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by:Cailong     2019-08-03
your world today  -  clear roofing sheets
Return to the main record of today's Palestinian unrest;
Found Iraqi mass graves;
Yazi rebels disbanded in December 27, 2005
12: 00 ETTHIS is a report card in a hurry.
This copy may not be in final form and may be updated.
Live broadcast of the CNN news center, this is your world today.
Rosemary Church, CNN international correspondent
Election chaos within Fatah.
Palestinian militants have occupied government buildings in Gaza and the West Bank.
Jim Clancy, CNN International anchor: a chilling discovery in Iraq.
A collective tomb unearthed in the shadow of a Shiite Muslim shrine.
Church: and allies attacked.
The current turmoil and future plans of the Bush and Blair governments.
CLANCY: it's 12: 00 noon in Washington, D. C. C. , 7:00 p. m. in Gaza.
I'm Jim Clancy.
This is Rosemary Church.
This is your world today.
We started in the Middle East, where Palestinian militants who asked for more jobs occupied the Palestinian government building to show their views.
At the same time, IDF fired missiles at several buildings in Gaza.
Guy Raz is joining us now from Jerusalem with some details.
Man, let's start with the chaos within the Palestinian movement.
What's behind it?
What is its core?
CNN International correspondent Guy Raz: Well, Rosemary, the conversation between Gaza and Palestinians in the West Bank over the past half-time --
I would like to say that this year is the year when Fatah is about to break up, and Fatah is essentially the largest, most important and most historically representative Palestinian political movement.
Now, what we are seeing in Gaza and the West Bank today is largely related to the disintegration of Fatah.
Armed group militants have occupied various government offices in Gaza and a Palestinian Electoral Commission office in the West Bank near the town of Ramallah.
Now, this is what has been repeated over the past few weeks: Armed groups are basically either in the electoral office or in the government office, making various demands.
It was Bethlehem last week.
Today is the town of Gaza and Alam (ph).
Now, in a broad sense, these groups have made similar demands, which are basically a requirement for employment and transparent elections.
But what is really striking is that, in general, almost all of these groups are actually members of Fatah itself, a member of the armed forces known as the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade.
So what we may see now, Rosemary, is a revolt within Fatah, largely led by a younger generation of Fatah activists, the young members of the movement basically believe that the old guards, who dominate most of the government's positions, are corrupt and ineffective.
All of this, of course, takes place within the framework of the upcoming Palestinian legislative elections.
These activities are scheduled for January 25.
There is considerable tension around the upcoming elections, as all indications indicate that Fatah will perform very badly in these elections.
Fatah now dominates the movement of Palestinian political life.
Fatah did not perform well in these elections simply because many Palestinians now believe that the movement is corrupt and ineffective ---Rosemary.
Church: of course, it's all happening and Israel has attacked parts of northern Gaza.
What information do we have about these attacks?
How wide are they?
RAZ: Well, early this morning, we know that Israeli forces fired a string of mortars and artillery into northern Gaza that damaged several buildings in the area.
But no one was hurt.
Now, the Israeli army basically says this is to thwart rocket attacks by Palestinian militants on Israel over the past few weeks.
Several times have happened in the past few weeks, and some of these missiles have reached major cities in Israel, such as Ashkelon.
There was a place very close to the kindergarten yesterday.
Now, the reason why Palestinian militants are able to launch these rockets deep in Israel is mainly because they have set up launch sites on land formerly Israeli settlements, and last summer, Israel ended its 38-
Military occupation of Gaza.
When Israel did so, the government here basically warned the Palestinian Authority that it would severely respond to any attacks from Gaza.
So this is probably what we see now.
The Israeli army says it may set up some sort of buffer zone in northern Gaza in the next day or so, controlled by aircraft, to end these rocket attacks ---Rosemary.
Church: Guy Raz reports in Jerusalem.
Thanks so much.
Clancy: At the same time, Lebanese officials arrested an anti-terrorist during the assassination.
Syrian politician and journalist, jumble Tuwani.
This was earlier this month. Abad al-Kadr (ph)
A Syrian citizen was arrested in Beirut on Tuesday morning. A high-
Senior Lebanese officials said the suspects were observed near the scene of the explosion and called Damascus before the explosion.
The authorities had 48 hours to formally file charges against him.
Well, now moving to Iraq, thousands of people marched in Baghdad, which is support for the government of national unity, which combines Sunni and Shiite Muslims to share power.
