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You can now rock JYP CEO J.Y, Park's infamous 'seethrough' look from 23 years ago! - clear plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-18
You can now rock JYP CEO J.Y, Park\'s infamous \'seethrough\' look from 23 years ago!  -  clear plastic film
Recently, clothing retailer topshop has released some interesting design options, but the latest one is probably the most popular
Still catching one.
Clear plastic jeans
Needless to say, there was a rather enthusiastic response to this latest jean design: However, it turned out that Topshop was not the first person to set off a boom in transparent plastic jeans.
The credit for this fashion trend does not belong to jyp Entertainment CEO --
Former fashion masterJ. Y. Park!
Jyp ceo introduced transparent plastic jeans for the first time 23 years ago --
Brought the same head-
Scratch response to Topshop's latest clothing item.
For those who don't remember much, J. Y.
Park looks like a clear plastic jeans, a flash back in memory: We're not selling 100% for getting people to see your underwear, but for those pair of rocking "J. Y.
Take a look at the park, "Go to your local top store and stroll through the aisles of" new jeans "or" wet weather!
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