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what does a business plan look like? - transparent plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-10
what does a business plan look like?  -  transparent plastic sheet
In addition to guidance on how to write a business plan and its development process, you will need guidance on the physical aspects of your business plan.
Follow these tips on how your plan should actually be presented.
The business plan does not need to distinguish itself by its appearance.
The appearance must be functional and this feature is designed to facilitate the funder to read the plan.
Therefore, simple binding using a transparent plastic cover and a dark opaque backing.
This allows the cover to be seen from the front, but protects the plan from spills, accidental marking, and page bending.
It doesn't add too much weight to the plan like a hardcover binder.
Imagine that you are at home at the weekend reading a dozen of the funders of the plan.
If you are in a hardcover Binder, they may choose to leave it in the office for weight reasons.
The choice of paper selection paper should also be functional and do not distract.
The paper must be strong enough to be processed and flipped over and over by the reader, but not a hard card inventory that is difficult to turn pages.
It should not be glossy, and if the reader thinks it is appropriate, you should leave a normal profit margin for them to write notes on the plan book.
This is a good thing if they mark your plan, as it shows that they are already involved and can at least provide feedback on how to move forward or adjust the plan.
The paper should be white and don't pay attention to its color selection.
In addition, the white paper allows the use of color graphics, logos and charts to better tell the story of the plan.
This is the functional use of colors, not gorgeous or distracting.
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