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why america's recycling industry is in the dumps - plastic film manufacturers

by:Cailong     2019-07-08
why america\'s recycling industry is in the dumps  -  plastic film manufacturers
The recycling industry in the United States is in trouble.
The collapse of the global market for recyclable goods has forced communities to make tough choices about whether they have the ability to continue recycling, or simply send all these bottles, cans and plastic containers to landfill sites.
The sorting center piled up a mountain of paper, which was worthless.
Cities and towns that used to make money on recyclable goods paid high fees to processing plants instead.
Some of the financially strapped recycling processors have been completely shut down and municipalities have no choice but to dump or burn their recyclable items.
The shooting of protesters at the Virginia Beach at the mother of Connecticut interrupted Harris "without a market.
We pay to get rid of it, "said Ben Harvey, president of EL Harvey & Sons, whose sorting facility in Westborough, Massachusetts handles recyclable items from around 30 communities. "Seventy-
5% of what we have in our factory is now worthless to negative numbers.
"It all stems from a policy shift in China, which has long been the world's leading buyer of recyclable products.
At the beginning of the year, it issued an-
The pollution plan closes the gates of a large amount of waste paper, metal or plastic, unless they are 99 years old. 5 percent pure.
This is a standard that the United States cannot meet. S. single-
Flow recycling processing plants designed to produce paper or plastic in bags, which are at best only 97% free of contaminants such as foam cups and food waste.
The resulting surplus of recyclable goods has caused prices to plummet from levels already depressed by other economic forces, including falling oil prices, which are a key ingredient in plastics.
The regional waste disposal facility in Monterey, California, requires residents to stop processing plastic bags because they can no longer recycle them.
"The market is still there for most materials.
But plastic film, we basically can't find its market.
Plastic bags, bread bags, paper bags and the like, "said Jeff lindantal, director of sustainable development and communication at the waste management area in the Monterey region.
He added, "the opening of our country --of the-
As the global recycling market collapsed, the $24 million art parade facility collapsed.
"Revenue from the three largest publicly traded residential waste has fallen sharply
Transportation and recycling companies in North America
Waste Management, Republic Services and waste connectivity-
Their second recycling revenue is reported to have fallen sharply
Quarterly financial results. Houston-
According to the waste management report, the average price of recyclable items fell by 43% from the previous year.
"A year ago, a bundle of mixed paper was worth about $100 per ton;
Today, we have to pay about $15 to get rid of it, "said Richard Coupland, vice president of municipal sales in Phoenix.
Headquartered in the Republic, 75 million tons of urban solid waste and 8 million tons of recyclable items are processed annually throughout the country.
"Smaller recycling companies cannot continue to operate and are closing down.
Kirkwood, Missouri, announced this summer that it plans to stay in St. Louis-
Close area handling facilities.
Officials in Rockhill, South Carolina, were surprised to learn that recyclable items collected on the roadside were dumped due to a lack of market.
Officials in guldsboro, Maine, suspended recycling projects due to lack of market;
DEBARY, Florida;
Franklin, New Hampshire;
And Adrian, Michigan.
The Flagstaff project in Arizona has been reduced;
La Cross, Wisconsin;
And the cankaki in Illinois.
Other communities are maintaining recycling plans, but are hit by the economy as regional processors raise interest rates to offset losses.
Richland, Washington, now pays $122 a tonne for waste management to recycle waste;
Last year, the price of raw materials in the city was $16 per ton.
Last year, income from recyclable items in Stamford, Connecticut was $95,000;
The city's new contract required it to pay $700,000.
In addition to the overall decline in commodity prices, a large part of the problem is Sloppy recycling.
In the early stages of recycling, people had to wash bottles and cans and classify paper, plastic, glass and metal into separate bins.
Single now-
Stream Recycling, allowing all recyclable items to be thrown into a bin. While single-
Stream improves efficiency and customers like it, which is a challenge in terms of pollution.
Visit the facilities of the Birken Republic, about an hour's drive north of New York City, and see the challenges clearly.
The third material to collect truck dumping is right
Recyclable "contaminants" such as garden hoses, picnic coolers and broken lawn mowers ".
The worker had to take it out and the truck was shipped to the landfill, increasing the overall cost.
Plastic bags pollute bags and winding machinery of other materials.
Overflowing ketchup and greasy pizza boxes turn materials that could have been sold into rubbish.
"The death of recycling is completely avoidable and very easy to solve," said Mitch Hedlund, executive director of recycling in the United States, which advocates standardized labeling on recycling bins, so that people can understand what is going in and what is not going in.
In order for people to recycle correctly, a series of initiatives have been launched.
Chicago is putting the "oops" label on the recycling bin on the side of the road, with incorrect content on the label and no collection.
Rhode Island is playing the ad "Let's recycle it right.
While some recyclable items have moved to other Asian markets since China's closure, the US market has also shown signs of improvementS.
To offset the loss of business, David bidman, CEO and executive director of the solid waste Society of North America, said.
He pointed out that Chinese paper companies that rely on recycled goods imported to China have recently purchased discontinued factories in Kentucky, Maine and Wisconsin.
At the same time, recyclables processors are re-working
Negotiating contracts with municipalities to reflect prices paid for recyclable items no longer offset the cost of collecting and classifying them.
"What we advocate is to step back and re-
"Look at recycling," Copland of the Republic said . ".
"This is the new normal.
This model no longer provides funds for itself.
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