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PC raw material prices rose strongly

PC raw material prices rose strongly



Since the beginning of July, PC raw materials have maintained the price increase trend, and the market mentality still has positive emotions. Compared with last month, the price of PC pellets has risen to nearly 2,000 yuan. At present, the price of PC pellets in the domestic market is around 16,000 yuan/ton. There is still a big gap from the high price of 30,000 yuan/ton at the end of 2017. The market has more supply of goods, the spot is scarce, the low price is hard to find, and the market's positive attitude is entangled here.

The PC upstream bisphenol A market rebounded in mid-July. From the average price of PC bisphenol A market in the past week, it can be seen that the material rose from 9550 yuan/ton on July 9 to July 17. The daily price of 9850 yuan / ton, up nearly 300 yuan / ton in the past week. The low-priced supply in the market faded out, and the merchants were reluctant to sell the price. Some downstream factories just needed to follow up. It is expected that the bisphenol A market will be sorted out next month.

It is expected that the PC market will be stable and moving in the near future, and the price will gradually turn into a moderately high upward trend.