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AlOx PET Film Advantages And Characteristics

AlOx PET Film Advantages And Characteristics


GL is the abbreviation of good layer, which can also be understood as a glass layer (meaning a layer of glass, both transparent and barrier). GL is a transparent vapor-deposited film which is made by vapor-depositing PET and ONY with silicon and alumina to produce a transparent high-barrier green film with excellent oxygen barrier properties, moisture resistance and aroma retention properties. The company is unique. This article has elaborated on its characteristics and application areas for reference.

CAILONG uses a unique film and evaporation technology to develop a high barrier transparent film (AlOx PET Film). It has reduced weight, flammability, and reduced CO2; it is comparable to aluminum foil, with excellent water vapor, oxygen barrier and fragrance retention. The barrier properties are basically independent of the ambient temperature and humidity; it can be heated directly in the microwave oven. Or thawed; can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure; it does not produce chlorine-based waste gas and no residual substances during combustion treatment.

Three advantages of AlOx PET film

Product advantage 1:

High barrier and stability

• Protect the contents from “wet”, “dry” and “corruption”.

• Suitable for various environments such as high temperature and high humidity.

Product advantage 2:

High transparency and non-metallic

• The joint of the seal can be detected during filling.

• Suitable for microwave ovens.

• Metal detectors, microwave ovens and IC tags are available.

• Excellent flex resistance.

Product advantage 3:

Conducive to environmental protection

• Chlorine-based gas does not occur during incineration.

• There is almost no residue when burning.

• Construct aluminum foil to reduce the amount of waste.

The AlOx film is formed by superposing a coating barrier layer and an inorganic vapor deposition barrier layer on a base film (PET).

The unique coating layer is combined with a high-quality vapor-deposited layer to form a good multi-layer structure, which facilitates subsequent processing such as printing and lamination, and exhibits stable barrier properties.

At present, AlOx film has been used in many fields such as food packaging, daily chemical packaging, medical packaging, electronic component packaging, etc., greatly improving the performance of packaging products, and occupying a large market share in the global transparent barrier film market.

For example, Cailong uses its own liquid container technology and AlOx film to introduce a paper beverage can, which can achieve long-term preservation of the contents, exquisite design and printing effect, without aluminum foil for easy disposal, environmental protection and other excellent performance. The quality of the contents can also be diversified and personalized.

For example, the pharmaceutical packaging using AlOx film has an acid permeability close to that of aluminum foil, and has the characteristics of oxygen barrier and waterproofness, and is suitable for sterilization under different conditions, and is hygienic and environmentally friendly.

Characteristics of AlOx film

1. The AlOx film has excellent barrier properties against oxygen and water vapor, and has a good fragrance to the contents, and can preserve the freshness of the food for a long time;

2, has excellent heat resistance (GL-ARH can be cooked at 121 ° C, 30 minutes), suitable for cooking bags;

3. The barrier property against oxygen and water vapor is not weakened by changes in temperature and humidity;

4, high transparency, consumers can see the contents, stimulate the desire to buy;

5, can be heated in an electronic microwave oven. No harmful gas will be produced during incineration, and no gas residue will occur;

6. Covering the barrier layer with a protective layer, which can be directly combined and printed;

7. The structural layer is arranged reasonably to reduce the weight of the package;

8. It can effectively use the metal detector to check the heat-sealing fastness of the package and the presence or absence of pinholes. It can also check whether the contents contain foreign matter.

Application field of AlOx film

   AlOx films are currently used in flexible packaging such as retort pouches, stand-up pouches, pan lids and other flexible packaging materials (liquid containers), EP-PAK, economic containers, hoses and composite hoses.

    In the medical and medical field, the main packaging, such as infusion packaging materials, artificial dialysis, plastic vials PTP, eye drops, and other packaging materials (labels) inspection drug label (package materials containing indicators). In addition, it can also be applied to films on the front and back of electronic parts, computer monitors, etc.

   At present, AlOx pet film have been widely used by more than 4,000 products from 400 countries and regions in the world. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection around the world, transparent and vapor-deposited high-resistance environmentally friendly films will be more noticeable, and their use will gradually increase. Domestic manufacturers have used AlOx films on the packaging of high-temperature cooking foods, medicines and electronic products.

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