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Here you can find the Properties for Cailong® Transparent High Barrier Alox PET Film: 1. Excellent transparency and colorless. 2.  Printable on metal coating side. 3. Remains stable even under high temperature and high humidity conditions. 4. Various products line-up for high barrier, retort and anti-static, etc. 5.Metal detector can be used during the inspection process of foreign particles. 6. Suitable for use in microwave oven. 7. No chlorine based gas evaporates during incineration. 8. Little residue of aluminum oxide after incineration.


There are 4 items depends on different barrier grades :


1. Normal Alox Metallized PET Film ( PET-Alox-020)

2. High Barrier Alox Metallized PET Film ( PET-Alox-010 )

3. Protective coating Alox Metallized PET Film ( PET-Alox-T )

4. Retort Alox Metallized Film ( PET-Alox-TZ )

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