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what is pc hard case and tpu case and silicone case - polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-07-31
what is pc hard case and tpu case and silicone case  -  polycarbonate
With the popularity of digital products, derivatives and accessories have become more and more popular, especially protective covers. many people use protective covers to show their personality and protect their digital products, there are many kinds of shells. what are they? Here we go!
PC: it is a colorless, transparent, non-finalized thermoplastic material.
Unlike the silicone case and the protective case, the PC case is hard, the PC plastic is quite good in toughness, the transparency is quite good, and there is a pure transparent PC hard shell, transparent Black PC hard shell and transparent blue PC hard shell as well as other available hard shells.
Advantages: good transparency, high hardness, falling resistance and light disadvantages: There are three processes in PChard case where scratch resistance is not satisfactory.
Vacuum plating process: plating, then carving some patterns, UV varnish on the PC housing. 2.
PC spraying: spray rubber oil, or transparent red, transparent blue, transparent yellow, etc.
Those who spray a primer and spray rubber paint on a clear pc box and laser engraving pattern are a little better.
PC heat transfer process: Pass the pattern on PC housing and spray UV varnish or soft touch rubber oil.
It is better to spray rubber oil.
The disadvantage is that the surface is not scratch resistant.
TPU is a thermoplastic polyurethane elastic rubber that can soften at a certain temperature and can keep itself unchanged at room temperature.
Most TPU play a key role in supporting shoes.
The toughness and elasticity of the TPU protective case far exceeds that of the traditional silicone case, which is called a translucent matte texture.
The TPU housing belongs to the plastic housing and is molded through the injection molding process, which means that it is made from a plastic injection mold in which the heated and melted plastic particles are inserted by the barrel.
Advantages of the TPU housing: Transparent, color-rich, anti-
It feels good in autumn, easy to catch and hard to wear.
Disadvantages of the TPU shell: Easy to yellow, even sticky hands.
The TPU case is usually more difficult to choose than the silicone case and is flexible and sturdy than the silicone case.
The TPU can be completely transparent.
The TPU housing is the ability to withstand extremely low temperatures, it is still able to maintain good elasticity even at minus 35 degrees, it is free to maintain flexibility and other physical performance, to fully protect the tablet from external shocks.
The silicone case is usually made of rubber, soft and flexible, transparent and transparent, and is often used to protect digital products from accidental falls or wear.
The price is very cheap.
How to make a silicon shell by using vulcanization molding as a molding process, cut and place a piece of silicone raw material in the silicone mold of the upper and lower mold, heat and pressurize, and produce products.
Advantages: good protection and prevention
It feels good in autumn, easy to get on and off, hard to wear and cheap.
Disadvantages: less style, easy to greasy, not suitable for use in summer, easy to deform. How to choose the high quality silicone iPad mini tablet Silicon Shell smell, no pungent smell, even a smell.
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