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why your cat isn’t eating much in the hot weather - buy pet film

by:Cailong     2019-06-30
why your cat isn’t eating much in the hot weather  -  buy pet film
If you're worried that your cat doesn't eat that much in hot weather-No.
Unless they show signs of physical discomfort, there is really nothing to panic about.
It turns out that most cats tend to eat less in the summer, especially when the weather is hot.
This is because cats don't need as much energy as they do in the summer months-when they need to spend energy in the cold months to keep warm.
Claire Hamilton, a practice owner and chief veterinarian of Cherry Tree veterinary practice at the end of Lane, gham county, said in a heat wave like we are going through, you can expect not to see as many cats as you do. She told Metroco.
UK: "It's obviously very warm outside, so cats don't need to burn as many calories as they do in winter-they need calories to keep warm when the weather is cold.
"It is normal for cats to stay outside for a long time in the summer as they try to find a cool place to lie in the shade, go out hunting a lot-so you may find that your cat does not come to eat as often as you normally do.
"Cats are very independent-you can't force your cats to eat and they will eat if they want.
"You can try to put something really delicious in front of them, but if it's not enough to seduce them and you care about their appetite, I 'd suggest taking them to the vet to weigh.
Claire said there was no need to worry as long as they showed no other sign of being incorrect.
If they are unusually quiet and want to stay alone, vomit, or have diarrhea after a meal, then you should go to the doctor immediately.
What you need to pay attention to in this hot weather is the temperature of your cat.
Claire said: "One way is to feel the top of the ear and if they are hot with you compared to normal, then your cat may have some form of temperature or fever.
"What many cat owners don't know is that skin cancer is common in cats with white ears due to exposure to the sun.
You can buy pets.
Friendly sunscreen to avoid this and protect your cat's ears and skin.
"My advice is that if you are worried about the health of your cat at any time, you should trust your intuition and take them to your local vet for examination.
You know your pet better than anyone else.
While your cat may not eat much, there are a few things you can do to make their eating experience a little better for them.
If you give them dry food, it is very important to store them in a cool and dry place.
To keep it fresh, use the bag as soon as possible-your cat is more likely to reject it if it's old.
Due to the water used in it, feeding wet food may have a very good hydration effect on cats-which is very good for hot cats.
In the end, you can continue feeding your cat.
If they eat, they eat, and they don't eat if they don't.
Worry only when they show any other signs of illness or lethargy.
It's nice that your cats have a chance to play outside and chase birds and bees-before you know it's going to be winter and they will devour everything in front of them.
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