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Seamless Holographic Film

Seamless Holographic Film

Seamless Holographic Film

Bubble bag and with wood pallet
1 Metric Ton
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Company Advantages
1. The design of Cailong transparent holographic innovative. It is implemented by a team of designers who adopted their unique concepts of color, font, and appearance. The product has the characteristics of low odor and high chemical resistance
2. Whether this product is meant for retail or is going to be used for shipping, it is more than just a way to protect the merchandise. It is the first impression of a brand.
3. Compared with normal holographic plastic , transparent holographic possess the combination of excellent performance and long service life. Its surface coating gives it excellent scratch resistance
4. holographic plastic shows advantages in transparent holographic , and therefore deserves popularization. The product is characterized by good thermal stability
5. It has been proved that the assorted equipment of holographic plastic is of stable quality. It is extremely flexible and can be adapted to any package requirements

Product Display

Seamless Holographic Film-1
Seamless Holographic Film-2
Seamless Holographic Film-3
Seamless Holographic Film-4

Cailong manufactures the widest range of premium eye-catching and secure holographic films. Holographic films adds brilliance, color and reflective movement to packaging which enhances brand appeal and shelf impact. Because of 3-dimensional designs it also adds protection against counterfeiters. Our wide range of Holographic films are available mainly in base of Polyester and BOPP.

Holographic films are available in a range of standard designs as well as from an extensive catalog containing over 200 different designs. We can also design and originate new designs or holograms as per requirements of the customer .Our holographic films have applications across industries that require premium features in food, drinks, personal care and beauty packaging sectors.

Our holographic films are suitable for processing on all major types of lamination machines, using solvent-less, solvent-based,  water-based and extruded adhesives, on both sheet-fed and reel-fed machines. Our Holographic films are print-compatible, UV or non UV, with offset, flexo, rotogravure, letterpress or screen printing technologies and can be embossed and foil blocked as well.


The non-stitched laser film is a high-tech product produced by combining laser holographic molding technology with optical, mechanical and vacuum coating technology on PET, BOPP, PVC, PE, CPP and other packaging materials.

The product presents a colorful picture, giving people a sense of beauty; It has high ornamental, decorative, packaging and anti-counterfeiting value. Widely used in soft packaging composite materials such as food, medicine, and daily chemicals; a cardboard composite film of tobacco, alcohol, medicine, daily chemicals, etc.;Tinplate, woven bag and non-woven composite; Decorative material; Anti-counterfeit labels, etc.

ThicknessTitleWidthOD of rollInner tube core
12μm-75μmRainbow; Pillar; Small dot etc. Could be customized.≤1600mm≤800mm76mm(3") 152mm(6")


Seamless Holographic Film-5
Seamless Holographic Film-6
Seamless Holographic Film-7

Seamless Holographic Film-8
Seamless Holographic Film-9
Seamless Holographic Film-10

Dielectric holographic film:

Refers to vacuum plating a layer of dielectric on the basis of holographic transparent film.
The dielectric layer can brighten the holographic pattern, resist acid and alkali and protect the pattern in the holographic film.
Its  holographic brightness is several times stronger than ordinary transparent film. It is mainly used in decorative materials; anti-counterfeiting labels and other fields.

Transparent holographic film:

Transparent holographic film is mainly used in food, medicine, daily chemicals and other flexible packaging compound, paper products packaging, audio and video products and clothing transparent packaging bags, anti-counterfeiting labels and other fields.

Company Features
1. Specialized in the production and R&D of holographic plastic , Foshan Cailong Metallic Packaging Material Co., Ltd. is a vanguard company in China. The add of transparent holographic helps to the better performance of transparent holographic film .
2. Foshan Cailong Metallic Packaging Material Co., Ltd. has the first-class production equipment and good production environment.
3. Our holographic plastic sheets are all produced by the top technology and equipment in this field which has a strong foundation for the upgrading of high-end products. Foshan Cailong Metallic Packaging Material Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the business tenet of 'Quality First, Credit First'. Check it!
transparent holographic film设计合理,结构紧凑,质量可靠,滤芯更换方便,安装简单,兼具美观性和实用性。
holographic plastic选用了高品质传感器和影像处理器,配有高像素镜头,不管在阳光充足还是暗光环境都能保证清晰画质,带给您良好的拍摄体验。
transparent holographic film选用优良材质,采用行业前沿的制造技术和工艺精工制造而成,设计合理,结构严密,做工精细,具有拆装方便、使用安全、易于保养和维护等优点。
holographic plastic sheets采用符合人体功能学的设计理念,让使用者感觉更舒适,深受消费者喜爱。
holographic plastic sheets采用环保材料制造而成,质地厚实,品质上乘,无毒无味零甲醛,既环保健康又结实耐用。
transparent holographic均通过了国家权威机构的严格质量检测,各项指标均已符合食品添加剂国家标准,食用安全健康,品质可靠值得信赖。
holographic plastic sheets精选优质树脂原料,采用先进的制造工艺精制而成,具有很好的抗荷载性和抗冲击性能,结实耐用,使用寿命长。
transparent holographic配有多种档位,可以根据实际需求调节档位,更好的满足不同纹绣需求。
transparent holographic内部配有智能芯片和优质处理器,散热快速,存储空间大,帧率更稳定,功耗更低,能带给您畅爽的游戏体验,玩再久都不烫手。
transparent holographic film设计合理,结构紧凑,做工精良,质量上乘,质地坚固结实,品质安全可靠,经久耐用。
holographic plastic的内胆材质采用的是优质不锈钢,电源线采用的是工业级用电标准加粗电源线,不仅具备防腐、防氧化的特点,还具备耐热耐软化的优点,使用起来更加安全。
Foshan Cailong Metallic Packaging Material Co., Ltd.有强大的生产能力和成熟的技术、工艺,生产出来的transparent holographic性能稳定、结构科学、使用寿命长,且人性化十足,客户使用体验优良,受到新老客户的广泛认可与一致好评。
transparent holographic设计合理,性能卓越,不仅获得业内人士一致认可,而且广泛销售于世界各地,在市场上享有良好的口碑。
我们的holographic plastic工艺精湛、品质上乘、价格实惠,不仅畅销国内市场,还远销国外多个多家和地区,赢得了国内外客户的一致认同和喜爱。
Foshan Cailong Metallic Packaging Material Co., Ltd.建立有多种营销渠道,并借助互联网发展迅速的优势,积极进行产品的推广宣传,提高holographic plastic sheets在市场上的曝光频率,从而获得了终端客户的青睐,进而提升了产品的市场知名度。
Foshan Cailong Metallic Packaging Material Co., Ltd.不仅严守质量关,为客户提供优质的holographic plastic,还坚持以积极的态度为客户提供贴心的售前、售中、售后服务保障,及时解决客户的疑惑,在市场上享有良好的口碑。
transparent holographic选材考究,做工精细,品质上乘,价格合理,享誉国内外市场,赢得了国内外顾客的一致好评。
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