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weyerhaeuser to close more plants - corrugated sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-10
weyerhaeuser to close more plants  -  corrugated sheet
More factory closures, details chart New York (Dow Jones)-
Good company.
A series of further factory shutdowns were announced on Friday and said there will be more changes in the future.
Weyerhaeuser shares rose 67 cents to $66 last Friday. 27 .
Federal Way, Wash
Integrated Forest
Plymouth will be closed by a product companyC.
It has been idle for 200 jobs.
Weyerhaeuser will get fourth placequarter pre-
Taxes and fees of $115 to $0. 135 billion. The 48-year-
Weyerhaeuser said Plymouth's old idled container cardboard machine has the ability to produce 350,000 tons of linerboard per year, the smooth outer surface of the box, from recycled fiber.
Corrugated packaging factory in Bedford Heights, Ohio, Elmira Heights, NY. ;
Little rock Ark. ;
And Matthews, N. C.
, Will be closed at the corrugated board feeding plant in Tenn Pulaski.
Waco in Texas and a paper bag factory in Kansas City.
There are three corrugated paper mills in Little Rock, Memphis, and Los Angeles.
A specialty packaging factory in Ohio Valley View will also be sold.
After the close on Thursday, Weyerhaeuser said that it would permanently close two paper machines and take the fourth time-quarter pre-
Taxes and fees of $0. 38 billion to $0. 385 billion.
A machine at the deledon Pulp and Paper Mills, Ontario, Canada will be closed on April 1, and Prince Albert pulp and paper mills in SA, Canada will also be closed and will be closed by the end of the year.
Since the beginning of October, Weyerhaeuser has issued a series of announcements to try to cut capacity, which are up to date.
The cut includes a box-
A sawmill and pulp mill in California, as well as a plywood factory in Homer.
According to the company's statement on Friday, "due to our ongoing strategic review, we expect changes in the future . ".
A good combination-
Panel business is a small part of the company's timber business
The product business produced $0. 122 billion of the company's $5 revenue, just over 2%.
The third 6 billion-quarter sales. (END)
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