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winter storm: schools shut, highways closed and more weather warnings - clear roofing material

by:Cailong     2019-08-12
winter storm: schools shut, highways closed and more weather warnings  -  clear roofing material
If there is a better reason to throw your hand in the air and stay at home, that's it.
The heavy rain hit B. C.
On Thursday morning, South Korea's southern coast followed by icy, slippery roads and local flooding.
The Manne Harbour Bridge was temporarily closed on Thursday morning for staff to clear the icing and the highway to B. C.
Internal closure.
Thousands of B. C.
No electricity for hydro customers.
Some universities and schools in Vancouver Metro and Fraser Valley are still closed.
All of this happened after Wednesday afternoon's snowstorm, which turned into freezing rain overnight in some areas.
Environment Canada issued a weather alert on Thursday saying freezing rain will turn into rain in a day as temperatures rise above freezing.
Rainfall is expected to reach 50mm.
"Surfaces such as highways, roads, sidewalks and parking lots may become frozen and slippery," The weather bureau said . ". “Ice build-
Up may lead to broken branches.
Consider postponing non
Must travel before conditions improve.
Environment Canada also issued a rain warning to Vancouver warning that heavy rain could cause local flooding.
Due to multiple accidents, Coquihalla was closed between Hope and Merritt and then reopened at about 4 p. m.
The No. 3 highway between hope and Princeton was also closed because of avalanche danger, and the No. 1 highway from Yale to Jack's mountain was also closed.
This means that the Lower Mainland is now largely isolated from the mainland.
Check and update.
The weather keeps many people at home or changes their travel plans.
NDP Leader John Hogan, who was unable to attend due to conditions, plans to have a live interview with the Vancouver Sun and the province on Facebook. "Yesterday 45-
Driving a few minutes from the airport turned into two and a half hours, which meant that when my press secretary was sliding on the road, I had to attend a press conference from my Prius, "Hogan
"I got up at 4: 30 today. m.
In a Facebook Live interview with the First Nations Summit and the Vancouver Sun, he went to the mainland to give a speech.
We flew all the way to Vancouver and were turned around and sent back to Victoria.
We're still grounded!
"As staff struggled to cope with the weather, some schools in the area were still closed.
Announced the closure of all schools including daycare.
However, "employees designated as winter service personnel are expected to report to work.
It is reported that all schools are closed due to the ice sheet.
All schools are closed because of unsafe conditions.
Closed, including all day care in the district.
Schools have been closed due to unstable conditions.
The school has been closed due to bad weather.
The following school districts were closed on the island: all morning and afternoon classes were announced to be canceled, but the evening events will be decided later.
Classes at all campuses were canceled on Thursday.
While other school districts are open, not all school districts offer bus services.
Please check with local area.
Not all parents are happy that their school district is open in the winter.
There is a petition circulating on the internet asking for more snow days.
The petition, called "petition", has been signed by more than 15,000 people.
The Canada Post said in an email that due to bad weather, Fraser Valley, Haitian Corridor, Sunshine Coast, Powell River, Campbell River and Courtney are not delivered today.
Utilities were working as soon as possible on Thursday to restore the power outage to tens of thousands of B. C.
Hydro customers in Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Island.
The company said the area suffered heavy snow, wet snow and freezing rain on Wednesday night and early Thursday, causing branches to fall off and damage to wires, poles and Transformers.
As of the 9 th, more than 40,000 customers had no electricity, Hydro said. m.
On Vancouver Island and chillivak, Maple Ridge, mission and Port Moody, the worst-hit area in eastern Vancouver.
Some parts of the Fraser Valley suffered up to 70 cm of snow this week.
It is expected that the total snowfall from squomish to Whistler will be as high as 60 cm by Thursday, while the Fraser Canyon and kokihara summits are expected to receive up to 50 cm of the snowfall.
On Wednesday, Transport Minister Todd Stone tolde told reporters in canlups: "I want to talk to all British columnians, especially on the Lower Mainland . ".
"We do expect a very important weather event that will cause heavy snowfall.
"It is predicted that there is as much as 90 cm of snow between hope and Vancouver.
"I hope people in the Lower Mainland will take this opportunity to consider alternative modes of transport or work from home the next day or so to get the system through, Stone said.
He advised drivers to make sure their vehicle was equipped with snow tires with a minimum tread depth of 3. 5 millimetres.
"With the right tyres, there are plans to let people know where you are going, and in the next few days, especially in the Lower Mainland, only driving on the road, only when necessary, "Stone said.
Number of calls from insurance company B last FridayC.
He said it was twice as usual.
"This is because we have been hit in such a severe winter, especially in the mainland.
The most recent storm came from the Pacific Warm Front, which spread warm and humid air to the surface of cold air in the Arctic.
Snow blowing is expected to reduce visibility nearby
Zero in some areas.
From squomish to Whistler, snow storms are expected to reach 60 cm at night and Thursday.
Fraser Canyon and the top of kokihara may be more than 50 centimeters.
In Vancouver, city workers are preparing for snowfall late Wednesday, followed by warmer temperatures and rain later this week.
The crew are ready to use salt and plough artery routes when needed.
The city warned that snow on streets and sidewalks could freeze on Wednesday night.
As temperatures rise, the staff shift their attention to the salt and sand streets that are most affected by the compacted snow.
A city statement says a heavy snow
The clearance team has been working 24/7 kilometers since February. 1.
TransLink staff will continue
If the snow on the track triggers the motion sensor alarm of the system, the rails and flight attendants on the train will operate them manually on the train and stop the train.
In addition, TransLinkis has deployed push trucks on the streets to help buses and trolleys that get stuck or have trouble on steep routes.
What doesn't often appear on the lower continents is a threat from too much snow on the roof.
The National Research Council recommends focusing on residents with snow on the roof to look for and listen to signs of stress.
"These signs may include unusual sounds from the roof or supporting walls, visible movement of the walls or sagging ceilings, dry walls or plaster cracking," the council said on its website . ".
Other signs may include blocked or leaking doors after heavy snow.
A roof with a lower slope or a roof covered by rough roof material tends to pile up more snow than a roof finish with a larger or smooth slope.
The committee recommends that homeowners look for qualified snow removal contractors and not clean up the snow themselves.
While heavy snow is a hassle for office workers, the big storm is just another day for Whistler.
"For our road department and snow clearing personnel, preparing for storms and heavy snow is part of their normal operations," said a statement from the municipal government . ". Eighteen full-
Time winter's staff is equipped with 4 large Western Star Trucks and 2 smaller ones.
The first three five-ton trucks.
End Loader, backhoe and grader.
Maybe not just another day.
"People are always excited because the front desk clerk at the Blackcomb Hotel ski athlete Ela Jedrasiak says there is obviously so much powder on the mountain.
"We haven't had a big storm in the last two years.
Patricia Westholm, who travels to Whistler, said: "The average occupancy rate for the next long weekend is about 89.
"At this time of the season, most of our guests come from our destination market, with visitors from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and many other destinations mixed together.
Westholm said The Sun was in front on Saturday and Sunday.
"In terms of the snowstorm, the good news is that Whistler was built for this kind of thing," she said . ".
Canadian Tire manager Catherine channov said on the way to Squamish that they sold some snow tires this week and more.
Chernoff said: "You will be surprised by the number of people who left it at the last minute," adding some drivers who passed on their way to Whistler, after being rejected during police road checks, they will come in looking for chains or snow tires.
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