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why is chocolate rarely wrapped in foil and paper these days? - metalized plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-14
why is chocolate rarely wrapped in foil and paper these days?  -  metalized plastic film
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Answered by Sockmaker's Rick Levine.
Expired chocolate.
For some reason, for some obvious reason, for some less obvious reason, it is definitely a matter of money.
The choice to produce packaged chocolate bars is either two
Pack in horizontal flow with some combination of foil and paper, or with a sealed "plastic" envelope --
Packaging machine.
Basically, foil or plastic is necessary in order to prevent the greasy cocoa butter from migrating from the inside of the package to the outside. Two-piece foil-and-
Paper combination used on kit
We had several styles of Kat bar when we were young.
There is foil inside, usually a thin layer of aluminum foil wax-
Mounted on 15 paper towels, or a complete sheet covering with neat little hospital corner folds at the end (
A "envelope" package)
Or a package covered with laminated foil, but the foiled end is clearly stretched out with a paper tape in the middle of the bar. (A "band" wrap. )
The aluminum foil is laminated with wax on the paper substrate to make it easier to handle and to reduce the amount and cost of metal required to produce a solid package that does not go through the process of packing the bar.
Another change you'll see is the envelope-covered bar --
Folding foil laminate packaged in a single cardboard box.
All of these folding foil variants are down
They have no steam side. tight seals (
At least as steam
Proof of packaging materials)
Nor did they prove against squigly-
May enter the Wikipedia of the package. Vapor-
Tightness is a problem for oxidized or dry chocolate products, and the physical barrier is good for chocolate containing nuts, because there are some bugs that may wander around the package and eat nuts. (
Or, more likely, when nuts containing nuts are put into chocolate, they are packed into a stick (
Of course not careful! )
Then they will eat it out of a package and then a dozen more. )
The chocolate industry has proposed
Laminated sealed foil for inner packaging to help ease both issues you will find the bar with glue
Sealed foil inner packaging.
All of these packaging styles are performed by machines specifically designed for this purpose, and the Machine design has not changed much in the last 40 years50 years.
This is a photo of the Swiss sig cl single.
This is the stage packaging produced in 1963. (
This is the packaging machine I bought and the photo was taken when AMP/Rose was cleaned up in Lincoln County, UK. )
Most of these machines are mechanical and reluctant to use electronic control systems, and they are quite picky about the maintenance they need.
The paper required for these machines must be very thin (
60 C1S book with calipers.
Near 0030)
The machine is sensitive to changes in packaging humidity, ink coverage and thickness.
In addition, most of the machine is wrapped at a speed of 100-
200 bar/minute range depending on the size of the bar.
Pack a lot of kits-Kat bars (
What have these machines done in the past days?
You need a large number of packaging machines and operators to replace foil and paper rolls.
The following is a video of a smaller sig ck machine wrapper provided by Bronx United Machinery :(
Chocolate bars are entering or walking-
Feed from the beam or belt on the left, from the yellow label on the lower front, foil feed from the roller under each label, just before it is dragged to the back of the machine to cover the bar. )
While the foil in the inner package is nominally recyclable, you must separate it from the outside of the paper.
If you're using wax foil
Laminated on paper towels, recycling is too complicated for most of us.
Most organizations put "green" venues together and don't want tin paper --
Wrap chocolate with waste logistics.
Chocolate, chocolate-
Kats, Snickers and peanut butter cups, almost all manufacturers have turned to horizontal flowwrapping.
Here is a video of AMP/Rose, a machine that can hold a bar of 800 packs/minute size: you will find, the chocolate manufacturer with elegant style, or the desire for luxury and the smaller production volume will tend to use foil/paper packaging combinations instead of mobile packaging
Packaging, because for some buyers, paper packaging has a more luxurious connotation.
If the manufacturer goes through the process-
Packing route of Up-
Scale bar, they often try to use more upscale plastic films, possibly heavier structures, or structures with fine printing effects such as flushing and metal ink.
There are also some manufacturers, Alfred Ritt and their Ritt-
Thinking of sports bars, they try to create the flow
The packaging feels better and solves the problem of reusable use for most of the flow
Ignore the package.
Is the chocolate bar packed enough?
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