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zahi hawass, egypt's avenger of the pharaohs - corrugated sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-10
zahi hawass, egypt\'s avenger of the pharaohs  -  corrugated sheet
It is 5 a. m.
Zahi Hawass is sitting in his SUV, just after taking a shower, ready to drive to Bahariya oasis for a press conference.
The streets are still empty when Cairo flashes in roses
The sun in the morning.
In order to avoid the traffic in the morning, Havas must hurry up.
He has had a heart attack and since then he has only pumped water pipes.
Referring to his driver, he said: "I will fire him if he slows down.
He likes to call his opponent a jerk.
"But no one here is bothered by his behavior.
In fact, Havas has a license to get angry loudly.
He made his own rules.
As secretary general of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA)
He is the ultimate protector of all monuments in the country.
About 30,000 people reported to Hawass that the organization of Hawass was responsible for hundreds of dilapidated temples, gloomy graves and a treasure house full of the smell of gold jewelry and papyrus documents, from the delta to the fourth Nile cataract.
Havas can open them all.
Even if it looks like Indiana Jones in a jeans shirt and floppy disk, the owner of the Egyptian antique key has appeared on TV countless times, dangling from the rope in the grave, or bend over and repeat the same attempt. and-
Truth: "mummies, sand, secrets, miracles, extraordinary.
He's the world now.
At least in his own evaluation of himself.
$300 pyramid speaker drinks (€242)
His best friend is actor Omar Sharif.
Sometimes he wears expensive tuxedo and drives to the party at President Hu hosni Mubarak's villa.
He even met with US President Barack Obama on June, and the two stood in their pockets at the bottom of the Cheops pyramid, looking cool.
"We are friends right away," Hawass said . ".
"I told him that George Lucas came here to find out why my hat is more famous than Harrison Ford's.
When he saw the layout of his new book, he had only one comment: "OK, but you have to print my name in a larger letter.
"I am famous not only in the United States, but also in Japan, in fact, everywhere," the narcissistic Egyptian explained without hesitation . ".
But Havas is probably the most famous in his home country, Egypt, where he wrote a column in the government dailyAhram.
He often appears on television, chatting with official guests and ambassadors, or holding dance competitions in front of the lion's face.
People like Havas's approach and his ability to talk equally with the West.
He liberated Egypt with humility.
He also happens to be a gifted speaker.
He likes anecdotes, which usually surround him with small lies.
But the extrovert is not very interested in details.
"Jalla, let's go," he shouted excitedly as his Jeep ran into traffic jams in the Cairo city canyon.
His driver has run a few chickens.
But the German newspaper Hamburg called Havas "The Fighting elephant of Egyptian studies" and he was impatient with the delay.
He is an energetic man.
He said he needed thousands of arms and legs to remove all the stigma that had been done to his country.
He was troubled by the daily life of his fellow Egyptians, the dirty, the poor, the lack of organization and the poor technical facilities of his institution.
"We used to be the top," he said, referring to the age of Pharaoh.
"Take pride in this tradition," he told young people . ".
Havas often talks about dignity, respect and honor.
He believes that his country has been deceived and his mission is to retaliate for such treatment.
"Our legacy has been stolen," he said . "
"In the past few centuries, people have raped the Nile.
"This makes him more determined to pursue one of the most important goals: the return of cultural relics.
It is true that foreign rulers have ransacked the area along the Nile for thousands of years.
For example, the Romans escaped with the entire obelisk.
Napoleon is here.
"Soldiers, look down on you in the 40 th century," the Corsica shouted to his soldiers as they invaded the country 1798.
The whole ship, filled with artifacts, was later shipped to the west, where they became the foundation of a large new museum.
Many of these treasures are bought legally and with a large sum of money.
But Egypt is also awash with smugglers and tomb thieves who break the law and steal the country's gold heritage.
Hovas was furious at the bloodshed and he made no difference.
The director of antiquities made a general allegation that it was inconvenient for the West.
He is very similar to Stephens, but he does not cause plague, but makes people feel guilty.
The man has brought back 31,000 smuggled items in the past few years.
They are mainly through illegal excavations sold to American museums by auction houses such as Sotheby's and Christie's for the past 50 years.
It makes sense that he is celebrated at home for his achievements.
He even found the body of Ramses. -
In distant Atlanta
Havas leaned over the paper face and sniffed.