In the south, construction workers found the remains in a collective grave, believed to be traced back to Saddam's rule and the end of the 1991 Gulf War.
CNN producer Arwa Damon got the latest news from Baghdad. (Start Video)
CNN producer arwa damon: reconstruction workers in Karbala laid a water pipe and found another terrible example of the Saddam regime's past.
They found a collective grave.
The bones and skulls of people believed to be Shiites found in this place were killed in 1991 uprising in Iraq.
About 30,000 Shiites were killed.
Iraqi officials say about 300 mass graves have been found since the fall of the Saddam regime.
This is the latest news found yesterday morning.
At the same time, we await the resumption of the trial of Saddam Hussein, who was accused of committing crimes against the people of dujar, and after the assassination attempt against the former president in 1982, some 148 residents were killed.
Meanwhile, some 2,000 to 3,000 demonstrators took to the streets in a community in western Baghdad to protest against the preliminary results of Iraq's December 15 election.
The demonstrators held banners with the words "There are no Shiites, no Sunnis.
A united Iraq
"The demonstration was organized by the Lady (ph)
An umbrella coalition of at least 30 political parties, including major secular Shiite groups and Sunni groups.
They are now demanding a re-vote and a suspension of the Iraqi Electoral Commission.
If their demands are not met, they say, they will boycott the results of the election and may also boycott Iraq'sbe-
Forming parliament.
Also during the night in Baghdad, an Apache attack helicopter crashed in the west of the city. The U. S.
The military said in a statement that no enemy fire was involved.
However, it is still clear that even one day,to-
Day operations were carried out in Iraq.
CNN correspondent Arwa Damon reports. (END VIDEOTAPE)
CLANCY: now moving to Sri Lanka, a military spokesman said the mine attack that killed at least 10 soldiers in Sri Lanka was carried out by the Tamil Tigers.
At the time of the explosion, the soldiers were taking a military bus in the northern state of Jaffna.
This is the stronghold of the separatists.
Tamil rebels have denied responsibility for the attack.
More than 60,000 people were killed in 20 years of separatist fighting.
Church: Well, four and a half months after the signing of the peace agreement, the rebels in Indonesia's Aceh province were 29-
The annual conflict in which 15,000 people were killed.
The two sides are joining together now-
The struggle for tsunami reconstruction.
Sarah Sultoon reports. (Start Video)
Sarah sultoon, CNN correspondent (voice over)
: A bittersweet ending described as one of the longest wars in modern history.
The peace agreement between the Indonesian government and the armed rebels in Aceh was inspired by the tsunami tragedy a year ago.
Irwandi yusuf, senior rebel negotiator: Representative (INAUDIBLE)
I am honored to announce that the state armed forces of Aceh (INAUDIBLE)
The soldiers are now demobilized and (INAUDIBLE).
Indonesia's president says it is a golden opportunity to show the world how it hopes to thrive in the ruins of destruction.
Indonesian President susilo bambang yudhoyono: I would like to sincerely thank the international community for its generous contribution to supporting the reconstruction efforts of Aceh
It is important to maintain
Long-term commitment to the continuity of the project.
Sultan Tong: Both sides took compromise measures before the tsunami.
Disaster forced them to work together.
Yudhoyono: I hope that the peace process in Aceh will be long-term.
Key factors to the success of the project.
Surton: In the past 29 years, 15,000 people have been killed in the conflict. in Indonesia alone, the tsunami killed about 130,000 people.
Rebel leaders say they ordered the fighting to stop after the scale of the disaster became clear.
The international authorities have now supervised 840 rebel weapons that are not used.
The government has promised that most of the troops will be on their way out.
Yudhoyono: if there is a need to deploy and employ engineer troops in this reconstruction effort, not combat missions, the number must be reasonable.
It could be one or a half battalion, less than 1,000 people.
Not 15,000 has already been said in the newspaper.
Of course, this deployment of the engineer unit should (INAUDIBLE)
Stop the ongoing peace process.
Surton: a small sign of hope in a region is that people stop to recall one of the worst natural disasters in memory.
CNN Sarah surton in Atlanta(END VIDEOTAPE)
CLANCY: in Russia, the parents of 186 children and about 300 people were killed and they were angry.
Prosecutors who ignored their testimony are now whitewashing the siege of Beslan school, they say.
