacles in the area could also prevent noise from trains.
She added that the next step would be to submit resident feedback to the Council.
A meeting is planned for August.
Samiotis said that the decision to set up obstacles will not be based solely on the recent public forum, and asredents will investigate this as well.
As for the type of barrier being considered, nothing is set in stone, says Samiotis, although residents have made it clear that they do not want another transparent barrier.
At 2006, a prototype barrier with transparent plastic plates was built at the end of Abbott Ave.
It is now covered with graffiti and cannot be cleaned on one side of the highway on the wall.
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