Then he said, "I can smell it ---this is Ramses.
The analysis proved that he was right.
His success earned him a variety of descriptions, including The Mummy magician, the hero in the desert, and the Shard display who turned the pyramid into a circus tent.
He has a good sense of humor, but he is also Moody.
Recently in New York, he picked several museum directors from Boston before the world press conference.
They have a statue of the people he thinks belong to him.
When he spoke, he turned his eyes and clenched his fist.
The Louvre also felt his anger.
Hawass wants the French museum to return five fine murals obtained from sellers who illegally obtained murals.
When it refused, he expelled French archaeologists from Egypt and terminated all cooperation with the treasure house on the Seine.
Finally, on last October, French President Nicolas Sarkozy issued a modest appeal to Mubarak, promising to hand over everything requested.
Havas won a big victory: "This is a victory for us.
"The director of antiquities has provoked a difficult struggle for which he needs to maintain physical strength, strong nerves and a healthy body.
In order to stay healthy, at the suggestion of the gynecologist's wife, he started the normal gymnastics working day. By 7 a. m.
He sat in the office near Zamalek and drank cold tea and lemonade.
He went out for dinner at night. After 10 p. m.
He played backgammon in a cafe near the apartment and relaxed.
But there are often times when Havas has to get up early, skip morning routines, brush their teeth, and then take a Jeep to the countryside and eat a farlafite quickly.
He is so busy because he monopolizes all public relations activities related to archaeology.
About 225 foreign archaeological teams were working along the Nile, and they were all covered.
No professor working with the team can report important findings without official approval.
"It used to be a self.
"Service operations here," said the boss, "but those days have passed.
"Hawass reserves the right to declare all the discoveries.
Not everyone likes this.
Some people feel that he is as interested in serious research as the hair cut by the long-haired princess.
He boasted that there were "10,000 Golden Mummies" in the bahala cemetery, but only 200 were found.
He mistakenly announced that a shabby discovery in the Valley of the Kings was the graveyard of a female pharaoh.
His own digging efforts are also somewhat bizarre.
For some time, the master has been searching for the body of Cleopatra in a temple near Alexandria. -
Based on an idea presented to him by counsel for the Dominican Republic.
"Are you sure?
Reporters want to know.
Havas replied: "This is all the same, otherwise I will not mention it at all.
After all, I don't want to embarrass myself.
"When nothing was found, despite the frenzy of digging, Havas photographed the granite image of Mark Anthony, the lover of Cleopatra, last year, he pretended from the museum that he had just pulled it out of the ground.
Duncan Leith is a computer expert who occasionally creates 3-
Animation of the grave--
In other words, a relatively small player ---
Calling him a "greedy guy" and a tyrant, he prefers to surround himself with "Pirates.
"On the other hand, the main Egyptologists are more conservative and tend to criticize them in a low voice.
They are anxious not to lose their license.
Many of the people present are secretly expecting May 28, the day when narcissistic archaeologists turn 63, usually his retirement age.
But Havas just got a new position instead of being entertained by a farewell dinner.
President Mubarak has appointed him as deputy minister of culture, which means he can continue to work until the end of his life.
Nevertheless, this mysterious figure is by no means the sum of his negative features.
He did make some achievements.
Thanks to his frenetic public relations activities and infinite vanity, Hawass sparked a change in consciousness among 80 million Egyptians and a new sense of pride.
Christian Loeben, an Egyptian antiquities scholar from the northern German city of Hanover, said: "for small farmers, the world used to surround Muhammad and the Quran . ".
But Havas came and managed to convince every pharaoh, who was his legacy.
I admire him for that.
"It is these successes that have caused so much trouble to museums in Paris, London, New York and Berlin.
They were frightened by the self-determined revenge campaign.
Declared the guardian of the pyramid ".
Last month, Havas hosted the International Cooperation Conference on the Protection and Repatriation of cultural heritage, a dispute that has reached a new climax.
"Delegates from 25 countries traveled to Cairo to form a united front against old exploiting countries around the Mediterranean.
At the end of the meeting, the moderator presented a list of requirements.
There are six objects in it. they are all masterpieces.
Havas wants the grand statue of vizier Ankhaf at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.
The British Museum in London was asked to hand over the Rosetta stone tablet used to decipher hieroglyphics.