These prosecutors have been investigating 2004 incidents.
They say the security forces, the Russian police did not make any mistakes in the way they handled the hostages --taking crisis.
Parents are investigating, noting that a previous report by local officials found that the security sector was actually incompetent.
All right.
Lift your palm in prayer. . .
Church: earthquake survivors are still seeking comfort and shelter in Pakistan as they face a cold world. (
Business break)
Hello again.
This is your world today, the world news of CNN International hour.
Well, it's been two and a half months since a devastating earthquake swept across South Asia.
Thousands of survivors still live in tents.
However, the temperature at night is now well below the freezing point.
In fact, most of the quake-hit areas are well below freezing.
It is expected that the weather will become colder, especially at higher altitudes. U. S.
Rescue agency Mercy has been airlifting metal roof plates and building supplies to the area.
They hope this will help strengthen the modest protection of these refugees.
The group says it helps residents build shelters for more than 2,600 families. (
Start Video Editing)
Josh kreger of mercy: now we are 16,000 feet, about 2,000.
It's snowing here. it's snowing heavily.
There were about 4 to 6 feet snow last winter.
If they don't have these shelters, it will be cold in winter. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Well, Dr. CNN.
Sanjay Gupta, who returned to Pakistan to visit some survivors, found that the tragedy of the earthquake is still happening for many. (Start Video)
Sanjay Gupta, CNN senior correspondent
Medical correspondent (voice-over)
We hear these numbers over and over again: more than 80,000 people die every day, and more people die.
But that's the number, it's just the number, and it didn't really sink until I walked into the middle of the funeral line.
Not long after we arrived in the small village of maracino. ph)
Northeast Pakistan
We learn fast. -
Maybe obviously--
Even if they live here, no one can escape the earthquake. (on camera)
: Nurasen Malik (ph)
I live here.
Now his family lives with him.
On the morning of October 8, you can see what happened and all the damage.
Cracks appeared.
The whole earth began to move, and part of his family was completely washed away, washed away by the earthquake and fell off the mountain. (voice-over)
: Nurasen Malik (ph)
In his own home, I will try to spend the winter here, unwilling to leave his property.
You see, there is no land contract in many parts of Pakistan.
He was worried that his land would never be brought back.
But many others do not have the option.
Their home has been ruined and they all have a new way of life. (on camera)
: One thing that impressed me was how big the place was.
These are the Himalayan mountains behind me, and we are at the foothills of these mountains.
This is one of many tent villages that emerged immediately after the earthquake.
About 6,000 people live in about 1,000 tents.
6 people per tent
This is actually considered very good.
I would like to point out, however, some concerns.
First, there is no winter in these tents.
They will not prevent rain.
It won't resist the huge cold. now it's getting colder and colder at night, and it will definitely be lower than freezing point.
The ground is getting harder and harder to dig, so you can smash these stakes onto the ground.
Still, the U. N.
Tell these people they will stay here for about six months.
At this height, I can't even breathe a little.
Still, there is a lot of concern about the aftershocks and more debris coming down the mountain.
They wanted to live as high as they could, so people continued up the hill. (voice-over): Azkan (ph)
The way of life in the mountains.
He set up two tents for his family.
He told me that the man slept six and had no heat at all.
This is all the food for his family: half pot of rice, a bag of flour and a small bean sprouts.
Although he is optimistic, I can't help but wonder that it will be more difficult for him to overcome the cold or hunger.
These are stories, stories about death, and about 30-at an altitude of nearly 3,000 feet m-
With the arrival of winter, the temperature is getting higher and higher, away from help. Dr.
Sanjay Gupta, CNN, Marathinolia (ph), Pakistan. (END VIDEOTAPE)
CLANCY: Well, Dr.
Gupta really made some outlook for US, because when you look at international news, if you follow our broadcast, you will hear the floods of Darfur, Congo, AIDS, earthquakes, hurricanes.
This is overwhelming.
CHURCH: It is.
In fact, we have taken the plight of those earthquake victims as the inbox theme of the day.
We ask you to answer this question: are the victims of the South Asian earthquake also victims of donor fatigue?
Send us your thoughts. -
People just get tired of giving-at ywt@cnn. com.
Don't forget to include your name and your location.
Church: We will also try to read some of your replies in an hour.
So be sure to give them to us.
Nevertheless, the words used to describe him are still reminiscent of extremes and opposites.
CLANCY: That's right.
