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what an inconvenience - black plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-05
what an inconvenience  -  black plastic sheeting
When I watched a TV show about people, I thought, Tomorrow was the day I started storing the old tea box near the back wall of the "man hole" under cobwebs.
At the dinner table that night, my plan was discussed with my family.
"He himself" thought it was a good idea, but warned the red back, the mouse and the snake.
The teenage daughter suggests looking for vintage clothes or accessories that friends think are very fashionable. Pre-
His teenage son, stuffed in homemade fritters with enough tomato sauce, sank a boat and missed the whole conversation.
The appeal of "Street Fighter" computer games is too great, and his mind is full of strategies.
With rubber gloves, masks, claw hammers and garbage bags, I was ready to go to those old boxes that were tired of traveling.
Spider webs make me sneeze beyond control
Thankfully, I covered my mouth in time before the dentures flew out.
This can be an embarrassing event in any case, and it won't be the first time.
After many ups and downs, pushing and pulling-
Only black plastic cloth-
The old tea box was opened.
Each has a wear label marked as fragile
Handle it carefully. FINE CHINA.
My mother never told me what was in the box, but she made me promise to treat them as carefully as my grandmother brought them from Scotland in the second half of the 19 th century.
The boxes went through a hard sea journey and were then transported by block Drey by land to the place where grandma had settled after marrying the German blacksmith.
A terrible consumption brought her life to a very young age and asked grandpa to raise ten children.
In desperation, grandpa put all the grandmother's beautiful China in a tea box and refused anyone to open them while he was alive.
So here I am standing with a hammer in my hand and my mind is filled with many memories of joy and sadness.
After many persuasion, the metal sealing tape has given way.
A large amount of straw is displayed in the first box, wrapped tightly around a delicate Chinese tea set with a silver spoon.
I scratched the straw in the second box and took a step back with a smile.
This is the most precious piece.
Aunt room pot, the most gorgeous is decorated with hand-painted flowers around.
What a blessing it was on a cold night.
Better than the Thunder box 50 yards away.
I didn't see the giant Hunter spider climbing up my legs when I appreciated the jar.
I move quickly when he touches my skin.
I forgot about the pile of black plastic and went on.
Grandma's pot fell empty, hit the ground and hit a hundred pieces. I broke it.
It will no longer put a place of reverence under another bed.
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