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you'd never guess this luxury beach house in malibu is actually a double-wide trailer - transparent window film

by:Cailong     2019-08-19
you\'d never guess this luxury beach house in malibu is actually a double-wide trailer  -  transparent window film
Tessa Hendry started her interior design career when she was 8 years old.
"She started by redecorating the bathroom," her mother Stephanie recalled . ".
The result was very good and she encouraged Tessa to move on with red and black jazzlounge-themed bedroom.
Stephanie knew that her daughter was serious about the interior design, and she had the paint waiter at the hardware store remix a gallon of red paint "about 50 times ".
"Tessa has always said, 'Red is not red'," her mother now said with a smile '. ".
The 29-year-old Tessa, an aspiring interior designer, and eight years ago, she and her 36-year-old sister, Alisa, purchased a shabby beach villa at Dana Point, making it happen.
"It was advertised as the cheapest house in Dana Point," said Tessa, who was studying at San Diego State University at the time.
Probably the cheapest house.
The sisters saved up for several years to buy a house.
But also very rough.
Despite this, Tessa took a look at the abandoned property and imagined a Caribbean Sea --
Boutique Hotel in fashion.
Commuting from San Diego, Tessa and Alisa updated the House and did a lot of work on their own.
They painted the walls and exterior in brightly colored tones, decorated them with Craigslist finds and named them "Bitchin" beach house.
"Rent was booked on a regular basis shortly, earning more than $200 per night.
Family friend Debe Vicharelli, after seeing what they can do, hired sisters to find and design a high
The final version of what they did at Dana Point.
The only requirement: The house must have a view.
Now, as a licensed Realtor, Tessa finds the double of a date
Wide trailer at Dume Club, a closed spot just a few miles from Zuma Beach.
While not notable, the trailer is parked on the hillside with sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Mountains.
With the blessing of Vicarelli, the sisters kept the chassis and removed everything else as they were working to create such a magnificent moving house that they now call a villa.
The sisters moved the entrance of the house from the side of the House to the front, which is most important.
Now, you will be transported to Zuma Beach immediately when you cross the front door.
Women choose low-key natural elements for interior design, including seamless beige lime floor and wall, transparent onyx agate board for kitchen and bathroom and large sliding separation door made of natural elements
American elm tree.
The dark trailer is now a light.
The 13 sunroof lights up the space full of space, a white color palette emphasizing the ocean and a surround deck with a view of dolphins, whales and sea lions.
Although incredibly elegant, luxurious, four
The bedroom apartment has fantastic charm.
An electronic "dog door" above the kitchen sink opens to reveal an onyx agate, one of the two main suites on the other side, forming the wall of the bathroom shower. A Moroccan-
The theme bedroom comes with a hanging bed that makes it difficult for you to fall asleep.
On a shabby outside
The chic master bedroom has 1 feet bathtubs in case you want to wash your feet.
It turns out that mobile home is a fascinating project for the Hendry brothers and sisters, as retired Vicarelli is not ready to move in.
As a result, the sisters are renting trailers when Vicarelli travels the world.
Now, enterprising sisters can appreciate the special environment they create.
"We know we can create something beautiful here," Tessa said . ".
"But we didn't know we would live here.
That's great.
It's hard to feel stressed when you can look out and see the ocean.
"Here, Tessa shares five tips on how to beautify your home: lighting is a great opportunity to change the look and feel of your home while adding style and talent.
The ornate pendants, scones and lamps are life-saving straw.
Find a common thread.
Use the variations of the unified palette to match all your eclectic items for your carpet/pillow/blanket/curtain.
Connect everything together.
Make the most of your environment.
Highlight beauty and learn quick tricks to hide what you don't want to see.
If the mobile window is out of budget and you don't have a good view, please add light-
Filter the window film with patterns or beautiful plants outside.
A few small things, such as replacing the cabinet knob for a unique crystal knob or a knob with a sharp contrast of colors, can really beautify the joints.
Don't ignore the possibility of selling Craigslist, thrift stores and garages.
You can find diamonds in the open space outside.
Just look at it.
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