Charming, fierce is just two terms used to describe him.
When we return, we will look at the life and times of Kerry Parker, Australia's richest man. (
Business break)
CNN anchor Darin Kagan: I'm Darin Kagan from the CNN Center in Atlanta.
In a few minutes, there will be more of your world.
First, however, let's take a look at the stories that make headlines in the United States. S.
Just a while ago, a Miami rape suspect appeared before a judge and faced new charges of jailbreaking.
The judge at the other end of the video linked refused bail from Reynaldo Rapalo.
An informant took the police to him outside a video store in southwest Miami, where he was arrested last night without incident.
He was charged with sexually assaulting seven women and girls aged 11 to 79.
Now in New Orleans, questions about the first police shooting since the city reopened.
You can see that there are many officers around a man wielding a knife.
A witness said the man had just attacked a pharmacy employee.
The police followed him on the street and ordered him to go down.
But when the man threw himself at a police officer, the police shot. (
Start Video Editing)
New Orleans police spokesman David Adams: We have several police officers here.
The police in front of him.
Life is in imminent danger.
He had to step back in order to avoid being stabbed to his chest.
I don't think it has much power. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Robert Jenkins is a lawyer to witness the incident.
He interviewed Miles O'Brien on CNN's "American Morning" program. " (
Start Video Editing)
Witness Robert Jenkins: When the police came out, they ordered the man to drop the gun ---
I mean, put the knife down.
They let him land.
He refused. They pepper-sprayed him.
He still did not go down.
You know, they showed great restraint when they followed him on the street. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Kagan: a reminder to the audience.
You can watch CNN's "American Morning" from 6: 00 in the morning ". m.
Eastern, CNN live today at 10: 00. m.
Winter weather has caused a lot of problems for drivers trying to get in and out of Seattle.
The accident involving a few and a half trucks blocked I-
Pass 90 in snoquarmi.
Earlier this morning, both the West and East lines were closed.
Traffic officials say visibility is poor.
The snow is deep.
The gift that has been giving, Chad miles.
Kagan: We're focusing on the story of this development in Atlanta.
This is a situation in the heart of Atlanta, not far from our location on CNN.
Police blocked a block on Peachtree Street.
They did so because there were reports that there was a suspicious package in the office building.
About 11: 30, police said. m.
They were called to 34 Peachtree Street.
It's closed.
For those familiar with downtown Atlanta, it is very close to the current location of the Coca-Cola world.
So we will continue to focus on the story.
Also today, a former major league baseball star was jailed in Palm Beach, Florida, this morning.
He was accused of robbing a jewelry store.
Police say fourtime all-
Star pitcher Jeff Leiden claimed to have a gun and ran away with a bag full of money.
Police said that when they arrested him, leerden did not have a gun, did not resist, and accused him of his actions caused by drugs.
He said sorry too.
Hundreds of people came to Tampa this morning to pay a final tribute to the son of Indianapolis pony coach Tony dungi.
Coach Deng Ji took a vacation last Thursday after learning about his son's death.
Old James dungie was found dead in Tampa. area apartment.
It seems like suicide.
If not all of the ponies, most of them took part in the service.
Six chartered cars carrying the convoy arrived in Tampa earlier today.
Obviously, there are some big movie lovers in the Library of Congress.
They are saving movies for future generations.
Find out which movies will go into the vault for future generations to watch.
This is at the top of the hour of "live.
"At the same time, your world today continues after a quick break.
I'm Darling Kagan. (
Business break)
Church: Welcome back to your world today on CNN International.
This is Rosemary Church.
This is Jim Clancy.
These are the stories of headlines around the world.
In Iraq, construction workers laying water pipes in the Shiite city of Karbala now find a collective grave.
The tomb is believed to contain the remains of people killed by Saddam Hussein's security forces during the 1991 uprising following the first Gulf War.
On Tuesday, thousands of protesters supporting Sunni, Arab and secular Shiite politicians marched through the streets of Baghdad.
They want a government of national unity.
Church: a Syrian citizen arrested for killing anti-Syrian militants
Syrian politician and journalist Gibran TueniA high-
Senior Lebanese official Abel Kader (ph)
It was observed near the scene of the explosion and called Damascus before the explosion.
The authorities have 48 hours to formally prosecute him.
CLANCY: armed members of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade have occupied Palestinian government buildings in Gaza and the West Bank.
