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what is graphene - food packaging film

by:Cailong     2019-07-18
what is graphene  -  food packaging film
Graphene originated at the University of Manchester laboratory, Professor Andrea gaeme, the Nobel Prize winner.
It is a cellular structure 2D material made of sp2 combined with carbon atoms;
The arrangement of only one atom deep allows electrons to pass through the material while providing surprising strength.
It is said that the strength of the substance is 200 times that of steel, able to resist the equivalent of the force that the elephant has created by sitting on a sharpened pencil.
In other words, it is the deep attachment of an atom.
The movie guarantees that even the most penetrating poison dart can protect your sandwich.
This material has its beginnings in the experiment of a carbon transistor, and when a member of the research team applied a piece of transparent tape to a graphite pencil, the material was found quite poetic.
This technology may be unlucky, as this discovery paves the way for the extraordinary discovery of a new miracle material.
Potential uses of graphene include: transistors-
Graphene's inkjet printing enables researchers to design transistors that are faster and more efficient than standard silicon varieties. Gas Sensors -
Contact with other molecules leads to a slight change in the conductivity of graphene, making graphene an ideal sensor with incredible precision detection capabilities.
Electronic microscope support system-
Graphene is very thin and is actually the best electron microscope material in the world.
This is an atomic depth, which means it can be easily distinguished from the resulting diffraction pattern. Coatings -
The physical properties of graphene make it a potential Monoatomic deep Teflon in the 21 st century.
Sensors for disease diagnosis
The researchers expect graphene, along with DNA and fluorescent molecules, to be used for disease diagnosis.
Other possibilities based on material properties include their application in overproduction
Light aircraft and cars, touch screens, as a replacement for glass, are used in microsurgery.
It's also-
In the food packaging market, the properties of bacteria and a certain degree of brightness and flexibility suggest that it may become a substitute for plastics.
But what is the position?
Make this material the quality of true scientific curiosity. . . Strength -
Graphene is very powerful and one can pick up a whole sheet of graphene without destroying it, which actually means they can hold a whole sheet of foldable flexible film made up of carbon atoms in their hands. No Band Gap -
Graphene absorbs electrons of all frequencies and is an ideal material for efficient photovoltaic solar cells.
Near-ballistic conduction-
Similar to the conductivity at room temperature, electrons can be navigated in materials without resistance.
It also has the highest current density (
Millions of times copper)
The highest internal motivation (
100 times the silicon)
And can carry power more efficiently, faster and precisely than any other material.
Tensile and stiffness
Graphene is harder than diamonds, but can stretch up to 20% of its longitudinal thermal conductivity and permeability
Graphene is known to have the highest thermal conductivity and is the least permeable material on Earth.
It is so pervasive that even a single helium atom cannot pass through it;
This makes it ideal for the production of gas detectors.
Of the 2008, graphene is considered one of the most expensive materials on Earth for about $100,000/M3.
With the development of production technology, the price has also been reduced, which has led to the potential for the use of this material in the industry.
Graphene investment is now considered to be one of the stocks closely watched over the next decade.
At present, since the major companies involved in the development of graphene have not yet been listed on the world stock exchange, investment opportunities are very small.
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