One of the heaviest pieces is the Louvre, which is the astrological relief depicting the twelve zodiac signs.
He has two demands on the Germans.
In addition to the Nefertiti bust statue of the new Berlin Museum, Hawass also claims to have 4,500-year-
Old limestone statues on display in hildheim near Hanover.
It depicts himnu, the architect of the tomb of keopps.
His last work on the list, currently in Turin, Italy, is the image of Ramses II carved by an unknown Nile Michelangelo Kiero.
Hawass reported that he stood "90 minutes" silently and fascinated in front of the artwork ".
Given his fidgety nature, this may be an exaggeration.
When he opened his eyes and turned his r dramatically, waving his hand in the air, like Moses, he could separate the Red Sea.
"God gave me a gift to speak in a way that attracted the audience," he said . ".
But when it comes to the works of the six Masters, his magical tongue has not achieved the desired results.
Instead, when the Louvre and Turin refused to let go, Boston's foreign ministry was annoyed.
On last December, the New Museum in Berlin sent a representative to the Nile and attached the old contract documents.
When Nefertiti bust, like it was discovered and sold in 1913, "everything is legal," they noted ".
Since then, the Berlin Museum has been silent on the issue.
In fact, the shocking indictment of the Egyptians is untenable.
Egypt has no legal means.
Some of Hawass's claimed Works arrived in Europe about 200, when there was no UNESCO Convention on world cultural heritage.
The Manluk dynasty was a descendant of Turkish slaves who were in control of Egypt, and the Sultan of Turkey controlled the country.
When the French arrived with their large army, they immediately defeated their opponents directly at the Giza pyramid Stadium.
The occupier found the Rosetta Stone near a fort.
The British arrived soon and took 760.
Kilograms of treasures in France
Subsequently, a series of secret long-distance trips and pursuits were carried out in the bazaars, and the details of these trips and pursuits are still not entirely clear today.
All the quarrels confused the locals.
They asked themselves, why did foreigners rush to find an old piece of garbage from the time of Pharaoh?
They are not interested in the glorious past of their country.
Mohammed Ali pasah, who became Egypt's deputy King in 1805, prefers to pump water in the harem.
Meanwhile, his subjects used mummies as fuel in the oven.
Britain and France, on the other hand, were already consumed by Cleopatra fever.
Two French diplomats, benadino droviti and British Henry sorte, used their personal wealth to buy huge wealth.
They sent agents across the country to convince the elders of the village to open up the old cemetery and to fund the excavation work from Thebes to Giza.
Later, they sold the loot to the highest bidder including European kings, princes and museums.
This is not illegal.
In fact, the principle of "no penalty for Nura Posner ---
No punishment without law-applied.
Havas is also familiar with this legal principle.
This explains why ordinary antiquities tend to use vague language to justify his claim.
He said it is related to moral appeal and overall remedy.
His message to the Western Museum is clear: hand over six masterpieces and your past crimes will be forgiven.
But now that the new boss is deaf to his demands, Hoss feels the need to vent his anger and tell his infamous anecdotes.
For example, this is what he recently said to the people at the British Museum in London: "They put the Rosetta Stone in a dark, light room until I show up and come back.
It was not until then that they suddenly discovered that it was important.
"The plaintiff from Cairo also adopted the wrong tone when discussing the Nefertiti bust image.
He said German archaeologists who found the work deliberately smeared mud on the beautiful Pharaoh's bust image to mislead the Egyptian antiquities office.
No word is true.
All records have been signed correctly.
Is the director of ancient things too much?
Is he pursuing a real claim or is he just trying to bully his opponent?
Who the hell is this person who mentioned his opponent, he said: "I will destroy anyone who attacks me?
Hoth was silent about his birth.
He was born in a village in the Nile Valley.
His father died when he was very young.
Zahi had to help support his family.
He had nothing to say about the toil in the fields, the dirt in the streets and the poverty.
However, he does remember that as a boy he was a "famous football player ".
"All women love me and want to marry me," he added.
"At the age of 21, the young man found a job at the Antiquities Authority, which was then a large, sleepy government agency with no scientific capacity.
He said his job there was only to occasionally be a guard, lock the warehouse and look at the shoulders of Western scientists.
On 1978, the inspector attended a grateful Death concert in front of the lion's face.