The militants are demanding more job opportunities for next month's parliamentary elections and more candidates to participate.
In northern Gaza, IDF launched air strikes on several buildings.
IDF said that the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade used these sites to launch attacks on Israel.
Now, Tuesday's incident involves young members of Fatah. -
We should be armed. -
It was a disturbing development before the election.
Such violations undermine the authority of President Abbas and may also indicate that Hamas militants will receive more political power due to next month's elections.
Palestinian legislator Hanan Ashrawi is now living with us in Ramallah in the West Bank.
Hanan, how should the person who sees it explain it?
What happened inside the Palestinian Fatah movement?
Palestinian legislator hanan ashrawi: Yes, Jim.
What you describe is actually accurate.
Because what is happening inside the Fatah movement is a power struggle, obviously, blatant.
It was a fight between the old guard and the young guard.
It was a struggle for power between the people who came back from Tunisia and traditional historical leaders.
Between the younger generation, between the local and Palestinian younger generation.
For a long time, the older generation has mastered power.
The younger generation has been demanding some power.
Sharing and democratizing within Fatah.
Things have reached their peak.
What makes them public is preliminary elections for primary or legislative elections, where there is a lot of manipulation and fraud and, of course, some intimidation and the use of guns.
This has also led to increased confidence in Hamas, leading to its outstanding performance in local government elections.
Now the issue of corruption, the requirement of better places is on the elective list.
Fatah has produced two lists and two slabs for legislative elections.
Of course, the problem of the security sector absorbing militants has led to this internal crisis, which is indeed very serious.
People want to know--
They want to know when they look.
They know that they have heard young people, young Palestinians say that the old guards are corrupt and all these people want is money and can control it.
Any signs? -
Can young people really do better?
Can Hamas do better?
Ashravi: this is the case. it's not that simple.
You can't tag all the older generation with corrupt labels, saying that the younger generation is reformist and honest.
No, good and bad on both sides.
But the problem is young people. -
The older generation has persisted for too long and foiled any attempt to democratize and power --sharing.
This weakened the entire Fatah and led to the rise of Hamas on the platform of reform and change.
Reform and change are expected.
They do not necessarily agree with Hamas ideology.
That's why we think there should be a third approach, there should be democratic forces within Palestine, who, on the one hand, provide a real alternative to the simplistic politicisation of state corruption and Islamic political parties and ideologies ---
On the other hand, it is the ideology of absolutism.
We believe that the majority of Palestinians only want good governance, democratic systems and inclusive democracy.
And, of course, the rule of law.
These things must be guaranteed.
The problem is that Fatah has led to internal chaos and instability, and now there is real concern that Hamas will take over.
CLANCY: Some people think that the real strength of all this is unemployment.
Can anyone solve this problem?
Well, unemployment is a major problem.
In Gaza, of course, this figure could be as high as 50%, which is a problem because all commitments have not been fulfilled.
Even donations to the community, work donations, have not been realized.
Of course, Israel is still in control of Gaza.
It turned into a prison.
Now, with the return to encourage straying (ph)
As they said, an attempt was made to establish a buffer zone in northern Gaza for ethnic cleansing.
Now in the West Bank, the policy of assassination, siege is as tense as ever.
The wall is still being built and annexed.
Jerusalem is completely isolated.
This has led to great economic difficulties, with the younger generation feeling deprived of their rights on the one hand and completely deprived of their rights on the other.
The majority of Palestinians feel the pinch and are seeking the power to produce results, while the Israeli siege itself and the escalation of Israeli violence have completely hindered power.
Economic crisis in the political crisis within occupation
It affects not only the Palestinians.
Hanan Ashrawi, as always, thank you very much for being with us.
Ashrawi: That's right.
Thank you, Jim. My pleasure.
Church: OK. go to America now.
President George W.
Bush delivered a series of speeches at the end of the year aimed at strengthening public support for the United States. S.
Participation in IraqMr.
Bush also touted achievements at home, including low unemployment.
But as Dana Bash reported, there was a problem covering up his message when he entered the new year. (Start Video)
White House reporter dana bash (CNN (voice-over)
President Bush arrived in Texas, ending the turbulent year peacefully.
But hopes of a 2006 political rebound have been threatened by new revelations.
9/11 the scope of the directive is wider than he admitted. GEORGE W.
US President Bush: I authorize the interception of international communications with al-Qaida and related terrorist organizations.
