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what is 'smelly hair syndrome?' - what is pet plastic

by:Cailong     2019-07-29
what is \'smelly hair syndrome?\'  -  what is pet plastic
Everyone has occasional "bad hair days", but for those who unfortunately have "smelly hair syndrome", bad hair days can mean relationship issues, ridicule from colleagues, even expelled from school.
Consider these examples: "I wash my hair and, in the middle of the day, it has a sweat stream sweaty back, sultry smell. . .
I am a second year student in college, never had a boyfriend, never even kissed a man, all because of this stinky demon I have had to face since Grade 8. " --
"I go to work every day because I have no choice but my colleagues
The workers were very cruel to me because they smelled bad smell from my head.
They don't know how hard I have worked to solve this problem. " --
"Beautiful Brain Forum" Sierra 8-year-
The old girl said that because of the smell of her hair, she was taken away from the classroom of a school in siyatu.
She has now missed a whole week of Thurgood Marshall Elementary School. " --
What's going on with kiro TV?
What is "smelly hair syndrome" and will it really be so defaced by society?
After receiving hundreds of questions about this issue, we would love to learn more.
We found that the symptoms of odor are Odor Syndrome, which is manifested in an obvious symptom: a terrible smell from hair and scalp.
According to the people who commented on our blog, the smell features of the smell vary from person to person.
Some people describe it as ". . .
Smelly like a diaper
Others compare the smell to "sour milk, wet dogs, moldy hay, potatoes, old shoes or dirty socks, jackets that have never been to dry cleaners" and a oily smell mixed with vomit
"The most unusual description we have heard is ". . .
Dorito's bold BBQ fries and cinnamon (
Not very sweet, actually a little bad)
And a little bit of cheese.
Finally, an unfortunate reader told us, "My hair stinks and sometimes flies around my head.
"The smell is so strong that it's easy for others to notice it ("I know my co-
I was embarrassed that the workers could smell it. ")
The spouse and other important people also told us that there was a problem with the smell as it could be transferred to towels and pillowcases.
For some, the smell after the shower is obvious;
For others, this started a few days after they washed their hair.
We received comments from people who took a shower before going to bed and woke up with a stinking scalp.
Interestingly, one person pointed out that their hair began to have an odor after washing, which would turn into a different smell after about 12 hours.
In addition to the peculiar smell, oily hair and scalp of some people will also increase.
A woman noticed a "thick, oil, flour-
Like the substance on my scalp.
"The causes and treatment of these secondary symptoms have led us to question whether the underlying cause of the stink syndrome may be dermatitis (seb-o-REE-ik der-muh-TI-tis)
Because it can lead to an increase in oil production and flaky residues of the scalp.
However, according to the Mayo Clinic Web page, the above-mentioned scalp odor is usually not related to dermatitis.
In addition, our readers tell us that in many cases their doctors are not able to determine the exact cause.
A lot of people said their doctor didn't take the issue seriously: "I even went to a dermatologist. Twice!
He has never heard of such a thing, it seems that I don't even believe it, which makes me angry!
Why do these doctors have no clue? !
"I went to see a dermatologist.
It's not helpful!
I got the prescription and so on but nothing worked out.
"Without a satisfactory medical explanation, people can only find a way to treat themselves.
Our readers have tried everything you can think of, including medication shampoos such as nezor, Selsun Blue, Lulu's clear T/Gel, head and shoulders, and Denorex.
They used tea trees. Basic products (
Triple treatment conditioner like Giovanni tea tree)
Because the so-called
Fungal properties of tea tree oil (
Unfortunately, most tea tree oil shampoos actually contain very little oil).
In desperation, some people even tried pet shampoo with medication.
Others have abandoned commercial products such as lemon juice, baking soda, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, aloe vera, nee oil, chlorophyll supplements, and a mixture of honey and cinnamon.
A person even uses two or three hand sanitizers on her scalp every day.
Then is the most complicated treatment we have ever heard of: "I went to this salon where they would rub a liquid on your hair, wrap it up with plastic wrap and steam
Next is what they call "frequency therapy ---
It is a glass stick attached to the machine, and they deliver things like electrical impulses.
"What is the really effective way to treat stinking syndrome?
Of all the solutions proposed by our readers, there are two that seem to provide reasonably consistent results: The Dial antibacterial liquid body wash and sulfur
Contains soap.
From a scientific point of view, these treatments make sense if the cause is bacteria or fungi.
An antibacterial drug (
Like the triclosan used in the dial shower gel)
Sulfur can prevent the growth of bacteria, and sulfur can reduce the oil of the scalp, thus eliminating the "food" required for the growth of bacteria or fungi ".
For those who are not successful in other treatments, the two options may be worth a try.
Of course, you should consult a dermatologist to make sure that your symptoms are not caused by psoriasis or other diseases.
From the comments we have received, it seems that smelly hair syndrome is a real problem that has not been solved for many people.
At present, the medical community has not provided a satisfactory solution according to the opinions of readers.
Based on our understanding of chemistry, hair and scalp biology, wash your hair with sulfur and chlorine
Some relief may be provided based on soap.
We hope that the medical and cosmetic science community can identify a clearer treatment plan.
If you or someone you know has stinking syndrome, please leave a comment and share your experience with our other readers.
If you are a healthcare professional with experience in resolving this issue, please leave a comment and share your suggestions.
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