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Metallized Chemical Enhanced Coating PET Film ( VMPET-JQ )

Metallized Chemical Enhanced Coating PET Film ( VMPET-JQ )

Metallized Chemical Enhanced Coating PET Film ( VMPET-JQ )

Bubble bag and with wood pallet
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Metallized Chemical Enhanced Coating PET Film ( VMPET-JQ)  is a metallized polyester film developed for packaging applications that require a very high metal adhesion or a high lamination bond strength, such as triplex structures typically used to preserve critical products. The film provides a good barrier against humidity and oxygen, is resistant to aggressive chemical substances and to thermal treatments up to 110°C. It’s an environmentally friendly and competitive packaging solution.


  • Superior metal adhesion 

  • Good barrier properties to oxygen and water vapor 

  • Consumer-friendly packaging: glossy, long lasting look and feel Safe: high flex crack resistance 

  • Easy processable maintaining barrier properties Environmentally friendly (lower carbon foot print than foil) and cost competitive


Technical Index
StandardItem No.
ItemTesting MethodsUnitTypical ValuesTypical ValuesTypical Values
ThicknessGB/T 6672-2001µm121212
DensityGB/T 1033.1-2008ɡ/cm31.41.41.4
Tensile StrengthMDASTM D882MPa210210210
Elongation at BreakMDASTM D882MPa140140140
Heat Shrinkage 150℃/30minMDASTM D 1204%
Al ThicknessGB/T15717-1995Ω/□
OTRASTM D-3985cc/m2·day1.01.01.0
WVTRASTM F-1249g/m2·day1.01.01.0
Al AdhesionDuPont methodN/15mm4.02.83.0
Steaming Cooking≤121℃ 30mins-YesNoNo

Properties and Applications

ItemStandard VMPET FilmVacuum Metallized Chemical PET Film

Aluminum layer fastnessThe adhesion between the film and the aluminum layer is low, and the peel strength is less than 1.5N/15mmFor composite bags with low aluminum layer fastness requirements, a three-layer composite structure is usually requiredSince the surface of the film is chemically coated, the adhesion between the film and the aluminum layer is high, and the peel strength can reach 4N/15mm or more.For high packaging requirements, the composite structure can be used in three layers. The three-layer structure can be replaced with a two-layer structure in some applications to reduce costs.
Aluminum ThicknessConventional aluminum layer thickness. The adhesion will decrease when increasing the thickness of the aluminum layerConventional packaging useDue to the high aluminum layer fastness, the thickness of the aluminum layer can be increased without dealuminization, the shelf life of the contents is extended, and the fragrance is good.It is suitable for milk powder, coffee and snack packaging, etc. It can extend the shelf life of the contents and has good aroma retention. Combined with the composite process, it can be used for boiling or steam cooking type packaging.
BarrierWith a certain barrier property after aluminum platingConventional packaging useTo make it have higher barrier properties by increasing the thickness of the aluminum layerCan replace some aluminum foil composite structure packaging
Water resistancePoor water resistanceCan only be used for packaging that does not require high water resistanceGood water resistanceVPET-JQ01 & VPET-JQ17  can be used in high water resistance applications and it is improved for liquid packaging
Temperature resistanceNormal temperature resistanceCan not be used for pasteurizationGood temperature resistanceCombined with a composite process, it can be used in boiled or steam cooked type packaging.
The above information is only for the customer's experiment or use to provide some reference advice, not for each of your specific use methods and application requirements.


Metallized Chemical Enhanced Coating PET Film ( VMPET-JQ )-5
Metallized Chemical Enhanced Coating PET Film ( VMPET-JQ )-6
Metallized Chemical Enhanced Coating PET Film ( VMPET-JQ )-7

It is used for puffed food packaging, dry fruit packaging, costume, recycled tote bag, leather, woven fabric materials and more.In a word, suitable for various flexible packaging, laminated with other plastic film for high barrier packaging, Insulation materials like heat, water, light, acid etc.

