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China Mobile Processing Expo ( Dongguan)August.29th ~ 31st 2019.

Dafu company attended China Mobile Processing Expo ( Dongguan)on August.29th ~ 31st 2019.

During this expo Dafu showed the featured products : PC/PMMA composite board which used in 5G mobile phone back board.

About the PC/PMMA composite board of Dafu :

01. Composite sheet forming method

The molding method of PC/PMMA is as follows:

Extrusion compounding: refers to the composite material obtained by extruding a raw material onto another formed film during the processing of the film.

Adhesive type: refers to a composite material obtained by compounding two different kinds of films which have been produced by a binder.

Co-extruded composite film: Co-extrusion compounding uses several extruders to simultaneously squeeze different kinds of resins into a composite die. Each layer of resin is integrated into the die or foreign exchange, and is cooled and shaped after extrusion and compounding. That is, it becomes a composite film.

02. Main features of coextruded composite film

The composite film is extruded at one time, and the process is simple, energy saving, high production efficiency, and low cost.

The composite film is soft and comfortable to the touch.

Since there is no need to use an adhesive between the layers, there is no problem of residual solvent, and the film has no odor.

At present, the research of the hotter composite board is a two-layer composite material obtained by co-extrusion, PMMA is used for the outer layer and PC is used as the inner layer.