Many American drugs
The smoking hippie went to Egypt for a concert.
The next step is America.
Havas spent seven years at the University of Pennsylvania, where he eventually received his doctorate.
When he returned to Egypt, he mastered a new skill: the ability to chatter in English.
The Egyptians saw him as a world traveler, enjoying the blessing of a higher form of existence in the United States.
In this way, he was soon resurrected in the ranks.
First, he was appointed "Director General of Antiquities", then "deputy secretary of state" and finally "Secretary General ".
He put his old office, a metal container with musty carpets and three phones on the table.
Under the shadow of the pyramid.
The Office became the power Portal for hawass.
Over the years, billionaires, actors and politicians have come to visit him.
From former US President Bush to Microsoft president gates and Libyan leader Gaddafi-
They all let the Sherpas lead them to the great graves.
Havas realized at the time that the West was willing to stand aside and share the glory of Pharaoh with hard currency.
The TV crew soon began knocking on his door, which was drawn by the genius speaker's ability to extract exciting stories from the most pitiful pieces.
The magician showed up his most amazing appearance in 2002.
In the live broadcast of the National Geographic Channel, he sent a remote
The robot enters the Cheops pyramid through the optical axis control.
The event was broadcast on television in 142 countries.
With the exception of the wobbly black, almost nothing else can be seenand-
White endoscopic images, but Havas indulged himself without fear: "What we saw this night is completely unique in the Egyptian world of learning.
"This is the real talent of humanity: the ability to weave dreams and history together.
Omar Sharif called his friend "an amazing actor ".
Nevertheless, he has made great achievements.
Thanks to his determination, the country has moved forward.
He gave influence to the Bureau of antiquities.
An important mummy analysis was started and millions of tourists were brought to the country.
Now Havas wants to build 19 museums, one of which is already under construction near the pyramid.
When it is completed in 2013, it is expected to collect the world's largest Egyptian collection.
The master is working hard for this victory.
He is also determined to display six controversial master works at the New Museum, which will be the highest conclusion of his career.
But will he succeed?
Western museums have been tricky so far.
The curator of hildheim also believes there is no reason to follow his will.
"Hemiunu is the pride of our collection," they said . "
The magnificent statue was discovered in 1913.
William pelezer is a wealthy businessman who sells railway parts in Egypt for German steel maker Krup Bo and pays for the digging work.
Pelizaeus took great pains to comply "equally" with the agreed division of excavation objects.
"Theft and plunder cannot be talked about.
The curator of Hemiunu, who is in charge of Hildesheim, explained that it was taken to Germany because it was in a very bad condition when it was discovered.
"The head is completely fragmented, and the Egyptians do not want the statue.
"The Boston case is similar.
In fact, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs even had a 1927 document saying that Ankhaf bust was given to the new host of the United States as an act of expressing gratitude from the Egyptian side.
Shortly after the discovery of ankhaf, American archaeologists also discovered the tomb of the famous old French mother, Hutt Firth.
It was covered with dusty furniture, leaving only gold and accessories.
Nonetheless, archaeologists managed to rebuild chairs, mats and beds.
After that, the Americans handed over glittering household items to Cairo.
Because they paid all the money with their own pockets, the Egyptians gave them the bust image as a reward.
In light of these facts, Hovas's protests suddenly broke down.
So why are you making such a fuss?
Some experts speculate that the man is pursuing
"In doing so, he bargained as much as he did at the fair.
"First of all, he made the biggest request to intimidate the museum," Loeben said, "Hopefully he will receive at least the masterpiece of the large new museum that was loaned to him.
"But will this plan succeed? A huge tug-of-
The war is now going on behind the scenes.
A spokeswoman for Hildesheim said: "We will not lend him anything without a bilateral treaty . ".
We don't believe that man.
In return, he said sharply: "We are not pirates of the Caribbean.
"This tone is likely to be a feature of future debate, and there is no agreement yet.
But even if he fails, Havas may overcome it.
He has achieved his main goal: fame.
Now, when the gray
When the white-haired antique director began his career nearly 40 years ago, he drove along the dusty road to the pyramid, where his staff stood and saluted him.
At such a moment, the son of the farmer was filled with joy.
He laughed because he knew he had succeeded.
"In Egypt, none of them from ordinary families are respected as I am.
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