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Laboratory Quality Inspection Process


Our Quality Testing Process in laboratory


We have invested a large amount of funds to configure the international and domestic advanced testing equipment , and has the conditions for testing various technical indicators such as oxygen permeability, water vapor permeability, and various physical indicators.


Here we show how we do tests for some technical indicators:


1. Optical Density Testing


It is used to measure the optical density of the film. The optical density resolution is 0.01OD. The testing range is 0~6.00OD, and the test source is visible light.

2. Water Vapor Transmittance Tester (WVTR)


Testing equipment : MOCON
Test range: 0.005 – 1000g/
Temperature range: 10 - 40 ° C, accuracy: ± 0.5 ° C
Humidity range: film 100%, 35-90% (accuracy: ± 3%); package: 100%, 35% -90% (accuracy: ± 3%)

01. Sample Cutting

02. Disassemble The Sample Chamber

03. Smear The Seal Oil

04. Assemble The Sample

05. Testing Result

3. Oxygen Transmittance Tester (OTR)



Test Equipment: MOCON
Test range: 0.1 – 200 cc/m2/day (sample area 50 cm2); 1.0 – 2000 cc/m2/day (sample area 5 cm2)
RH probe accuracy: ± 3%
Equipment meets CE/CSA, UL and other safety standards

01. Sample Cutting

02. Place The Sample

03. Installed Sample Chamber

04. Put The Sample Chamber Into The Equipment

05. Testing Result

4. View of Cailong Quality Testing Laboratory

Corona Testing

High Temperature Retort Testing

Transmittance Test




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