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Other Vacuum Metallized Plastic Film

We will be glad to assist you in selecting the Cailong® Aluminium Metallized film from our range below to suit your requirements:

1. Vacuum Metallized BOPP Film

2. Vacuum Metallized CPP Film

3. Vacuum Metallized PVC Film

4. Vacuum Metallized PE Film

5. Multiple Aluminum Metallized PET Film

6. Vacuum Metallized Non-woven Fabric

7. Vacuum Metallized PLA Film

8. Vacuum Metallized PA Film


They could be used in a wide application: biscuit packaging, dry food and flavor. They can be used for labels, stickers, decorative materials, medical packages,Reusable shopping bags, outdoor advertising and more; Decorative materials, printing, bag manufacturing, cosmesics, medicine, flavor; advertising and more.

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