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Double side metallized PET film

Double side metallized PET film

Double side metallized PET film

12um ~ 50um
Bubble bag and with wood pallet
1 Metric Ton
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Company Advantages
1. Our pet metalized have a wide range of material category, taking different processes. Its surface coating gives it excellent scratch resistance
2. Foshan Cailong Metallic Packaging Material Co., Ltd. provides quality guarantee for pet metalized . It provides better transparency visibility and printability
3. The product is not affected by the humid environment. All of its electric components are finely sealed inside the housing, which makes them not be damaged by the external conditions.
4. The product is able to work continuously. It can operate 24/7 365 days a year without rest except for maintenance. It is strong enough to resist pinhole, shock, and abrasion
5. The product has no risk of electric shock to the human body. Its electrical components are strictly made to comply with EN or IEC standards, without any current leakage problems. The product provides easy cutting to fit any requirements of the package

Product Display

Double side metallized PET film-1
Double side metallized PET film-2
Double side metallized PET film-3
Double side metallized PET film-4


With special technology, the film is metallized on both side with a thin aluminum to be a flexibepacking material for special usage.


It is a beautiful cheap and performance packaging material. It has excellent reflectiing.

The double-sides metallic film has a better shading UV-proof property.


Technical Index
ItemTesting MethodsUnitsStandardTypical Values
BB/T 0030-2004
Aluminum ThicknessGB/T15717Ω/□≤2.51.8
DensityGB/T 1033g/cm³1.4
Aluminum AdhesionBB/T0030-2004%≤201
Aluminum UniformityBB/T0030-2004%±152
Surface TensionAl SideGB/14216mN/m≥4852
Non-Al side≥4446
Tensile TtrengthMDGB/T13022Mpa(<70um)≧170190
Elongation at BreakMDGB/T13022%≥80110
OTRASTM D3985cc/㎡·24h
WVTRASTM F-1249g/㎡·24h
TypeThickness (um)Width (mm)Length (m)


Double side metallized PET film-5
Double side metallized PET film-6
Double side metallized PET film-7

Double side metallized PET film-8
Double side metallized PET film-9
Double side metallized PET film-10

● It is used for printing, food package, comestic package,electronic package, decorative materials,labels and more.

The bright metallic film can replace the aluminum foil ( the price is lower cost than aluminum foil ), pretty look and insulative property. Therefore, it is widely used in packaging industries. 

Company Features
1. Cailong is a vanguard brand in pet metalized industry of China.
2. We have build up a high-performance R&D team. They have a keen market sense, and they are always able to invent creative products that other competitors can't invent. This makes our company more competitive in product types.
3. Foshan Cailong Metallic Packaging Material Co., Ltd. strictly takes needs of every customer into consideration of metalized film production. Welcome to visit our factory!
The design of Cailong pet metalized has been optimized. For example, the performance of insulation materials (mainly metals), plug compatibility, electromagnetic interference have been improved by our designers. Its design ensures a good connection without leakage
The design of Cailong metalized film stands out in the market. It is designed by the designers who are very acquainted with practical tech accessory and has a deep insight into the phone markets. Produced with ductile iron material, it provides high strength
The quality control of Cailong metalized foil is conducted rigorously in order to meet the requirements in the solar product industry. It is inspected in the short circuit protection, charge and discharge performance, as well as energy utilization capacity. It is very tough and has excellent fatigue strength
Cailong pet metalized is exclusively developed by the in-house R&D team who devote themselves to create a product that fits perfectly with the phones. Its inner structure is able to offer better sealing
The development of Cailong metalized foil adopts different advanced technologies. It is developed under the enlightenment of energy keeping and ultra-quiet technologies. It has great resistance to stress corrosion cracking
With its components or parts soldered together, which helps improve its inner strength and stability, this product features long-lasting durability. Its ability to keep pressure stability avoids vibration and noise
With a built-in filter system that is specially designed, this product generates very little radiation, including electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic wave. With a compact appearance, it facilitates easy pipe arrangement
This product is not subject to the electric leakage problem. It is embedded with an insulation protection system to prevent electric danger. It can be furnished with different types of internal trim and seals to accommodate varied service media
Because it is made of green and non-toxic materials, it is not subject to release toxic substances or gases into the air when its wastes are burned. Its ability to keep pressure stability avoids vibration and noise
The product helps reduce electronic waste (e-waste) globally. Most of its components and parts are recyclable and reusable for many times. With a compact appearance, it facilitates easy pipe arrangement
With a properly laid out electrical circuits and finely arranged components, this product is not subject to noises, such as noise caused by loose connection of components. It can be furnished with different types of internal trim and seals to accommodate varied service media
This product is incredibly easy to look after and to keep in peak condition. It stays crease-free and does not require frequent ironing. It is less prone to have scale build-up after long-term use
Since this product can provide constant comfort for the foot, when people using it, they will not feel fatigued at all. It has the characteristic of good corrosion resistance
Wearing this garment feels good. As a result, this has the effect of improving the image thus making the wearer a lot confident about himself or herself.
This product will create a very rightful impact on all its surroundings by simultaneously bringing function and fashion together at the same pace. It has great resistance to stress corrosion cracking
The product is well designed to control pronation or address a variety of foot ailments and to provide arch support. Its internal components will be found very low friction loss
The product is easy to clean. There is less dead corner which accumulates dust and bacteria, and people can clean the surface with a damp cloth. Its design helps to prevent backflow to some extent
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