It is also used for electronic packaging and decorative materials, lables, stickers,cosmetics and metal products.Laminated with cardboard or paperboard for top grade packaging, for waterproofing membrane protective surface.Coated with color for gift wrapping, festival decoration, metallic yarn, glitters, sequins. Survival products like survival blanket, survival tent. and so on...

Company Features
1. Foshan Cailong Metallic Packaging Material Co., Ltd. is China's best excellent provider for a long time.
2. All Cailong products are produced under the supervision of our quality control team.
3. Innovation is at the heart of everything we believe in and everything we do. We will demonstrate it through our customer-centric and unwavering spirit in how we do business. Committed to the environmental sustainability of our operations, we emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of water. We have reduced the water utilization of our factory in order to prevent excessive utilization of water sources. Since the inception till now, we have been adhering to the principle of integrity. We always conduct business trade in accordance with fair and refuse any vicious business competition.
metalized film food packaging设计合理,结构紧凑,质量可靠,滤芯更换方便,安装简单,兼具美观性和实用性。
metalized film food packaging选用了高品质传感器和影像处理器,配有高像素镜头,不管在阳光充足还是暗光环境都能保证清晰画质,带给您良好的拍摄体验。
metalized film food packaging选用优良材质,采用行业前沿的制造技术和工艺精工制造而成,设计合理,结构严密,做工精细,具有拆装方便、使用安全、易于保养和维护等优点。
metalized film food packaging采用符合人体功能学的设计理念,让使用者感觉更舒适,深受消费者喜爱。
metallised film采用环保材料制造而成,质地厚实,品质上乘,无毒无味零甲醛,既环保健康又结实耐用。
metallised film均通过了国家权威机构的严格质量检测,各项指标均已符合食品添加剂国家标准,食用安全健康,品质可靠值得信赖。
metallised film精选优质树脂原料,采用先进的制造工艺精制而成,具有很好的抗荷载性和抗冲击性能,结实耐用,使用寿命长。
metalized film food packaging配有多种档位,可以根据实际需求调节档位,更好的满足不同纹绣需求。
metalized film food packaging内部配有智能芯片和优质处理器,散热快速,存储空间大,帧率更稳定,功耗更低,能带给您畅爽的游戏体验,玩再久都不烫手。
metallised film设计合理,结构紧凑,做工精良,质量上乘,质地坚固结实,品质安全可靠,经久耐用。
metalized film food packaging的内胆材质采用的是优质不锈钢,电源线采用的是工业级用电标准加粗电源线,不仅具备防腐、防氧化的特点,还具备耐热耐软化的优点,使用起来更加安全。
Foshan Cailong Metallic Packaging Material Co., Ltd.有强大的生产能力和成熟的技术、工艺,生产出来的metalized film food packaging性能稳定、结构科学、使用寿命长,且人性化十足,客户使用体验优良,受到新老客户的广泛认可与一致好评。
metallised film设计合理,性能卓越,不仅获得业内人士一致认可,而且广泛销售于世界各地,在市场上享有良好的口碑。
我们的metallised film工艺精湛、品质上乘、价格实惠,不仅畅销国内市场,还远销国外多个多家和地区,赢得了国内外客户的一致认同和喜爱。
Foshan Cailong Metallic Packaging Material Co., Ltd.建立有多种营销渠道,并借助互联网发展迅速的优势,积极进行产品的推广宣传,提高metallised film在市场上的曝光频率,从而获得了终端客户的青睐,进而提升了产品的市场知名度。
Foshan Cailong Metallic Packaging Material Co., Ltd.不仅严守质量关,为客户提供优质的metalized film food packaging,还坚持以积极的态度为客户提供贴心的售前、售中、售后服务保障,及时解决客户的疑惑,在市场上享有良好的口碑。
metallised film选材考究,做工精细,品质上乘,价格合理,享誉国内外市场,赢得了国内外顾客的一致好评。
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