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with landmark buildings going up across the globe, sir david adjaye is the face of 21st-century architecture - corrugated plastic

by:Cailong     2020-11-19
with landmark buildings going up across the globe, sir david adjaye is the face of 21st-century architecture  -  corrugated plastic
Sitting in his humble glass
Sir David Ajaye stood in front of Marylebone's office and sat on a steel chair designed by himself, talking about how his architectural career began in the 1990 s.
He is designing the set for a video of a pretender and has chosen a tough material --wrought iron —
Don't emphasize Chrissie Hynde?
Nonsense personality
"She's freaking out," he said, noting her attitude, "It's just a video, why can't you just use papier mché or something? '.
"This experience has allowed Adjaye to put his point of view into practice early on among charming customers.
Sadly, once the video is in the can, the set is discarded.
We will talk about his exhibition at the exhibition "creating memory" held at the Design Museum on February.
As I work with him as the curator of the museum, I know very well how busy his life is.
In fact, Adjaye had a client coming to see him at ten o'clock A. M. and then he was going to catch the plane, so it was an early start.
Public views of architects have been fluctuating for years, from heroes to villains to backwards.
Once they were charming heroes.
Not enough heroine)
Who created the future?
Then the Prince of Wales convinced us that they were a threat in terms of British heritage.
Now, Adjaye and his generation have created a new identity for the profession, combining commitment to social goals with a sense of fashion and style to get them into a glossy
More and more public figures, his current standard is multitasking.
He travels frequently, deals with endless meetings, deals with business issues in creative aspects of design, and has two young children
But he saw our conversation this morning as a relaxing episode in the tireless lives of a successful architect.
He is very kind and easy to laugh.
We sat next to the shelf, which was filled with samples of etched glass, corrugated plastic and perforated steel, like a kitchen full of experimental ingredients.
Ajaye has lived in London since he was 14.
He is the son of a Ghanaian diplomat, born in 1966 in the capital of Tanzania, darresmaier, and today he moves seamlessly and successfully between high-end fashion. Art world and projects with civil or political purposes.
He has established the designers of the family and shops, Ilin barriić and Ozwald Sanda Boateng.
He works with artists including Olaf Eliasson
At the pavilion of the Venice Biennale
Chris Ofili built the library at the University Tower Hamlets outside Moscow and the New Spy Museum in New York.
He set up the Bernie Grant Arts Center in Tottenham and the Stephen Lawrence center in Depford.
When he was a child, Ajaye's father's work brought him, his mother and one of his brothers and two younger brothers to Egypt, Yemen, Saudi Arabia. Before his family settled in Hampstead, Uganda and Lebanon.
His father's experience continues to feed his work: his Design Museum exhibition includes traditional Ghanaian umbrellas that inspire the interior of his planned Accra National Cathedral.
"My father was the first generation member of Kwame Nkrumah [
First President of Ghana's new independence
"They were trained to build a new country," he said . "
"I am entrusted by the current leadership, and this generation is the child sitting under the table where the founders discuss how to build the country.
"Adjaye and his family came to the UK because his youngest brother Emmanuel was disabled due to illness during his infancy and the Great Ormond Street Hospital provided him with the best care (
His brother James is now a scientist and Peter is a teacher and musician).
The brothers went to a state school in the Church of England, where Adjaye experienced racial bias for the first time after years of mixed international schools.
But he painted very well, and his talent for painting was encouraged by the art teacher.
"The family has no building background," he said . ".
The experience of taking Emanuel to school in a wheelchair has led Ajaye to start thinking about the potential of buildings to change life.
He said: "This is 1980, before the law on access for persons with disabilities really took root . " "We found ourselves experiencing all sorts of terrible and humiliating detours and finding temporary back doors.
"Adjaye did a basic year in middsex, then studied architecture at Southbank University, and then did it at Royal Academy of Art for two years.
"I was expected to carve Roman letters with limestone," he recalls . ".
"It looked crazy at the time, but now I find the experience of classical and modernist very useful. He's part-time.
Time to work in his student days.
