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wheels of change - pet manufacturing process

by:Cailong     2019-08-25
wheels of change  -  pet manufacturing process
Kota Kinabalu: S Manikandan, Bharathiar University of MBA students at BBM student liberal arts college in Paris Saint Germain, is hooked on other wheels.
He grew up in coimbato, a city that has trained talent in the automotive industry, which has also inspired his enthusiasm.
"It's hard not to be a car --
Mobile enthusiasts when you come from here.
We grew up looking at people like Naran katikyan and sandalam karivaldan.
"The car failure will eventually catch you," Manikandan said . ".
Although he has been working in the jute manufacturing industry for 16 years, Manikandan has attracted media attention for inventing the energy-saving and environmental-friendly electric bicycle Spero.
Circulation has been manufactured to ensure safety and comfort.
Manikandan said the product has gone through different stages of the manufacturing process.
"Engine by Li-
Ion batteries that work under all conditions, whether hot or wet.
It took them 9 to 12 months to come up with the first prototype.
The car uses digital gear and disc brakes to provide a smooth driving experience for riders.
The battery is not only used to store power, but also to increase the regeneration of vehicle mileage.
"We have determined that the kinetic energy is renewed.
Channel the battery and let it charge itself while braking.
Even if you are riding a bike, energy will be generated.
"Manikandan believes that the need today is to protect the environment and that Spero will not emit any tail gas.
As more and more young people use cycling as a way of fitness and alternative transportation to escape traffic congestion in our metropolis, Spero should check all the boxes.
"The cycle looks smooth and the place where the engine is located has a delicate front and a heavy rear.
"A shock absorber has been fixed in front.
We also have disc brakes set up so that even if you ride your bike at high speed, your brakes are comfortable and not sudden.
Milltex engineers at Manikandan's company have already produced these electronic products
Bike through the crowd-
The financing platform called fueladream. com.
They were connected to Bengaluru-
Build teams through common friends.
Manikandan said the head was very excited to hear from Spero. After photo-
Shooting and commissioning, spoolo was out of the crowd --
A funding platform for people to provide feedback.
This is the best part of the process, says Manikandan.
"We were asked a lot of questions.
We have the opportunity to interact with our customers and dispel their doubts.
"In a short period of time, the cycle rate soared from Rs. 29,900 to Rs. 47,800.
Currently only funders in the platform can use it.
They plan to release in the general market this year.
The reaction is amazing.
People came up to contribute Rs.
100 as a symbolic gesture because they are very excited about the idea.
"The best feedback came from an old farmer who called me and said his son gave it to him.
He said his son would never buy it unless he liked it.
"The vehicle is the elderly --
Friendly as it allows you to adjust the speed according to your stamina.
And the interaction of the system is very strong.
"We plan to set up support centers in eight to twelve cities across the country in the next six months.
Otherwise, the customer can call us.
We have 24/7 seats.
Manikandan believes in a business model that promotes communication between customers and manufacturers.
"We also want to organize annual meetings to sort out ideas for innovative products like Spero.
I was inspired by the Apple conference in the United States. S. A.
It could be a simple idea like a bell, a helmet or a bag.
We want to know what people want.
"He is pleased that he is part of the government's larger plan to ensure 100 of the country's electricity liquidity by 2030.
"And we are achieving that for the Indian people.
This cycle brings something back to our innocence.
Almost all of us have at least one three.
We rode bicycles when we were young.
We saw the joy on the faces of those who took part in our trial run.
Obviously, they returned to their childhood.
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