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what will become of trayvon’s hoodie, the latest piece of iconic trial evidence? - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-20
what will become of trayvon’s hoodie, the latest piece of iconic trial evidence?  -  clear plastic sheets
Screen everything.
Screen weeks of testimony, drama, condemnation and tears.
Sift through noisy reviews for months
The relentless, loud noise.
There is still an image of our consciousness.
Solid, permanent, durable, distilleda takeaway.
At the moment of the hoodie
Martin's hoodie
Appear in the 5D court in Seminole County, Florida
It's like the air is coming out of the door.
There is a feeling of breathless pain.
The prosecutor showed the dark gray jersey Martin wore on the last night of his life, a huge, rectangular, thick three-
Size frame.
The hoodie hangs between transparent plastic pieces and the arms spread over the cross
Shaped cut, completely separated from the bright white of the matting.
It may easily be mistaken for a religious relic, even if it becomes an impressive entry in the large, indelible court relic of O. J. Simpson’s ill-
Wear gloves for Lorena Bobbit's kitchen knife.
The prosecutor awkwardly raised the framed hoodie and shook the jury.
"I get goose bumps at the thought of this," said Michael Skolnick, who sat next to Martin's parents that morning, the day before July 4.
Political Director of Hip-Skolnik
Jumping tycoon Russell Simmons, a member of the board of directors of the Trayvon Martin Foundation, feels as if he is in something as important and iconic as Babe Ruth's bat or declaration of independence.
"It's like a mysterious costume," he said . "
By then, the hoodie was not so much an exhibition in a murder trial as an idea, a cultural symbol in an international dialogue about race.
So since the jury acquitted George Zimmerman on the evening of July 13, the question has not been answered
He neighbors guard and want to be a police officer, charges of murder and manslaughter of Martin's death: What will the hoodie look like?
The court artifacts that our country is obsessed with, the most itchy or substantive crime we have --and-
Judicial referee?
Will it be part of the museum?
A terrible auction?
The object of personal sorrow?
Angry totem?
Flag of healing?
Or will it disappear forever?
There may be some discomfort in our relationship with these criminal knowledge.
We want them, don't we?
But they upset us.
Lock them up or lock them up?
Flash or hide?
Research or development?
Websites for sale
Killer souvenirs and some unpleasant smells.
The museum must check their intentions.
Is it hype or education?
Smithsonian missed the chance to show off the suit. J.
The clothes Simpson wore on the day he was acquitted;
The news museum turned its attention to the news report, not the man.
Newseum also shows the little Montana lodge in Unabomber, which has been taken apart and reassembled.
The exhibition is very popular, but at least one observer complains: people who are not liked are themselves.
The Law Enforcement Memorial Fund has stored a complete case record at a storage facility in the Washington area.
Thousands of evidence
Investigation and trial of Washington area sniper Lee Boyd Marvo and John Allen Mohammed.
The museum, which the fund plans to open in 2015, will include Jungle Master rifles and Chevrolet Caprice, who are used in the killing spree that terrorizes the area.
Vanya Scott, the museum's registrar, said the idea was to inform the public and researchers about the police's methods of investigation.
John Wayne Bobbit tried to sell 12-inch, red-
His wife, Lorena, cut off some of his penis with a kitchen knife in 1993.
A judge in Prince William County will not let his wife have it after he was acquitted in 1994.
Her lawyer, Blair Howard, said in an interview that Lorina Bobbit had never asked for it.
He said: "I think the last thing she wants to get back is the knife, and she will want to put it behind her.
Howard doesn't know what's going on with this knife, so it seems logical to ask the court.
It turns out that Lorena Bobbit's weapons do not have the afterlife of the museum.
A court spokesman said the knife was ordered to be destroyed on July 2004 and was likely burned.
What about O's gloves? J.
Simpson struggled to reach his front in his 1995 murder trial-
Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman?
Does its low profile presence provide clues to the future of the Martin hoodie?
Gloves are the subject of the famous lines of defense lawyer Johnnie currran: "You must be acquitted if it is not appropriate.
"Now, it lives in a plastic proof bag in the vault of" a secret location "in Los Angeles County, said a spokesman for the county district attorney's office.