"I never told my parents how difficult it was in the early days as an architect," he said . ".
"I can't tell them that I was educated for a career that would make me unemployed.
"After graduating in 1993, people like David Chipperfield began a short period of early contact, but even at this point he knew he wanted to practice on his own.
"I looked around and couldn't see anyone like me," he said . ".
"So I decided to make it myself.
I may not have built much, but at least I did it myself.
"He founded a clinic in 1994 with RCA contemporary William Russell, but has been operating on his own since 2000 and now has offices in the United States and London and plans to open offices in Ghana.
Turner Award-
Chris o'filley was an important supporter of the early days.
After a few years of graduating from RCA, the two met by chance at Clerkenwell and reignited their friendship.
Ofili introduced him to Jake and Dinos Chapman, and Adjaye finally designed the house for the three of them.
When Ajaye got married to Ashley Shaw, an American business consultant and former model
Scott was their best man at St. Paul's Cathedral in 2014.
The couple now have two children, three-year-old Kwame and eight-month-old Adwoa.
Even after Adjaye was founded, there was a rough time.
A group of senior building figures led by Richard Rogers filed a petition asking the Parliament of tamhamlet not to destroy the house of Elektra, he built an extraordinary new home for the two artists on East End street.
Adjaye was accused of ignoring the planning conditions.
"I thank Richard and all the people who helped me through a very painful period," he said . ".
"To be an architect, you have to be resilient.
Have an unrealistic belief in yourself.
"The financial crisis of 2008 hit his young practice hard.
The work was canceled, the staff was dismissed and an agreement was reached with the creditors.
Although his approach is international
Perhaps his most famous project so far is the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American history and culture, which opened in Washington on 2016 by Barack Obama, for a British architect
Ajaye loves London.
"I travel around the world and come back here, and there is no place like it despite my complaints.
But I am worried about its politics, and I am worried about its diversity and openness.
"Although he has no impression of the quality of many of London's skyscrapers recently, he said that the towers will be an inevitable part of London's development.
"London will continue to grow.
It will certainly not become smaller.
We cannot keep the status quo. we must constantly mend them.
"Last year, Ajaye and Ron Arad, as well as landscape architect Gustafsen Porter Bowman, won the competition to design Britain's most famous Holocaust memorial at a venue next to Parliament.
"The result felt more like a single project than a three-way partnership," Arad wrote at the time . ".
Arrest, metal-
The rib-like structure on the ground will hide the huge meditation space below.
But the project has also been criticized.
Architect Barbara Weiss has launched a petition against the use of the Royal Park for the monument, which Conservative MP Sir Edward Leigh sees as "just a gimmick ". (
Their protest was rejected by the cross.
Guide its party group. )
Victoria Tower Gardens is the only possible location for Ajaye: "It needs to be next to Parliament.
In Britain, we don't think there is a need to set up a Holocaust memorial. we liberated the concentration camp.
But even here, those who deny the Holocaust have already felled.
History tells us that we need a mechanism to remind us of what we do and why we do it.
Adjaye suggested that if Jeremy Corbyn had to have a television interview in front of the memorial, it might make him more sensitive to allegations of anti-corruption
Jewish obsession with Labor
Adjaye continued: "how powerful this is, let him think about what he is saying and let others see him . . . . . . Commemoration can be used as a political tool . ".
"Look at the southern United States.
They lost, but the flood of southern sculptures made them look like they won.
"We can use them to solve the injustices or misinterpretation of the past.
Constantly looking at your past is the only way to create a better future.
"This idea is the basis of memory.
The exhibition is about how architecture serves memory, but for him, architecture is essentially about the future.
He has lobbied Sadik Khan on what needs to be done next in London to prosper.
He knew what I thought;
London needs to be a fairer city.
"Housing is the most basic and it requires not only the skills of architects, but also those skills in London, but also political will and the private sector.
If Grenfell doesn't tell us that we need more fairness in the city, we lose.
Fairness means a decent life for everyone.
"David adyer: Memory at the Design Museum from February 2 (designmuseum. org)
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