Ash: when the president acknowledged the existence of this highly classified program, he did not disclose that the National Security Agency was not just hacking the conversation.
It was helped by the United States. S.
People familiar with the matter confirmed to CNN that telephone and Internet companies collect and analyze a lot of information.
The New York Times first reported the incident. S.
Telecom gives NSA permission to monitor email
Mail and phone traffic to and from the United States without a warrant.
This is data mining by intelligence and law enforcement experts, described to CNN by former officials familiar with the project, trying to discover a terrorist plot by observing who spoke to whom, at that time, from where.
Former FBI agent george bauries: it is not a violation or a look at individual words in the conversation, nor a listening to any one, but a pattern of information flow, which is the key to determining the ongoing threat.
CNN is unable to confirm with any telecom company if they are working with the government.
The White House declined to confirm the New York Times report.
Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who did not know about the secret surveillance program during the Bush administration, said it made sense and should continue.
However, he said the dispute could be avoided if the president passed the court.
Colin Powell of FMR
The Secretary of State: my own judgment is that, in any case, it seems to me that it is difficult to get a warrant.
Civil liberties advocates say the program is a serious violation of privacy and law.
ACLU Lisa Graves: since September 11, Congress has not authorized the President to carry out this type of surveillance of the American people ---
People on this land-for any reason. BASH (on camera)
: The White House insists that everything the president approves is carefully reviewed and within his power.
But Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy told CNN that he couldn't find anyone who thinks so.
The data mining aspect of the so-called secret surveillance program is legal.
He promised to actively ask the White House during the Double Eleven.
Party hearings were held early next year.
CNN, Dana Marsh, Crawford, Texas(END VIDEOTAPE)
CLANCY: as a footnote, things are not going well for a gentleman
Bush's closest ally
It was a turbulent year for British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
He has been mad at many different things.
Robin Oakley reports that the policy issues of disagreement in his cabinet seem to have only multiplied. (Start Video)
Robin Oakley, CNN correspondent (voice-over)
Just seven months ago, Tony Blair became the first Labor leader to win three consecutive elections.
But by the end of the year.
The British prime minister looks like a locked-up man.
His cabinet colleagues have openly quarreled over policy issues.
Even his normally loyal leader, John Prescott, is threatening his education policies.
And his six-month rescue efforts in Europe. U.
Last term of President
Minutes trading on EU.
The budget is also causing trouble.
His finance minister
The replacement of Gordon Brown is said to be frustrated by the cost.
The opposition has attacked him.
Blair gave up part of the UK rebate without recasting agricultural subsidies, which is good for France.
A British member of the European Parliament said the match was a match for French President Jacques Chirac.
Nigel Farage: unlike you, he represents the national interest of France, not some strange European concepts.
He is better than you every semester.
Oakley: Newquay (ph)
Blair accused members of sitting behind the British flag, but not Britain.
British Prime Minister Tony Blair: This year is 2005, not 1945.
We don't fight each other anymore.
They are our partners, our colleagues, and our future in Europe.
Oakley: if it would make him win some cheers on the continent, Blair would find it hard to do it at home.
For the first time since 1992, opposition conservatives have been led by new leaders 39-year-
Old David Cameron leads the polls.
Interestingly, the Conservative Party is now looking forward to the fact that Cameron is testing Blair.
David Cameron, US leaderK.
Conservative Party: this is just our first communication. the Prime Minister is already asking me questions.
This approach has been put on hold in the past and I want to talk about the future.
He was the future.
In his last meeting with the media before Christmas, Blair did not regret the public service reform plan, which had many opponents in his own party.
British Prime Minister Tony Blair: I have never felt more confident that we have been doing the right thing for a long time
The future of the country.
Oakley: he insists that his opponent has no policy to mention.
We are the people who create the weather.
That's why no matter how difficult it is, we stick to it and stick to it. OAKLEY (on camera)
: A prime minister who is no one seems to have been criticized by the public and pushed forward by his opponents.
The new conservatives have not yet started their policies.
But lawmakers agreed that since he said he would leave in the next election.
Blair's authority began to suffer.
Robin Oakley, CNN. (END VIDEOTAPE)
CLANCY: now, will you quit when you listen to iTunes?
This is our problem.
It's a different world when you're listening to the iPod.
But it is dangerous to ignore it.
We will explore them when we come back. (
Business break)
Welcome back to CNN International, international news for the hour.