The office only knew that gloves were publicly displayed once: at The Palm Resort Casino in Las Vegas during the 2010 California Association of homicide investigators meeting.
Attracted a group of people.
Trevon Martin's hoodie has been on the road since the verdict, shuffling from one place to another, its ultimate destination.
The prosecutor got it first.
But they quickly handed it over to the Sanford police station, a troubled law enforcement agency that was severely criticized for initially deciding not to sue Zimmerman.
The protesters, dressed in a hoodie at a mass rally, were asked to dump the garbage and shame the Sanford police;
Now, the police have remastered the symbolic core of the case.
There, in a safe room, the officials dismantled the elaborate frame.
A police spokesman said the hoodie was folded and repackaged in the evidence bag.
Its weapons no longer unfold.
Then it started moving again. this time it was going to the United States. S.
Justice Department.
Last week, the Sandford police packed boxes of evidence and sent them to the Justice Department office in Orlando.
With a bag of beer, Skittles and Arizona fruit drinks in the box, Martin's family pointed out so sharply that two things were the only things he carried on that rainy night in February 2012, zimmerman found him walking in a modest closed community in Sandford.
The Justice Department ordered evidence to be retained in the conduct of a civil rights investigation, and current and former judicial officials said the investigation had little chance of causing the allegations.
There may be other journeys to the hoodie, a state of being wrapped in plastic.
For example, it can be used in civil proceedings.
But at some point the legal action will end and the Jersey will go back to the Sanford police station.
Martin's family will have a chance to collect it.
All kinds of evidence were not collected.
A spokesman for the Sanford police, James macaulleaf, said the police will auction expensive items such as cars and high-end bicycles.
What no one claims to be destroyed is worthless;
There is no room for everything.
Mclev expects this to not happen to the hoodie on the cover of the magazine.
"I don't see anyone not answering the phone," he said . ".
So at some uncertain moment in the future --
It's probably years.
Martin's parents will have a choice.
They will certainly get a lot of advice.
"I hope it will be preserved," said the priest.
On his way to the White House to hold a meeting with President Obama on voting rights, Al Sharpton announced the news to his mobile phone.
Sharpton may be more responsible than anyone else for the trial of Martin's murder.
He organized a huge rally in Sandford, putting so much pressure on Florida officials that the governor finally appointed a special prosecutor to handle the case.
Sharpton is imagining what it would be like if we could see the clothes worn by 14-year-old emit Tilleyear-
He became a civil rights icon because he was killed in 1950 after Mississippi was accused of flirting with a white woman.
Martin is Emmet Tille of this generation, says Sharpton.
He said the unarmed teenager was killed by a bullet that first pierced his hoodie and then pierced his heart, the first civil rights flash in the 21 st century.
His hoodie is at the heart of the difference, says Sharpton, a dress used to describe Martin as a criminal.
"The hoodie now represents the image of street children in a city who either embrace or participate in the life of street mobs," he said . ".
"I don't think it's fair.
Sharpton says he and others are looking for a new definition.
Sharpton hopes that one day the hoodie will be on display at the National Museum of African-American history and culture under construction at the mall and is expected to open in 2015.
Lonnie Bunch, the curator of the museum, has collected other works with legal themes.
He obtained a guard tower from the notorious Angolan state prison in the state of Luis Anna, handcuffed to bind famous African-American scholars and Harvard University professor Henry Louis Gates.
The episode sparked a national debate on race and led to the "beer summit" that Obama aims to cool his passion ".
Bunch says Martin's hoodie represents a unique opportunity to further discuss race issues in the United States. (
By the way, once a legal case has occurred, he is happy to collect it.
He also looked at the hoodie worn by Marianne Wright Edelman, founder of the Children's Defense Fund, in solidarity with the protesters. )
"It became a symbolic way to talk about the Trevon Martin case.
"You rarely get an artifact that really becomes a symbol," Bunch said . ".
"Because it is such a symbol, it allows you to talk about race in the Obama era.
He mused that curators could "ask bigger questions ".
"Are we in the rear? racial age?
Bunch asked, dreaming about how a hoodie can help shape people's perception.
Then he answered the question: "The trial said, no.
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