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your new five pound note could be worth 'up to £50,000' - holographic foil

by:Cailong     2019-06-30
your new five pound note could be worth \'up to £50,000\'  -  holographic foil
People are urged to check their wallets to see if they have one of the four £ 5 notes, engraved with the microscopic engraving of Jane Austin.
Artists and Micro
Grever Graham Short drew a miniature portrait of the 18 th
Century author of new polymer notes and put into circulation over the weekend.
He also inscribed quotations from Austin's novels on his notes-worth up to £ 50,000.
These carved next to the Big Ben on the holographic foil, not visible to the naked eye, can only be seen under certain lights.
It took Mr. short two weeks to study each note and then put each note into circulation "at will.
He said he only worked between midnight and five o'clock A. M. to reduce traffic noise from the outside world and tied his right arm to the chair to stop unnecessary physical movement. The 70-year-
The old man, who is famous for carving the Lord's Prayer on the pin, told the Telegraph: "I always want to do something different.
"When I saw the new 5 pound note, I thought, 'If I could engrave something on it, wouldn't it be good.
"I didn't know what it was at first, but then I found out that next year will be 200 anniversary of Jane Austen's death, and her image will also appear on the new 10 notes, this is coming out next year, so it has a good relationship with this.
"He said he was not sure about the value of the works, but similar works were insured for £ 50,000.
His previous work, a photo of the Queen's head on the needle-eyed gold, was recently sold for £ 100,000.
But Mr Short's latest project could put him in a legal bind, because technically it is an offence to deface money.
According to the money and Notes Act 1928, it is illegal to print, write or leave words, letters or symbols on notes issued by the Bank of England.
Of the 1994 members of the electronic band, KLF burned £ 1 and nailed another £ 50 on the wall.
According to the Daily Mail, they were allowed to burn the notes-because it was legal to destroy the currency-but were fined £ 9,000 for devaluing the money on the wall.
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