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Witness is accused of perjury by Judge - plastic roofing sheets

by:Cailong     2019-08-02
Witness is accused of perjury by Judge  -  plastic roofing sheets
A district court judge charged a witness with perjury and another witness changed his story about intimidation when the police property tax was applied to Sligo court.
The application involved Gardai's seizure of 7 steel beams, 21 corrugated iron roof plates and plastic drains from the land of Ballymote Farranmaurice John Paul Muldoon.
Judge Kevin Kilbride heard that Gardai had searched the land while investigating the theft of four steel beams and roof materials, which were reportedly stolen
Muldoon claims he bought the materials from a roofing contractor named Joe Kelly.
Detective Garda Chris O'Neill revealed that when Kelly was interviewed, he said that the stamps on the sales list made by Muldoon were different from those used by him (Kelly.
He also insisted that he had never sold roof materials to Muldoon, who had objected to the application for confiscation of the items.
Detective Garda Tom Colch explained that on his way to the search, Gardai received a phone call from Garda radio saying Damien Sharkey said he was afraid to confirm the property.
Sharkey told the court that he withdrew his complaint after he found the extra beam when he went to move.
He admitted he told Gardai that he had received a phone call telling him not to identify the property and that he claimed it was the way he "got out of trouble" but he said he had not received such a call
Joe Kelly said he is now a public relations person and has been a roofing contractor all the time.
He said that he did not sell roof materials to Mudon, but he said that the materials may have been sold by a person who worked for him.
The man is a cleaner in the bar, but he does a rooftop business with him.
The man will be authorized to make stamps for a sales list, Kelly said.
In evidence, Muldoon said he got four beams seized by Gardai from a friend, and three more from all sorts of work.
He bought iron plates from a friend of Joe Kelly.
He denied calling Damien Sharkey.
Judge Kilbride commented that he did not believe Sharkey's evidence and believed that he was prohibited from continuing.
"His evidence is entirely perjury," he said of Joe Kaili, adding that galdai should seriously consider the legality of his licence to hold a public official.
He ordered the items to be confiscated to the state for destruction, saying he was satisfied that they did not belong to Muldoon.
In the case of the appeal, € 1,000 was confirmed.
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