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whistler awaits wicked weather - clear roofing material

by:Cailong     2019-08-12
whistler awaits wicked weather  -  clear roofing material
Southwestern B. C.
Residents are advised to postpone travel plans and consider working from home as a storm is expected to hit the night from Wednesday to Thursday.
"I want to send to all British columnians, especially in the Lower Mainland," Transport Minister Todd Stone told reporters in Kamloops . ".
"We do expect a very important weather event that will cause heavy snowfall.
"It is predicted that there is as much as 90 cm of snow between hope and Vancouver.
"I hope people in the Lower Mainland will take this opportunity to consider alternative modes of transport or work from home the next day or so to get the system through, Stone said.
He advised drivers to make sure their vehicle was equipped with snow tires with a minimum tread depth of 3. 5 millimetres.
"With the right tyres, there are plans to let people know where you are going, and in the next few days, especially in the Lower Mainland, only driving on the road, only when necessary, "Stone said.
Number of calls from insurance company B last FridayC.
He said it was twice as usual.
"This is because we have been hit in such a severe winter, especially in the mainland.
"The latest storm threat comes from the Pacific warm front, where warm and wet air flows spread over the surface of cold air in the Arctic.
Snow blowing is expected to reduce visibility nearby
Zero in some areas.
In the south of squomish, there was a risk of freezing rain on Wednesday night.
From squomish to Whistler, snow storms are expected to reach 60 cm at night and Thursday.
In Vancouver, city workers are preparing for snowfall late Wednesday, followed by warmer temperatures and rain later this week.
The crew are ready to use salt and plough artery routes when needed.
The city warned that snow on streets and sidewalks could freeze on Wednesday night.
As temperatures rise, the staff shift their attention to the salt and sand streets that are most affected by the compacted snow.
A city statement says a heavy snow
The clearance team has been working 24/7 kilometers since February. 1.
In addition, the Oppenheimer Park has a homeless Heating Center, a heating tent, a community center in the West End and a hall of 1739 Venables.
What doesn't often appear on the lower continents is a threat from too much snow on the roof.
The National Research Council recommends focusing on residents with snow on the roof to look for and listen to signs of stress.
"These signs may include unusual sounds from the roof or supporting walls, visible movement of the walls or sagging ceilings, dry walls or plaster cracking," the council said on its website . ".
Other signs may include blocked or leaking doors after heavy snow.
A roof with a lower slope or a roof covered by rough roof material tends to pile up more snow than a roof finish with a larger or smooth slope.
The committee recommends that homeowners look for qualified snow removal contractors and not clean up the snow themselves. —
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