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winter doldrums? pamper them away - mylar sheet price

by:Cailong     2019-07-27
winter doldrums? pamper them away  -  mylar sheet price
By Anita Mui GATESFEB.
2012 some of us will not go to the Caribbean this winter.
I'm sure the last time I saw me was my white sand beach.
The day spa industry will tell you that by spending the day you can still escape the city, its noise, its dirt and gray, gray wintereven a half-day —
Loved, comforted and warm.
This is the real meaning of the city spa.
It doesn't matter, your face and body can become silky, soft and detox.
The only problem is that many of us are poorer than before and the spa price is not generously reduced considering our situation.
I tried hot springs in Manhattan for three days.
A budget price, a high price (
But still much less than island holidays)
There's one in the middle.
See how much comfort I can get for my scarce coins.
This is the case.
JADE beauty and health SPA2573 Broadway located between 96 and 97 streets; (212)362-
5763, jadebeautyspanyc. com.
Spa package: $155.
Advertisement, my neighbor's nail salon, may not look like running away.
This is a narrow storefront located on the busy Upper West Side Avenue, next to the Walgreens family.
But from the stairs opposite the manicure table, it is a compact treatment room with soft music on the background.
I chose the most expensive package on the sandwich board outside: face package, one-
$155 per hour for massages, manicures and pedicures.
To make the visit a little longer, I added a body scrub ($98).
There is no fluffy bathrobe, no comfortable waiting room with insufficient light and your favorite magazine.
But it doesn't matter at all once you're in the treatment room.
Granted, just as this beautiful facial lady gave me a very satisfying scalp massage, a siren roared past Broadway.
But my reverie only stayed for a second.
Aside from most massage-based services, my favorite thing is to lay hot towels and after a few minutes it feels as good as the sunshine in the Bahamas.
Spa gourmet lunch is not included so I bought half before I treatA dozen chocolates.
Dipped in strawberries ($15)
Edible Arrangements from next door.
Maybe not particularly good.
The diet is balanced, but the calories are low, healthy and reasonable, and pleasant.
When I read a book, I like to fix my feet very much.
However, I may skip scrubbing next time;
There are no large shower facilities in Jade.
Instead, I will have a longer, more luxurious version of basic services like collagen face ($110)
, Paraffin nail ($22)
Or pedicure ($55).
About four hours after I arrived, I showed up slack-
In the absence of make-up, you can see the quiet and light-colored person in public.
ESPA700 Peninsula Spa on Fifth Avenue, 55 th Street; (212)956-2888, (800)262-9467, Peninsula. com.
Escape City package: $920. “Do you work? ” the well-
The well-dressed woman asked me in the dressing room. (
We 've been talking about if 60-
The minute massage is enough, when 90-
A minute. )I said yes.
She shrugged her shoulders and said, "Oh, then you're nervous.
After that, she shared some positive thoughts about Mitt Romney. (
It was my fault to mention the Book of Mormon. ”)
Located on the 21st and 22nd floors of the peninsula Midtown, the spa is widely regarded as the day spa in New York.
The reception area was formal but the welcome was so warm that I almost checked my email
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Of course, Anna Wintour may not get lost again and again as I did.
In my opinion, the spa covers an area of 35,000 square feet.
I chose the most luxurious package: 90-
90-minute body package
90 minute massage
Minutes of face and lunch.
Easy access to the gym and indoor pool (
Very pleasant)
Stay here for seven or eight hours.
I stayed in the steam room for 10 minutes but I could also have a sauna.
Hair of the hotel-and-
Nail salon is separate.
No matter how good the other services are, the packaging is a very special enjoyment.
I went with algae to detoxify.
All of this Pino Grijo adds up, and if every TV screen in my apartment is covered with a black grieme film, I think I must be the same.
The only downside is getting up on the smooth mai la sheets where you are cocooned.
Not necessarily something you want to do naked in front of strangers.
Everything at the Peninsula is for luxury and comfort.
Fluffy white towels and Terry-
Cloth robes and water bottles are everywhere, so fresh, clean and fresh that you think you might as well.
You can choose music (New Age, zen-
Meditation and classical)
Enter your treatment room through a pipe;
I insist on classical music.
The table you lie on is heated and can be adjusted in many different ways.
There is a private shower in the guest room.
There are many shower facilities, each with its own private dressing room.
There is, of course, an additional area with hair dryer, bright cosmetic mirror and toiletries.
Lunch, spa lunch box, main course (
I had grilled chicken breast with green lentils and asparagus.
A poolside restaurant overlooking Fifth Avenue is available.
I was surprised that the water was in plastic bottles instead of Baccarat in baccarat.
Great Jones Street, 29 Great Jones Street, between Lafayette Street and Bowery, East Village; (212)505-3185, gjspa. com.
Bliss package: $540 (
15% tip included).
I was attracted to the Great Jones by the indoor waterfall.
Even if you don't want to spend hundreds of pounds on a full-service spa package, you can still enjoy this part.
Spend $50 for three hours at a lower spa
Level water lounge with spacious sauna, steam room and large hot tub.
Or you can sit in the beach chair and read and listen to the soothing sounds of the rushing water.
The lights of the day can make you feel a little bit of clothing.
But the outside world
A rather dirty street in the city center, two blocks south of the Public Theater
It seems very far.
I use a 90-
90-minute hot stone massage
I arrived an hour early and had a relaxing time in the water lounge.
Great Jones at six different levels, in a more casual, half
More industrialized than the peninsula.
There are dressing rooms, shower and make-up areas but not that luxurious.
Wherever you are, there is a water tank or cooler with lemon slices floating in it and a pile of glassware to keep the customer hydrated between services.
What I was most worried about was that the day before I had a spa service elsewhere and I might be silky and suspicious.
Sure enough, when the interviewer analyzed my skin, she found no enlarged pores, and almost no blackheads, but she said nothing if she suspected that I was a research writer.
Lunch is not included in the package, but the menu in the water treatment area-
The hotel's floor restaurant, Great Jones spa juice bar and cafe, so I ordered a fruit. and-nut salad.
This seems to be the most delicious thing I 've ever had, but it may have something to do with 3: 45m.
Leaving after these three days of spa, I did find the rest ridiculous and comfortable.
Hot stone massage, seaweed wrap and chocolate-
Dipping strawberries is equivalent to my holiday memories.
I will work hard in the next few days.
Under my normal pressure, I was even pressed down to locate signs of muscle tension --riddled body.
It's nothing to pretend that I'm going home after an island vacation without having to endure the inevitable tragic return home.
While it is likely that such a thing will sadly not be my weekly or even monthly routine, it is nice to know that what is hidden behind certain walls is the delicious escape that is waiting.
A version of this article was printed on the New York version of the C30 page on February 17, 2012, with the title: The downturn in winter?
Drive them away.
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