Well, you may be the happy recipient of the iPod for this holiday.
But it's a danger to warn in advance, with all these tunes.
Wearing headphones will make you more casual about the surroundings.
Dan Lothian tells us why this might be a problem. (Start Video)
CNN reporter dan lothian (voice over)
: Crowded Crowds and deafening noises on Boston's busy railway are a paradise for potential thieves. Their targets?
Passengers got lost in the ipod. LT. DET.
Mark Gillespie of MASS
Gulf Traffic Police: When you open them, you have signed an agreement spiritually to pay attention to anything but walking and listening to music.
LOTHIAN: The passenger did not seem to have noticed a transit order in bright colors at all
Color vests warn passengers.
Gillespie: Sir? Sir?
We have to take some extra steps after that and actually touch them to distribute these flyers to get their attention. LOTHIAN (on camera)
: Some commuters have paid a high price for being drawn out.
Investigators found an increase in robbery cases around the transportation system.
Cash, credit cards and other valuables are taken away from the pockets and wallets of commuters who are listening to music or mobile phone calls.
Gillespie: you should read this article if you have an iPod or if you speak on your phone. LOTHIAN (voice over)
: Boston traffic police and other law enforcement agencies are concerned that these crimes may escalate, especially during the busy holiday season when they launch a security campaign to get in and out of the subway station at night, distribute flyers with tips, such as being vigilant or removing headphones.
But if people do not take these security measures, they are likely to be victims.
LOTHIAN: plainclothes police at some stations will also work in the crowd.
Elvis Hernández likes his music, but does not let the volume drown his consciousness.
Elvis Hernández, a transit rider: But I did notice it.
I am very careful about the surroundings, especially during the holidays.
Crazy here.
LOTHIAN: The commuter keeps safe by putting down the sound.
Unidentified male: I usually keep one, so I really don't--
I can still hear what's going on around me.
LOTHIAN: try to get commuters to focus not only on their iPod, but also on their surroundings.
Dan Lothian, Boston, CNN(END VIDEOTAPE)
Church: OK, now we want to see the international weather and the cold weather in India.
CLANCY: Let's check in with Femi Oke. Hi, Femi. (WEATHER REPORT)
Thanks, Femi.
Well, would you like to find a spacious place for your next vacation?
CLANCY: But do you want to pay for going home?
We may hear the story.
Maybe we will have time.
We 'd better take a break here.
Church: OK.
We will be back when we restructure. (
Business break)
Okay, Rosemary.
We are bound and determined and we will read some emails
All of you sent us this hour.
We want to check our inbox.
"The Church: The question we are asking today is, are the victims of the South Asian earthquake also victims of donor fatigue?
CLANCY: Now, Dennis from Amsterdam wrote: "The victims of the earthquake are also victims of helping fatigue.
It would be even better if we provided assistance in general and then inspired by specific disasters.
Now, Shelton from New Jersey tells us that I don't think it's donor fatigue.
Financial resources are rapidly drying up due to so many disasters.
We just can't keep up.
CLANCY: There is also rosemary from the sand City of Massachusetts.
"Survivors are victims of donor fatigue, but what is even more frustrating is that they are victims of their own government," it said "---
The Pakistani government.
They intend to "buy billions of dollars of weapons," she said ".
Church: Finally, Joanne from Maryland.
She wrote, "I'm not quite sure if donors are tired because donors are tired of not seeing any progress.
If CNN and others give positive feedback, then a lot of people may give more feedback.
"Of course, we can only report what's going on outside, can't we?
CLANCY: OK, we thank you all for your email.
The email you sent us today.
In the next few hours we will have the opportunity to read more.
Well, nine years later, a hot cinnamon roll came out of the oven, surprisingly similar to that of Mother Teresa.
People in Nashville, Tennessee, who are known as "nun buns" are missing, and police say people were stolen by the evil Grinch on Christmas morning.
Pastry robbers pry open the door from the cafe in banggojava and take the dough.
Before it was stolen, anyone who walked into the coffee shop could see the bread, and now the image of the bread, Mother Teresa, has disappeared.
It sits on the shelf right below the cash register.
I was wondering if they took the cash as well.
Church: What do you think they will do?
I don't know.
Mother Teresa may say it should be eaten when fresh.
I'm Jim Clancy.
This is Rosemary Church.
Thank you for your company. (
Business break)
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