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Vietnam Ho chi min international plastics industry exhibition

Vietnam Ho chi min international plastics industry exhibition


The18th Vietnam Ho chi min international plastics industry exhibition has been held at the Saigon exhibition and convention centre (SECC) from Oct. 4th -7th, 2018for an extension of 4 days. Vietnam Plas is considered the best way to enter the Vietnamese market and the best way to promote products and services internationally. V-plas will be a good opportunity to promote products, find trade partners, and look forward to the future and development trends. It is also our business opportunities to develop and find the new solutions. More than 20 countries and regions attracted 420 exhibitors from China mainly ,Taiwan, Belgium, India, Germany, Iran etc. The number of visitors to the exhibition reached 16,093.According to the exhibition report, 25% of exhibitors come to the exhibition for the purpose of purchasing, and 22% of exhibitors look for new products. The Vietnam exhibition is more important to asean, and Vietnam itself is an important source of asean economic growth. Our booth located at C6,we were welcome customers from different industries to inquiry and negotiate with us every day. We have gained a good harvest in this exhibition, and we have gained good communication with end user directly for the price and quality. The Vietnamese market is a great potential and attractive market. 

Refer to market analysis:

1. Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Vietnam is the second fastest-growing economy in Asia,after India.

2. There are about 2,000 plastics companies in Vietnam, 83% of which are concentrated in ho chi min city. Due to the lower labor costs of Ho chi min, and developed countries have gradually shifted manufacturing industries to Vietnam, which has contributed to the country's high productivity. However, because of Vietnam's relatively backward industrial market and technology, its production capacity is poor and there is a wide gap in the market.

3. The plastics industry in Vietnam is now facing a lack of challenges, with 90% of its operation relying on imports and its own production only providing 10% of the demand for domestic production. According to statistics, the annual import volume of the industry reaches 16 to 2 million tons, the import amount is about 2.1 billion us dollars, and the annual export volume is 750 million US Dollars. So the Vietnamese market is very attractive.