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Full production of PC/PMMA composite board materials developed by Dafu

Full production of PC/PMMA composite board materials developed by Dafu


With more than ten years of strong technical accumulation, bringing together elite technical talents from the industry, relying on a complete set of imported top technology equipment from Germany, Foshan Dafu New Materials Co., Ltd. successfully developed the PC/PMMA composite board material project in a relatively short period of time, in 2019. It was officially delivered to commercial applications in June and quickly entered full production in July.

The PC/PMMA composite board material developed by DAFU Company adopts multi-layer co-extrusion compounding and one-time extrusion molding, and the physical properties of the composite sheet are significantly improved. After rigorous third-party testing, it has the following significant technical advantages:

1, high strength, good mechanical processing performance.

2, high hardness, excellent wear resistance.

3, high-definition transparent, printable, with excellent optical performance.

4. No shielding phenomenon.

5, can achieve good UV resistance.

In June, DAFU's PC/PMMA composite board new materials have been tested and certified by a number of 5G mobile phone material manufacturers, and officially put into commercial applications. In July, the company's PC/PMMA composite board production line began mass production. It is expected to supply 400 tons of superior PC/PMMA composite panels per month.

At the same time, DAFU's second PC/PMMA composite board production line has also begun installation and commissioning. It is expected that from the fourth quarter, DAFU will have a production capacity of nearly 900 tons/month of PC/PMMA composite board, which will become the popularization of 5G mobile phones. One of the important materials for commercial applications, and PC/PMMA composite board materials have also become important materials for high-tech products such as automobile dashboards and smart equipment.