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young couple charred to death, police clueless | ahmedabad news - times of india - clear plastic corrugated sheets

by:Cailong     2019-08-20
young couple charred to death, police clueless  | ahmedabad news - times of india  -  clear plastic corrugated sheets
AHMEDABAD: In a bizarre incident at Ranip, a young couple was burned to death, causing the police to scratch their heads.
The police are racking their brains to try to figure out what led Kailash Rajput, 20, and Jyoti, 19, to a terrible ending.
At eleven o'clock P. M. on Saturday, residents of new lamp panicked when they saw smoke from a house in Saraswatinagar.
The neighbors rushed to the couple who lived in the house and managed to break the concrete corrugated board on the roof.
They poured water from the holes formed like this, but it was too late.
The couple was rushed to a civil hospital.
When the woman died shortly after arriving at the hospital, the man died of burns later in the evening.
The police thought the couple might have fought and then one of them might have tried to set himself on fire.
Jyoti's autopsy showed that she was pregnant.
She took a three.
Medical staff at the Civic Hospital said the fetus was a month old.
The couple belong to Etawah in Uttar Pradesh.
Kailash used to be a house.
He married Jyoti just six months ago.
They live in a rented residence in Ranip.
However, police officers at Sabarmati said the cause of the fire was not clear.
Preliminary investigations by police and forensic doctors led them to believe that this could be a suicide case, or even a murder and suicide. âx80x9cA five-
Police officials investigating the case said a liter of plastic containers and a matchbox were found in separate rooms of the house not far from the body.
The husband and his wife's family arrived in the city on Sunday.
However, they only add to the mystery.
The family claimed that they did not know that there were any quarrels or even misconceptions between the newlyweds.
The girl's parents said they often spoke to their daughter, but they never found any signs of sadness and she never complained about anything, the police officer who recorded their statements said.
Police ruled out
According to the police, the perspective of financial problems can be excluded.
We have spoken to the owner of the house where the couple stayed as tenants.
Police officials say the owner, Vakil Rajput, said Kailash paid the rent very quickly every month.
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