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why do the lenses become yellow or foggy - polycarbonate plastic price

by:Cailong     2019-08-21
why do the lenses become yellow or foggy  -  polycarbonate plastic price
Why are these plastic headlight lenses still used by car manufacturers?
The reason is that the price of plastic is lower.
Why does the lens turn yellow or foggy?
Plastic headlights are produced with polycarbonate plastic for Its tensile durability, but it is a very porous plastic, so the manufacturer provides a protective film for the headlights lens.
Strong sunlight, humidity and heat are combined with the heat of the halogen lamp, which basically causes the protective film to fall off
Laminate material to expose the lens to elements.
Over time, the lens will form a cloudy, discolored and hazy look, which will minimize the ability of the headlights to work at night and in adverse weather conditions.
Who would want their family to sit in the car with this unsafe question?
Maybe you haven't observed it yet, but you drive a non
A light in the sun or yellow.
Not only does it look unpopular, but it has a very adverse effect on night driving by significantly reducing visibility.
These days, this headlight failure becomes very bad, mainly because the car manufacturer continues to produce the car with plastic headlight lens, which can cause the headlights to be cloudy and foggy without proper care and repair.
Many new cars have been driving on the street for two years and have not actually extinguished the light they should have extinguished so that they can drive legally.
This is a big spread problem that affects almost all vehicles.
The good news is that there is a way to fix this and it won't replace the headlight lens with a very expensive new type.
You can now invest in a headlight repair kit that will restore clarity, optics, and lighting metering quality to ugly, cloudy and hazy plastic headlights no matter how much problem the headlights have.
These headlight repair kits are not headlight cleaners.
What a very good headlight repair system will do is clear the damaged plastic and then re-surface the lens to the new-
Just like the appearance reconstruction sharpness, the optical quality of luminosity lighting and long lenseslasting film.
The process of repairing your headlights is now very simple and can be done without any power tools.
You can also restore your headlights in less than half an hour.
If you drive around with a foggy headlights on, or observe situations that are hard to see at night, you can easily do something about it.
If you don't believe you can do this yourself, take your car to a car technician who will fix your headlights and fix them there.
The headlights in the best working condition is a very important part of safe driving.
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