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you've come a long way, baby food: organic food in squeezable pouches popular with parents - food packaging film

by:Cailong     2019-07-18
you\'ve come a long way, baby food: organic food in squeezable pouches popular with parents  -  food packaging film
The image of baby food in the past is stable. and bland —
Like a can of peas.
Its target market is limited. . . babies. No more. Old-
The apple sauce school glass jar is still nearby, but these days they share the shelf space on the baby food aisle with curious people (
And often organic)
Zucchini, bananas, amaranth and other combinations (it's a grain)
Packed in brightly colored bags, the aim is for consumers to squish and slurslur with very little
Not so little. hands.
"What we're trying to do is get them involved and stimulate all their senses," said Paul Lindley, founder of Ella's Kitchen baby food, a pioneer in the use of parenting bags --Style packaging.
"It's not just their palate, it's not just putting a spoon in their mouth or putting a bag in their mouth. . .
Instead, they try to stimulate all their other senses.
"Welcome to the world of premium baby food, which is part of $1.
5 billion industries are no longer just babies.
Babies generally don't care much about food packaging.
But toddlers, older kids and convenience
This is the case with parents.
In addition to the traditional year of baby food, small bags allow baby food manufacturers to expand the appeal of their products.
Morin Putman, chief marketing officer of Hain Celestial Group, the best manufacturer of organic brands on Earth, said the pouch helped drive the best growth on Earth, even if the United StatesS.
The birth rate has fallen.
"It makes us grow old.
"If moms stop baby food at 9 to 12 months, these bags do help to extend the shelf life of baby food," she said . ".
"For a long time to come, we see growth.
"Parents like Lindsay Carr in Clarksville, Tennessee.
Give her a reason to say that the pouch is feeding her 22-month-
10-year-old daughtermonth-
The old son
"They don't need a spoon, which makes-the-
"Relax," she said.
"You don't have to worry about bringing a spoon: 'Where do I wash the spoon?
Where do I put the spoon?
"The world of quality baby food is becoming more and more crowded, with other key participants including organic baby food company Meizi organic company Sprout, founded by Food Network star Taylor Florence, and even the long-established baby food manufacturer Geber.
"We are very excited about the pouch. we are number one.
"In this area, we want to continue to grow," said Aileen Stocks, head of integrated marketing at Gerber . ".
Obviously, the trend of premium is also about what's in the pouch.
And more and more organic.
Although organic food accounts for only 4 of total American food. S.
Puttman said that food sales, organic baby food accounted for a higher proportion in this category.
More than half of the market is no exception.
The stock said it had about 30 shares in bag sales.
While organic bags drive the growth of high-end products, she says, Geber's product line ranges from infants to preschool children, who focus on growth and innovation in all areas.
"Obviously it's an exciting story because you see a lot in the aisle right now," she said . ".
"But in terms of the child's nutrition, it's just part of the whole story.
Puttman says the popularity of organic matter suggests parents are concerned about the way they feed their babies.
But there are other reasons.
Creative New Mix
For example, sweet potatoes, mangoes and millet from plum seeds, as well as pasta and lentils from Sprout --
May talk to the gourmets inside mom and dad.
Quality baby food also bridges the gap between parents fed with cans and parents who like homemade foodit-from-
From scratch, a more comfortable middle ground has been created on both sides of the parenting debate.
Florence believes that Sprout is a way for more young diners to reach out to more and more delicious food. His own "Aha!
"When a friend's toddler spit out the food in an old-fashioned jar, this moment comes.
Steamed carrots in Florence, the boy licked the bowl clean.
"If you feed a child a green porridge from a jar, they spit it out on a shirt and they say, 'Look, I don't like this, 'said Florence.
Small organic bags can sell for $1.
69 cents for 4 ounces and 99 cents for some unstable food.
Still, Meagan Call in Cleveland, Ohio, says she can sell them for about $1.
Call thinks the pouch is a healthy alternative to sugar
Her 18 heavy juice boxes. month-old son.
"They are more like smoothies," Call said . "
"That's what I saw.
I give him smoothies, which are quite healthy as long as you can't get it.
"Not everyone is clamoring for bags, though.
A common criticism is that in some cases a bag reads something like "spinach and apple" that gives the impression of a vegetable --
Even if there are more apples listed on the ingredient label than spinach, it is a hearty meal.
More sharply, some critics claim that parents tendDepend on the pouch.
Sociologist Dana Rose, who wrote a "it's not about nutrition" blog, said that while the pouch can be a beneficial "bridge" for fresh fruits and vegetables ",
"It makes people think they 've made fruit --and-vegetable job.
"So they're done," Ross said . ".
"It got them out of the fight to get their kids to eat fruits and vegetables.
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