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Working together to emerge unscathed - clear plastic corrugated sheets

by:Cailong     2019-08-14
Working together to emerge unscathed  -  clear plastic corrugated sheets
Two major consumers of disposable plastics in the state are food and food delivery companies.
And, both try to deal with the plastic ban in a way that doesn't affect their bottom line.
While the food distribution platform says it's too early to measure the impact of the ban, several restaurants say the way compliance is changing.
A spokesman for Zomato said that they had advised all delivery personnel not to handle products in plastic packaging.
"If restaurants cannot comply immediately, we encourage them not to include these items in the menu," the spokesman said . ".
The company has also launched ecology.
Friendly package range in Chennai.
"While items that can be safely packed with corrugated cardboard and other materials are still available, certain restaurants require a temporary suspension of items that require water --
"Proof of packaging, such as beef or soup," added industry members . ". N.
Alwarpet resident Mohan said he was pleasantly surprised on Thursday when he received an order for food in the aluminum foil box placed in the bag.
"There is no additional packing fee for the restaurant," he said . ".
While several fast-food chains either deliver in paper bags or cartons, a few fast-food chains have not yet used up plastic bags to wrap up food such as sandwiches and hamburgers.
A spokesman for swage said that through their "swage packaging assistance program", they were also involved in linking Chennai and madoulai's restaurants with suppliers to provide
Their order was very friendly.
Uber Eats, another delivery platform, said it has started working closely with restaurant partners to address cost issues
Effective Alternatives
"We actively engage with all stakeholders to ensure that we comply with the above instructions and work with our partners to launch sustainable packaging," a company spokesperson said . ". P.
Delivery boy Abhijith of Tiruchi said that despite all discussions around packaging materials, their task is still to deliver as soon as possible.
"We can't insist on changing restaurants.
However, I found that some restaurants have a noticeable change in the way plastic is used to cancel the package.
If officials continue to act against violators, this will gain momentum in the coming weeks, "he added.
Several smaller institutions are questioning the lack of costs.
Effective Solution
"While we are now living with aluminum foil, we need better options in the long run," said the owner of a small Chennai restaurant . ". (
Input from Deepa H.
Lamakrishnan and sangeesa cantalville)
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