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xerox seeks erasable form of paper for copiers - transparent plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-10
xerox seeks erasable form of paper for copiers  -  transparent plastic sheet
John Markov
Palo Alto, California, 2006, Nov. 21 —
For more than 1970 years, researchers at Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center have explored a software technology called "garbage collection" for recycling computer memory.
This technology allows automatic reuse of memory blocks that store unused programs and data.
Today, Brinda Dalal, an anthropologist at the center, has become a self.
People known as "garbologist" worked with chemists at the Xerox research center in Canada to develop a "erasable paper" system.
The goal is to recycle paper documents produced by the company's copiers
Potentially unlimited number of times.
She found that the role of paper has changed significantly in modern offices, where paper is increasingly used as a medium for display rather than storage.
Files are stored on central servers and PCs and printed only as needed;
Used for meetings, editing, or reviewing information.
She noted that paper spewing from the copier often returns to the recycle bin on the day of printing.
Office staff print an average of 1,200 pages of advertising per month, 44 pages.
5% daily use-
Job, draft or emailmail.
In her research, she cleaned up the waste generated by the office staff and found that 21% of black peopleand-
The white copier file was returned to the recycle bin on the day of production.
"We were surprised by our results," she said . "
"No one will see short messages in people's waste baskets.
Her research is part of three projects. year-
Old technology development work for designing add-ons
On the system, Office copiers can generate "temporary documents" that are easy to reuse ".
Researchers now have a prototype system that can make documents on special coated paper with light yellow tones.
Currently, the process works without Toner and produces low
A resolution document that seems to be printed in purple ink.
The information printed on the file "disappears" within 16 hours ".
Simply place the document in the copier carton to reuse it faster.
The researchers say that a single sheet has been printed 50 times, and the only current limit in the process seems to be the Paper Life.
"People like newspapers very much," Eric J . "
Shule, a computer scientist, is the regional manager of the printing system at the Research Center's hardware system lab, known as PARC.
"They like the feeling.
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The project is still in the lab stage, he said.
Researchers are still working to improve the process to increase contrast and extend control over the life of the printing process.
In the 1990 s, Ricoh, a Japanese office equipment manufacturer, developed a commercial system that could remove toner from paper for recycling, he said.
According to Ricoh, it is possible to recycle a single sheet of paper up to 10 times, but the system is no longer commercial.
Xerox has yet to decide whether to commercialize its technology.
But the goal is to build a system in which the cost of special coated paper is two to three times that of standard copier paper, when the paper is used repeatedly, the total cost of the system is much lower than the traditional paper.
The company says the exact nature of the technology is proprietary and Xerox has applied for a number of patents related to the invention.
The researchers described the invention as based on compounds that change color when they absorb light of a certain wavelength, but then gradually revert to the original appearance.
Existing compounds
Erase within about 16 to 24 hours, or immediately when heated.
The challenge for advertising Xerox is to find the market for a new paper printing technology in an era where information is increasingly viewed and read on various types of electronic displays.
For example, PARC itself has conducted extensive research on the concept of "electronic paper.
Their researchers have separately developed an "electronic reusable paper" system called Gyricon.
Gyricon sheet is a thin layer of transparent plastic consisting of small beads similar to toner particles.
The beads are "heavy colors" in light and dark colors ".
When the voltage is applied at different positions on the paper, the beads rotate to create the image.
Xerox tried to commercialize the technology but failed.
The Sony Reader launched this year is based on a similar technology developed by Cambridge electronic ink.
"I'm afraid it's like launching Super 8 in front of the camera," said Silicon Valley researcher Paul Saffo, a consultant at Xerox.
"It will be a bigger deal 10 years ago.
There are too many readings on the internet these days, and I wonder if time has not gone.
"A version of this article appears on the New York version of page 8 with the title: Xerox is looking for erasable paper for the copier.
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