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The Maturation of Cailong High Transparent Barrier AlOx Film Products

The Maturation of Cailong High Transparent Barrier AlOx Film Products


Relying on more than 10 years of technicalaccumulation and imported the advanced equipment with excellent technicalperformance from Germany, Foshan Cailong independently developed the new productsof “high transparent barrier AlOx PET film”, “ultra-high vacuum metallized PETfilm”, “vacuum metallized chemical PET film”, “ultra-thin aluminum PET film”and etc. All of these above products have won the title of “High-tech Productof Guangdong” and a number of national patents, gradually replacing imports . Ourproducts also got more and more praise and application from the various of industriesclients.

The high transparent barrier AlOx PET film productsare particularly well known to become more and more mature that It has beenintroduced to the market in 2017 , and their technical performance is stableand continuously improved. They have been widely used by downstream printingand packaging enterprises and terminal food and food and drug companies.

The high transparent barrier AlOx PET film product wasadopt physical vapor deposition method that it was coated with a transparent aluminumoxide on the surface of BOPET, BOPP and other film substrates. It has excellentproperties of high temperature resistant, thermal stability, high strength andchemical stability. To Compare with other coated films and common aluminizedfilms. The high transparent barrier AlOx PET films are more environmentally, excellentbarrier properties and good printing performance. It is provided for hightransparency, excellent visibility, printability and can be applied to food,medicine products, medical materials, electronic products and other productswhich is required more higher packaging performance.

The key performance advantages of Cailong company’s hightransparent barrier AlOx PET film products are included as below:

——Higher transparency,It can be reached more than 90%according to client’s request. It has excellent visibility so that it can be clearlyto see the contents which is obviously more excellent than aluminum foilcomposite film and other metallized films.

——Higher barrier, the oxygen permeability rate (or OTR)can be reached to ≤1cc/m2.24h.According to client's requirements, water vapor transmission rate (or WVTR) canbe reached to≤1g/m2 .24h. Its propertiesare almost comparable to aluminum foil composites.

——Higher adhesion of coating and good printing compositeperformance become to its advantage.

——Excellent scent preservation and fresh-keepingproperties of packaged foods are not only greatly extend the shelf life offoods, but also can be improve the taste of fresh-keeping and have a visualeffect  significantly.

——It can be heated by microwave and passed detected metal.

——It can be satisfied with the high standard packagingrequirements of precision electronic originals and medical instruments.

At present, Cailong company's high transparent barrierAlOx film material has been widely used in the field of food packaging.According to some feedback information from all of our customers who are usingthe food packaging, this material has own excellent fragrance-holding characteristicand the effect is as same as glass packaging after long-term storage after thehigh temperature, no odor is generated. The content fragrance can be preventedoutward dispersal for a long time and the intrusion of external odor can beprevented. The fragrance-holding and freshness preservation property are betterthan PVDC.